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  1. Please accept my apology for not being more supportive of you! Please know that I am here to help you in any way I can. Perception is reality. And I can definitely see how the comments were hurtful. Welcome to TT and to WLS. I will make certain in the future to be more kind and supportive in my responses. Thank you for the opportunity for a do- over.
  2. I felt real hunger for the first 5 weeks. People on TT attempted to convince it wasn't real hunger / but it was. My Center of Excellence explained that hunger does not automatically go away after surgery for some people / it takes time for the pouch to heal for hunger to be eliminated. Sure nuf at 5 1/2 weeks BAM! My hunger disappeared. Hang in there sweetie!
  3. PollySue


    Sweetie is there a GNC store near you? They will let u sample protein powders. And they have a great customer discount program!
  4. Or chick peas ... I hated them pre-surgery - now they are a stable! Isn't cottage cheese the yummiest thing? Welcome to the loser bench and to the TT community! Many of us are here to help and support you !
  5. Welcome home! And welcome to the TT community! Hey ..And welcome to the other side! I had a headache for a few days too - mine was caused from coming down from sugar and carbs. Hope you continue to feel better. Everything gets easier - I promise!
  6. I found I kept to myself and didn't socialize due to my weight. After losing - I have more energy and feel so much better about myself that I am reaching out to others - because the shame of being overweight isolated me. The more I isolated myself the more I ate for comfort. I hope you find the courage and the confidence to build relationships to sustain you. Congrats on your weight loss you have done soo well.
  7. Paula, you are a true inspiration for those of us striving toward long term health! Thank you for sharing.
  8. It does get so much easier - trust us! You gotta move tho to get rid of that gas. 6lb weight gain from IV fluids isn't too bad - think I gained close to 10. Hope you feel better soon!
  9. Hurricane Arthur dumped on us today! Let freedom rain! So food was normal - cheese, protein drink, rice crackers, itty bitty omelet with cheese and Boars head pepperoni (turkey) and bing cherries.
  10. Good luck with your surgery and recovery!
  11. We still have junk food in the house - but no one eats it! My husband has lost 80 pounds and daughter 25 pounds since my surgery. Husband has been on high protein and Optifast. DD is eating high protein - it is amazing the ripple positive impact of this surgery on familes.
  12. How can celiac disease be diagnosed via surgery - does the tissue look different or did a biopsy have to be performed?
  13. Hang in there! I am much older than you sweetie and I have been walking like crazy since I had my surgery. I will intentionally park the car across the mall or shopping center so I get my daily steps in and I walk intentionally as well. I cannot believe I have so little loose skin. Someone yesterday asked I did weight lifting. Yes! I life weights - my own two feet! No one can tell who will have what type do body months after surgery - but stay active and stay on the program and I promise you will feel as if this is the best decision you have ever made. Now! Begin your separation with food now .... Yup, do a "last" supper so to speak - but get yourself ready! Good luck to you in your journey and keep us posted on how you are doing!