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  1. last year...

    looking awesome, I am creeping on 100 and I cannot wait. I am also creeping on 200 since i started this solo before surgery. Its an amazing feeling.
  2. When you find an old photo....

    I am always like no way no way is that really me.
  3. Wow it's been a while!

    So amazing
  4. 6 months

    my trip this weekend doing the one thing I truly love.
  5. 6 months

    this is a side by side but my heavy photo I was in the high 300 I think 370 ish because i had lost some. Motorcycle clothes in both. I am 6 months post op and loving life. I just joined Roller Derby and will be racing my bike for the first time again in 12 years.
  6. Surgery was Jan 13th. I went from a size 26/28 to now i'm in a 16. I went to concert with a friend, i dropped my phone and when i looked down i Realized my hips were not touching. I got a promotion at work. I got a new motorcycle. I have been working out with a trainer 4 days a week and this is my fourth week. Feeling amazing.
  7. I am about 8 weeks post op. At first I was able to tolerate a little 1% milk. Now even a sip has me feeling a little weird and I know if I have more it will hurt. I have never tried Soy. I am not a huge milk drinker but the occasional urge or I use it to cook with some. Im still having issue eating and I am back on the nasty shakes to try and help me out.
  8. not hungry

    I had my surgery 1/13 and im fighting eating. They say it will get better. I sure hope so, I am over shakes.
  9. Where I was and Where I am.

    Forgot the photo. Thanks for all the kind words!
  10. Where I was and Where I am.

    Little sun in Georgia. I'll do a follow up this week. I haven't been on the scale in a few weeks.
  11. 1 month Post Op needs some Help

    Thank you all for the kind words and the ideas. I will try some of these options. Looks like Sunday will be meal planning day. I really need to work on the planing this stuff out and having a game plan. I knew this was important and I had it all planed but I was so blind sided with recent events that I feel im in a constant haze. I know time will heal and I want this more, I want to be healthy and my father was so supportive of my journey. I know he is watching over me now. Jess
  12. Okay I am 1 month 1 day post op gastric bypass. Real fast, the past two weeks my world was turned upside down. My father had been battling Cancer for 15 months and took a drastic turn for the worse and placed in Hospice and unfortunately passed last week. Not to make excuses but my meal planning and eating just didn't happen. I ran from work to hospice and spent all my time away from work visiting with dad. I haven't had any desire to eat since the surgery but I was losing wright. Now I am not losing weight and I am still not eating like I should. I feel like even a sip of water feels like to much. I saw the Dr yesterday and we changed a few things around. I need meal prep and food options. Soft foods deli meat, eggs, and cheese are okay. Chicken thats extremely moist and chopped are okay. I work 5AM to 4PM M-T and a lot of Overtime these days. I just need some help planning for my crazy schedule. I am going to have to force myself to drink protein shakes to get my goal intake in (this sucks, I hate them since I cant chug them any more). Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Anyone in Northeast Georgia....

    Im not in Northeast Georgia, but I am in Georgia. Savannah.
  14. Living My Dream!1

  15. Surgeon's Updated Menu Plans

    Thank you for all these helpful hints.