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  1. Hi. The people of this forum have helped me from pre-surgery fears, to post surgery uncertainty and vulnerability, to weight loss goal and celebration. I am so grateful to all of you. I now face such a troubling dilemma. I am five years post-gastric bypass. I have moved to two different states since that time and no longer have contact with my GBP surgeon's office. In the last two years, I have gained 30+ pounds. To me, it feels as though the GBP was a temporary tool and I am no longer receiving any benefit from undergoing such a radical surgery. I am so discouraged. I fear all the progress I've made will be reversed. I am reaching out before I am too far gone. It feels as though I'm on a downward spiral. I am desperate to not return to where I was before surgery. I still watch my portions, drink 15 minutes after my meals, and try to eat all the right foods. I do not follow the exact plan I did post-surgery though (protein shakes, etc...) Also, I have been having serious sugar cravings - which is unusual for me. Is GBP surgery simply temporary? Does your body return back to completely functioning the way it was before after a period of time? It seemed like a miracle for the first few years! Any advice or encouragement would be SOOOO appreciated. Practical tips would be helpful too. I know we are here to support one another and I thank you for reading my post. Judy
  2. Thank you for your post. It was encouraging to me!! Congrats on losing your weight and keeping it off! That's just what I want to do. I noticed that vacations make my weight increase also (restaurant food). THANK YOU for letting me know there are happy people who have maintained weightloss and are successful!
  3. It's a struggle for me. The things I'm supposed to eat don't settle too well with me. Those things I am to stay away from (crackers, chips, etc...) seem to go down effortlessly. It's something I must be mindful of at all times. Thanks for your reply!
  4. Thank you for the information. I will weigh myself more. I need to remember I must do this and not go back to the "I don't want to know what the scale says" mentality from before surgery.
  5. Hi. I'm 18 mos. out from my GBP surgery. I've stalled for several weeks, and I'm wondering if I've lost all the weight I'm going to. I would like to lose 15 more pounds. So, today I decided to begin the 5-day pouch test. I'm told this test gets your pouch "back on track" and can eliminate cravings for carbs and sugars. I'm hoping so! Thus far today, I've had two protein shakes and some cream soup. Tons of water also. I'm planning on having tomato soup a little later also. I'm feeling a little shaky and lightheaded, but I think I'll make it through. I'm looking forward to day 3 when I can, once again, eat soft protein. Do any of you have experience and success with this test? I'd like to hear how things worked out for you. I will post again after day 5 to let y'all know my results. Thanks for listening, Judy
  6. I am delighted to read a SUCCESS story of long term weight loss! I am 18 mos. out of my bypass surgery and concerned about weight gain. No longer is the weight magically falling off. I've gained two pounds in the last few weeks as a matter of fact. Your post encouraged me.
  7. How often do you go in for labs? Is it once a year now? I've just moved to another state, and my new insurance will not cover anything bariatric surgery related, so I'm trying to figure out how to handle this. I know how important it is to keep labs current.
  8. Thank you for your post. I guess putting the effort to stay focused in my eating will pay off. I will continue to visit this forum. It was invaluable prior to my surgery and in the months following. I received so much advice and counsel. Honestly, you all were more helpful than my surgeon's office was! I have a question for you. I started off at 263, and currently I am at about 161. My goal weight is about 140, but I'm having a hard time losing now. It's been 18 months since surgery. Did you have periods when you didn't lose? I think in the last two months I've only lost 2 lbs. total. I actually gained 2.1 pound in the the last two weeks. Any advice you could give me?
  9. Do you exercise a lot? Ill checkout My Fitness Pal. Thanks for the tip!
  10. I'm trying to be "mindful" each time I reach for something to eat. I want to be a success story!
  11. I'm so pleased to read this. I must remove all rice, white bread, and pasta (a tough one) from my diet too. Thank you for showing me that it IS possible to maintain and be successful. The word "sacrifice" is ever before me. I remind myself this process requires sacrificing things I enjoyed eating before.
  12. I'm SO happy to know that you're maintaining after 27 months! Thank you for your encouragement!
  13. That's GREAT news! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am encouraged!
  14. I'm SO happy to know that you're maintaining after 27 months! Thank you for your encouragement!