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  1. Nicotine, caffeine and sugar.... OH MY

    i drink chocolate milk
  2. Puree Stage

    yea it is some good recipes on here its helping me get thru my puree stage it a lady on here that have many recipes if i remember her name i will get it to ya
  3. Pureed foods phase- please help.

    i amso glad i found this thread this recipes sound yummy and it makes it easy to get thru my 3rd week diet thanks ladies
  4. did i mess up already let me know

    makes since okay
  5. did i mess up already let me know

    i didn't have no problems i been researching and i don't think what i ate heart any
  6. ii got sleeved on dec 16 2013 a had a small piece of baked talapia on dec 30 and a few green beans had no prob getting it down i had no ill effect i heard of some folks moving to soft foods a week after surgery my dietician say i shouldn't be chewing any thing whAT do you think let me know is it to early to eat soft foods know my dietician is supposed to tell me that but i think they are a little over dramatic
  7. i cheated to and I'm gonna cheat later also just cheat good, not bad, i cheated wit a few green beans,best beans I've ever tasted lol