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  1. I have taken the wellness and it's awesome! Makes you feel so much better.. I'm taking chewable vitamins right now and I know I felt better on the zeal wellness. I am having surgery this month and I plan on using it again next month
  2. Thank you! Tomorrow is a start to a brand new healthier me!!
  3. Thank you! I'm nervous but excited
  4. I'm so excited!!! Cigna Approved in 3 days!!! Surgery is Jan 24th!!!
  5. Gotcha! I'm hoping they approve soon!!!
  6. That is so awesome! I can't wait to get started! I've done a lot of reading and researching and have tried really hard to start practicing how I'm going to have to eat starting in March! I think my surgery will be middle of Feb if insurance takes their time! I would love to have it before the month is out but we will see! I have Cigna and I've heard they take a while
  7. That's what I've heard, I've had friends that have had it but didn't do well because they don't stick to the plan or drink all their calories... Then my best friend has done wonderful and lost almost 100 lbs. On the scale, I have an old one but need to invest in a better one
  8. Awesome great to hear! I called the drs today hoping all paperwork was submitted!
  9. I just finished up all the paperwork I'm hoping it was sent in today so I can get my answer from insurance! I am wondering who has had the lapband recently??? I would love to hear how it's working for you
  10. Way to go! So awesome!