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  1. any regrets?

    No regrets here. I did a LOT of research prior to making my decision. One avenue I had at my disposal was having a brother working in the WLS field in research and development. The studies he had access to were invaluable to me and made my decision to have the RNY an easy one. I agree with others who have said that those who jump to this as the quick fix are the ones I would be concerned with. I used this as a LAST resort. I was facing a multitude of other problems and would have had to have a third back surgery by now if I hadn't dropped the weight. I am diligent with my vitamins and protein first. Life changes??? Yes, But I am LIVING my life, not watching it from the sidelines!
  2. One year Surgiversary

    Thank you all It has been an amazing journey. One I am thrilled to continue on.
  3. 1 year today!

  4. 6 month surgiversary photos!

    Great Job!!! Congratulations
  5. Before and after bypass may 2014-present

    Wow! Woot Woot!!!
  6. One year Surgiversary

    Trying the "NOW" again with the pic rightside up!
  7. One year Surgiversary

    A year... Really??? How did that happen? My brain is finally catching up. I have come a long way and am happy with the results so far. This is a before and NOW post. I can't say after, because I am still working on things. Not sure what I want my goal weight to be. I am past my primary care dr's goal of 160, 2 pounds from my surgeons goal of 150 and close to my goal of 145. I guess I will know when I am done, or my body will tell me. As for now, I am still enjoying the ride. Free from the control of the fridge and pantry.
  8. 2 year surgiversary

    Happy Surgiversary Jolls! You have been an amazing inspiration to me and many others. Even tho I don't post often, I come on here and read weekly. I love the posts and tough love you have shared. I am exactly one year behind you and have looked to your posts the whole way. You Rock!
  9. I no longer have a 2 in front of my weight

    Congratulations! Great progress... One day your brain will catch up. Mine is FINALLY starting to and its been 1 year!
  10. One year, 4 months out!

    You look great. I was just going to say what Julie said, your eyes are amazing!
  11. Before and after bypass may 2014-present

    Lookin good! Congrats
  12. Ground turkey vs Ground Beef?

    I prefer ground turkey, but my poor family thinks I am trying to kill them. So... in the spirit of things that make me laugh, I split the difference 1/2 lean ground beef and 1/2 ground turkey. They don't notice the difference that way and I feel super sneaky and chalk it up to a victory on making them eat healthier. Shh... don't tell them I do this! My burgers, meatballs and spaghetti all turn out great this way.
  13. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I remember this... It was a huge NSV for me as well. Congrats!
  14. Have you thrown up?

    I feel like I CAN'T throw up now. I had the flu. It was horrible. I ran a 102'-103' fever for 4 days, ended up at the dr for dehydration and was nauseous the whole time, but never, ever threw up even tho I tried and prayed for the relief that throwing up can sometimes bring when you are nauseous! So, my answer is Nope.