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  1. Have not been around in a while and realize that we move on in life but a lot of newbies wonder how things go. I dropped 100 pounds, most before the surgery then about 40 after. I had probably a very boring "journey" as they go. I did lose my gallbladder about 3 years ago probably from the surgery. I was one of the people who made a lifestyle change before the surgery so I believe my weight loss was more ME then the sleeve. I digress. In the years following I was incredibly diligent at first. I felt so good that I slacked off on my thyroid meds (I was so happy to be off all those BP pills etc I stopped taking my thyroid which was NOT smart) and I stopped exercising. I started seeing my clothes size creep up and made excuses (too busy, too stressed). I finally decided to go back to the doctor and get back on thyroid meds. My doctor had moved to management and my new doctor was young and I was explaining I was walking again but I thought I needed thyroid meds - she told me to go to Weight Watchers. So I got a new doctor and also went back to my endocrinologist and got my thyroid meds back in order. I started making a commitment to walk.and then I had an incident at work and my career fell apart and my blood pressure skyrocketed and they wanted to hospitalize me. I say all of this for this one sentence I am going to write and hope that everyone reading this - understands this. I had to put me first. ME. That meant no excuses, not explanations - understand that the only person in control of me is me. So I committed to walk - while the work crazy was going I used walking to focus on relieving stress. One foot in front of the other. I sought counseling for the stress at work. Then I did the craziest thing ever - I bought a Peloton bike. I tell everyone the overpriced bike has become my lifeline. I gained 40 pounds and when I decided to put myself first again and now I am 4 pounds shy of where I was before. The Peloton has an incredible community of people and is empowering (not trying to be a commercial for it LOL) SO I come back all these years later and hope that someone reads this and it helps. A sleeve or bypass is not a magic pill...YOU are your own magic pill. YOU have the power to change. I do not diet - I make lifestyle choices and right now I do try to stay deficient so I can lose weight but at the same time I am not hungry. Throughout this I have learned you have to be a bit selfish. As a wife, a mother pet serf and employee I always have put myself last - now I put myself first because all those others won't have me if I am not here. Six months ago if you had told me I would be riding 90 minute live rides with people all over the country and pedaling over 25 miles up and down virtual hills I would tell you thats crazy. I am still that 51 year old middle aged gal at the top of the bottom third of the leaderboard but as they say any minute off the couch is a better minute then on. I will end this with a statement someone made that resonated with me. "Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love."
  2. I am VERY lucky I am not an emotional eater although I do like my carbs LOL. The thing is you need to do things in degrees, going cold turkey on everything will make people fail. The hardest thing for me to give up was Diet Mt Dew. To this day if I smell it my mouth waters. That was my thing. But I knew it was bad for me so it went bye bye. You will do fine!
  3. Thank you. My gain was entirely stress related and not exercising. My food intake has stayed the same I am just one of those people who HAS to exercise to keep weight off. This year has been very stressful - we bought a new house then spent 9 months trying to sell the old one and I literally was having nightly panic attacks. We are out walking the dogs again and I have dropped about 3 pounds in a week. For me it is One thing my husband and I do is share an entree when we go out. I do not limit myself in anyway. I eat what I want when I want I just eat less. I will take a 1/3 of a steak and 4 bites of salad and a couple of bites of his side and thats it. I found it too stressful to take something home in a doggy bag. This works for ME. I also have to say I did not have many food issues before surgery I just ate a couple large starchy meals. So I made changes to smaller meals with my sleeve and it worked. I never *diet* because the minute you think diet you then want to cheat and also know when it is over.
  4. This times 1000000. The surgery will not be an instant fix. Taking the time to gradually change your habits will. Six months to change BEFORE surgery is a great way to change your brain. I lost most of my weight in the 6 months of dieting. I cut things out gradually and added in a better substitute. This is NOT a diet - it is a lifestyle. Two years later I eat what I want when I want and how I want. I do not deny myself stuff, I just eat things in moderation. This 6 months IMHO is what makes people successful. If you think surgery is a magic wand it will work for a while but then it will stop because your brain is not in the game.
  5. It took me about 40 pounds to drop a pant size then once I got down it seemed like the sizes fell off. I went from a Size 16/18 to a 12 (after Jolls convinced me to go to the store and try) then from a 12 down to a 6 in like 4 months. Currently I am at like a 10 due to a gain of about 20 pounds. I tend to lose in chunks. There are weeks when I would not lose then BAM 5 pounds would melt off in a week or so. Your body does what it feels like I always focus on the positives like my BP or the fact I could cross my legs versus the scale. Although I do weigh myself every day. It is my control thing.
  6. I think I am right where you were. I actually had to stop losing on my 6 month diet to stay up in BMI. I was like you I did not eat a ton but I ate larger meals at night and that had me gain weight. I had surgery 2 years ago and I am very happy with it. It forces me to eat smaller meals. Sometime it is frustrating when you go out and the food is SO GOOD and you can not eat as much as your brain would like but what I have learned to do is get up and use the restroom halfway through when I go out. That allows me a break and then a couple more bites. My husband and I usually share an entree to then I only cut away about what I can eat so again I don't feel bad about leaving food. The most frustrating thing for going out is the no drinking. You would think you are asking the server if you can sit naked! I just order water or a glass of wine and take a few sips and give the rest to my husband. When I was in the losing phase I would work out 30-60 minutes. This least year I had a ton of external stress (moving, owning two houses, son graduating) so I gained back 20 pounds. It was not due to really over eating (although honestly I probably was not as careful as I had been) but mostly due to not getting out of the house and walking. We started back walking and my stress level is WAY down and I have already lost 5 of those pounds in about 2 weeks doing nothing but a simple 30 minute walk and not stressing. I will say your tastes change and that is frustrating. Things I used to love I now hate, things I hated I now love. It is hard to wrap your mind around. Honestly I think the sleeve is perfect for people like us - it really forces you to continue in the good habits. I also had some people very negative about me doing it because in their mind I did not need it. Again, it is a personal decision. I no longer take HBP meds (107/72 here) no longer am worrying about diabetes and live a very normal lifestyle. I am not a skinny minnie nor was it ever my plan. But I am healthy and happy and that is all that matters.
  7. I can only eat VERY fluffy scrambled eggs. Mostly I do basted and poached eggs. I also did a lot of cheese and oatmeal in the beginning.
  8. I could barely eat anything until about 4 months out and somethings were good one day and the next day no go.
  9. I eat at least 5-6 times a day but have meals usually under 200-300 calories. No way I could do only 3 meals, I cannot get enough calories in three meals
  10. I had a SIX WEEK stall - it was annoying but after I came out of it I dumped 6 or 7 pounds in 2 days. I seemed to always stall then have a pound or so per week of stall. I never once had a fast loss - it was slow and steady with a bunch of stalls
  11. Slakkie

    Hit my goal

    Sounds great - a little retail therapy is awesome!
  12. Slakkie

    Hit my goal

    YES! Because all of these 8's I thought I would stay in are baggy - I think I am heading to 6-ville LOL.
  13. Slakkie

    Hit my goal

    So I actually am *normal* weight now. My goal was to lose 100 pounds which brought me into normal BMI and this morning I hit it. I have not been exercising as I hurt my foot but been just living life and really not tracking anything for the month. I know that is totally against the usual rule but have to be honest. LOL My doctor's goal was 160 - I just hit 155 and so there I am. I am about 7 months out from surgery but started weightloss about 14 months ago. I have not lost a ton every month just slow and steady. It actually is a bit anti-climactic to be honest. I have no big exciting struggle just kind of a vanilla experience. I am hoping to maintain here I am happy at this weight and not really sure how to stop since I have not been actively trying to lose. I guess my body will sort it out!
  14. BMI charts are so uneven and really don't work for everyone, I am considered overweight by 4 pounds and yet I wear a size 6 now and a medium top. I have big boobs (no they never got smaller) and obviously BMI does not take the girls into account. If I listened to BMI I would need to lose another 20 pounds to be mid-range Normal and frankly it would be insane for me.
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