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  1. Monday is the big day - I have never looked forward to a Monday in my life!! So excited!!!

    1. rxmom2007


      YAY!!! You will be in my thoughts on Monday. See you on the flip side!

  2. Thank you BrittBritt! I am very excited as I feel very positive and blessed this time around:) I have my first Dr appt for the pregnancy on the 27th so nervous but very anxious! I will def. keep you all updated:)
  3. Oh dont get me wrong I do have all my appts set and I am taking my Dr's advice both wls and OB I made sure that was the first thing I did this AM. Actually I went to my WLS appt yesterday for my first fill and they wouldnt feel because of the possibility of pregnancy. They were very happy and supportive. I was just looking for some feedback thats all
  4. So I had surgery Dec. 12th and I found out I was prego yesterday Jan. 14th... lol Im worried maybe we should have taken it easy. But I know it wasnt my timing but God's as I wasnt taking care of myself before or after surgery. Anyway I am very excited as we have been trying for 5yrs now and well I guess the weight was a big issue, beyond what other would tell me! Im looking for any advice my fellow banders can give me. Should I have the band released? If not what about the cravings? Do I continue to eat the same slow way? Will I be providing my baby with enough nutrients? Any other advice or
  5. Feeling good and hopeful!!

  6. Nervous about my first fill tomorrow... :/

  7. So I’m 6 days post-op down 37lbs and I feel good, still having a little of buyer’s remorse as I sit and witness the rest of my family eat the delicious food prepared for the Holidays. I can’t seem to get much down without the pain in my chest which I’m not even sure what it is. But it’s painful. Other than not being able to find a comfortable position to sleep in I have pain in my legs, I can even touch them because of the pain. Anyone else experience this? Also what is a good “mushy” food to start on? I’m scared as I had a nightmare that I ate bread and it got stuck and I panicked.. lol
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