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  1. I have had the same issue. I thought I was just weird. Maybe it is the vitamins.
  2. Hi mburnsb1- I'm an Ocala girl, too!
  3. From an experience perspective, when I eat high-glycemic carbs, such as bread, I just don't feel good. That was true before WLS, but it is even more so now. I also find that if I have some bad carbs, I will feel hungry again so quickly! I just feel so much better overall when I avoid most carbs, and just have small amounts of good carbs like fruit.
  4. I had a similar experience last year at my highest weight of 329. I just found out I have to travel for work again this May. I am so looking forward to it now! Good for you!
  5. I tried to go without, and I could tell after a day or two, especially if I ate something tomato based. Sadly, I think it may be for life, for me anyway. I consoder it a small price to pay, though!
  6. I literally lold at this- I am wearing hose today also, because it is freezing here in Florida!
  7. One thing that made me feel much better was straining all the "chunks" out of vegetable beef soup and drinking the broth. It made me feel like a new person! It was much better than the plain broth. Congratulations on your new beginning!
  8. I find that when I have eaten carbs like crackers, I feel hungrier. If I limit my carbs to stuff like yogurt (with little or no sugar) and fruit and/or vegetables, I don't experience that at all. Also congrats and welcome! I am losing at about the same rate. Sometimes I get a little discouraged, but I feel so much better, I get over it pretty fast!
  9. I am wearing my old 3X scrubs that are gigantic on me. They don't look so great, but they make me kind of happy! They used to be skin tight! I won't get much more use out of them
  10. I hope all is well, and that you are able to have some peace and relief from your pain. Know that lots of people are praying for you. I think you are pretty brave!
  11. My dr put me on both meds before my surgery, although not at the same time. Neither worked, because the problem was within my mind, really, not my body. Best wishes to you, and I hope you are able to lose.
  12. Congrats and welcome!! It only gets better and better!
  13. Jolls, you have been such an amazing inspiration to so many of us! My heart breaks that you are struggling. I so appreciate your honesty and I hope all these supportive posts help move past this temporary struggle!
  14. For me, this whole journey has been a learning experience. I have learned easy lessons, and some hard ones- like a painful lesson I learned about chicken wings the other night ! But either way, I have switched things up and learned new ways to do things, like how to make sure I drink all the water I need, and how to remember to take my supplements on time etc. I know I will keep on learning for quite some time. I stalled and stayed there for what seemed like forever, but now I'm losing again. Just don't get discouraged. The weight loss truly is like steps rather than a downhill slope. You got this!
  15. ahavah heart