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  1. I can only say that an MRI was needed to look at the surgery to see if it is still in tack. I had a revision in 3/2009. I have noticed one year after the surgery I am losing weight again almost down to where the original surgery.
  2. Beware-Explicit op photos

    Lap is the greatest. Sometimes in my case there was so much scar tissue from a prior operations that in order to get the surgery done right my doctor had to do open. Its a #*%$#. Now how am I going to wear that 2 piece swimsuit.
  3. Protein Help! Please

    I have tried a lot of those protein drinks from GNC that Isopure is horrible. Some were ok before surgery after surgery the only thing I can drink is soymilk and Body Fortress from Walmart. It has 56 grams of protein per scoop. I drink two glasses a day I just had surgery 1 week ago. I get the right protein and believe it or not It taste good.
  4. Help me I am crying all day

    Yes, I do have support. I do excerise that is my favorite. I still have staples in that come out on Tuesday. I just had surgery March 13th. I'm just lying around here having to deal with trying to close on a condo that they keep jerking me around on and I feel out of control of my life.
  5. Has anybody that just had surgery been going through what I am. I am crying all day long. I can't seem to get a hold on my emotions. I was driving today crying. I looked at the many resturants that I would have stopped at but I could not feed these emotions. I am not hungrey not is there anything bad going on in my life. I am having to feel things that I have medicated for a long time. Help help help.
  6. Beware-Explicit op photos

    I just had a revision. When I saw the screen during my MRI my stomach looked like a little cap that you take medicine in. Let's just get well together. i hope you feel better also.
  7. Laposcopic Revision

    hi, Everybody I am home had a long hospital stay the doctor wanted insure that were no leaks this time and was able to cut out the fistula. I feel really good. They did a new MRI and I saw the new stomach. It looks like a little medicine cup and won't hold much either. I have not weighted myself. I was only given ice chips for 5 days. yesterday that they me Jello I was so happy. I just got home and tired talk to you guys latter.
  8. Laposcopic Revision

    Lorrie, I am up and walking the halls of the hospital. I feel fine. I have had only ice chips since the 11th. The doctor wil do a barium test on Monday to see how the new pouch is doing. If it holds up that they will allow me to have some liquid food. Ha Ha Ha. I wish that I was home in my bed but I am trying to make the best of this.
  9. Laposcopic Revision

    I don't know what the problems are with the two of you. But I had a difficulty time with this revision. The doctor said my surgery was the most difficulty he had performed before. After 6 hours and waking up with staples everywhere. I am grateful to be alive. There are some of us who need this forum to discuss these devastating news. Those of you who do understand that this is a lifeline please talke to me. The Hospital found my a computer that could be bought to my room so that I could communicate with the world.
  10. ~*~*March Staplers*~*~

    I go a 7:00am tomorrow they should be wheeling me in at 9:00. Let's pray that GOD guide those surgeons hands and allow them to do the best work that they have ever done. Talk to you in a couple of days.
  11. Gass!!!!

    Since having the surgery I have found that there are some foods that do not agree we me anymore. Milk, grapes, brocoli etc. When you are having a lot of gas think about the foods that you have eaten that day. Keep a record and you may find that whenever you eat those foods you have a lot of gas. I am now lactose intolerant. So food with lactose set me off like a bomb that I can not stop. When I don't eat certain foods then I have gas like normal people.
  12. ~*~*March Staplers*~*~

    I am having surgery tomorrow. I am very nervous.
  13. Laposcopic Revision

    I wrote about this in revisions. I did not have complications. I was gaining weight. So my doctor suggested that I have a MRI and Endoscope. They found that I had a fistula and my staple line had opened. Now food enters into my bypass and old stomach. A fistula is a abnormal connection. In order to correct the problem a revision to a different kind of surgery will be done. I already have a bypass so they will be converting it to the sleeve/DS. They will be removing 80% of my stomach to achieve the goal. Is this the information you are requesting.
  14. Laposcopic Revision

    What is it that you want to know? U seem interested but I can not answer you until I know what you want to know.
  15. Revision

    Well everybody tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. I will be having my revision. I am kind of nervous and happy. Even though I have had the surgery before I wonder what I will look like this time. 3/11/09 will be my new birthdate and what wonders will that hold. Wish me luck. I will communicate as soon as I am able.