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  1. I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced getting tired right after eating. I'm literally yawning as I finish my food. Yesterday for instance, I went to my family's house for Sunday dinner and while everyone else had mounds of speghetti, meatballs, sausage, italian bread, I decided to have one meatball and eat it slowly. (I was AMAZED how FAST every one shoveled their food in their face--then again, I realized that used to be me!) Anyway, by the time I was done with my one meatball I was tired. This has happened before, I lay down for 15-20 mins then feel better. I haven't dumped yet....but don't enjoy this tired/blah feeling either. Just wanted to know if I was alone in this or not. I return to work in a week and realized I'll definitely have to bring my lunch and include foods that DON'T make me feel this way!! Thanks!
  2. Hi Am new to this board. I find out next week my surgery date. I believe it will be May 25th. In any case I understand your support issues. I have family and friends that do not want me to do this but support me. It is not easy but you must be true to yourself. Everyone else will "deal" with it soon enough I hope. Toni

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    I've never "blogged" before but figured what the heck! Writing everything I'm feeling will at least be therapeutic as I begin this exciting, yet scary journey. My RNY is scheduled for 6/17/09. It is all I think about. I've bought multiple books from Amazon about bariatric surgery. I've mostly enjoyed the ones dealing with the psychological aspect of it all. Reading posts on here has also been refreshing..To read others say what I'm thinking but to also see them overcome their obstacles. I'm most scared of the psychological recovery. Others have discussed grieving for food, since our relationship with it will never be the same. I'm afraid of being regretful and wondering why I had surgery. I'm sure those feelings will be short lived, but still felt nonetheless. Which leads me to my biggest obstacle yet....Support systems! My husband is finally on board. He wasn't thrilled about my decision. ( I originally was looking at lap band and had to break the news I changed my mind.) I actually wrote him a long letter explaining everything and I poured my heart out. I figured that was the best way to get my feelings out without fighting, getting defensive etc. He read it, he said he understands and he is now supportive. My best friend has also been really supportive. She's gone to support group meetings with me as well. My family on the other hand...not so much. My Mom keeps telling me to "try again" with weight watchers etc. It is getting frustrating. "You are permanently altering your body which is so unnecessary." Is all she keeps saying. I was so sick of it the other day I finally said "Are you done yet? I'll give you five more minutes to get it all out..." She got the picture and shut up after that. I told her she doesn't have to agree with my decision but I would appreciate her support. She has always been a negative person but this is really hurting me to hear her constantly put down the biggest decision of my life. I'm hoping she changes her tune. Post-operatively though, I feel like I won't be able to complain to her if I'm in pain, or sick....I know she'll be the first to say "I told you so. " Hopefully others have had to deal with these family dynamics as well. This so far, is my only obstacle. Insurance clearance went smoothly, I'm able to get time off from work without a problem....I just wish I had more support.
  4. I am so computer illiterate that I just noticed your message from FOREVER ago!!! I've been a lot more active on this site lately. I'm such a dork...I'm sitting here taking notes on some good posts re: protein powders, recipes etc. How is everything going for you? I'm having lap RNY June 17th. Starting to get nervous. More psychological fears. I work in a hospital...orthopedics. I also am an LPN classroom and clinical instructor. I have the best of both worlds...love both the jobs. A little scared to take some weeks off and then return. Hopefully I can keep up! What about you? How is your journey going?

  5. Came across your profile while reading some posts on diet, protein etc. Then saw that you JUST had it done. Hope all is going well so far!! Mine is going to be in June. Also see that you're a nurse. What field? How long are you planning on being out? Take it easy =)

  6. Hi! I see through you UN is "RN". Me too...What type of facility? Good to see another nurse. How are you doing?? I'm just starting. I have my first info. meeting Mon. 2/2. I went through the whole process about 4 year ago, but denied. BMI too low/no co-morbidities. Now I'm 42 BMI. Hope I can get some help.

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