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  1. I haven't seen you post in awhile and just wanted to see how things are going :)

  2. it's really hit or miss with me. one thing that's always a hit, though, is cooking chicken in soup. I made gumbo last week -- poached 2 lbs of chicken, diced it into 1" cubes, and then threw it into the gumbo along with some sausage where it sat cooking for another 2 hours. it was insanely moist by the end and I didn't have a single problem with it in my pouch.
  3. thanks maybe I will if I get my new job. haha. unfortunately, I recently found out that I'm up against a friend of the guy who'd be my boss my fingers are crossed, but I'm pretty sure of the outcome at this point.
  4. I know I've been totally off the grid for a couple months with moving and stuff, but I figured maybe I'd get back into the TT swing of things with some new pics I've been more or less the same weight since April (fluctuating between 165-175), but I had to take photographic evidence of me in a suit last week or else my mom wouldn't have believed it bought a brand new suit from banana republic (and shirt/tie from tommy hilfiger) for a job interview. it's the first and last time that I'll be in a suit for a good long time now that all my friends are married. lol.
  5. as I'm talking out the door for work -- multivitamin + calcium citrate (I'll suck on the calcium while walking to the subway) 2 more calciums after breakfast and lunch iron and a second multi-vitamin after getting home from work.
  6. I know it's totally counter-intuitive, but the company that I currently work for pays pretty significantly under industry standards. I haven't been actively looking for a new job or anything (because I like what I do well enough and the money isn't a huge factor... I pay $600/month in rent and have no bills/debt), but a job opportunity presented itself back in August when a friend's company happened to be looking to fill a tech support position. I figured it couldn't hurt to apply -- if nothing else, it's a good kick in the butt to update my resume for the first time in 7 years, buy a new suit, and practice my interviewing skills. my interview was last week and I thought it went pretty well (I wasn't offered the job on the spot or anything, but we did get down to talking about details like work hours, scheduling, whether or not I'd have to give 2 weeks notice, and trash talking about other people who interviewed for the same position earlier in the week. the dreaded "overqualified" reared its ugly head, but I thought I did a good job of explaining how and why I'm bored in my current position. the guy who interviewed me said that there'd be a second round of interviews with him and his boss and, while I'm not counting my chickens or anything, I'm pretty sure I'll be included in the second round. now, here's the rub... really, the job would be a downgrade. I'm currently in a pretty specialized position and the bulk of this perspective new job would be doing help desk-type work (which is widely considered to be near the bottom of the barrel in the tech industry). because of my friend in the company, however, I know what salary range they're looking for and if they offer me the higher end, it would be a $10-$15,000/year raise (plus they're a financial firm on Wall St... the $100 Christmas bonus my company gives can't touch their yearly bonuses) so what do you think about the prospect of taking a technical downgrade for significantly more money?
  7. unless you're pounding back an entire box/day, I wouldn't worry much about it. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee while I'm working with 4-5 packets of splenda each (and that's not taking into account any other sugar-free foods I eat)
  8. that's really amazing! congrats and thanks for sharing
  9. aungre


    one of the best moments I had post-op was my first slice of pizza... because I hated it so much I loved the stuff pre-op. I'd order a couple pies on Friday night and eat it nonstop throughout the weekend. now it does nothing for me.
  10. I read a study a couple months ago that said that caffeine isn't a diuretic and the calcium loss can be offset by a teaspoon or two of milk in your coffee. I still don't drink it a ton because caffeine addiction is a pain, but I usually have a cup in the mornings on workdays.
  11. I'm not one to advocate ignoring your doctor, but not all guidelines are created equal. just based on reading these forums alone I've learned that nearly every single doctor advocates different time lines for your eating stages the first couple weeks. breaking one by a day isn't the end of the world.
  12. losing 20 pounds in a month is a LOT different when you weigh 400 pounds, versus someone who weigh 200 pounds losing 20 lbs in a month. I lost 20 something pounds during my 2 week pre-op diet... if I lost 20 something pounds in 2 weeks now, I'd probably seek medical attention.
  13. you're terrible and should feel increadibly guilty. there's absolutely no way you're ever going to be successful now. I'm not saying definietly, but it's probably not going to kill you.
  14. next time I move, I think I need to pack myself a suitcase with 3-4 days worth of clothes, socks/underwear, and toiletries.
  15. ugh, I'm right there with you... I've been totally off the rails while moving (made even worse by the fact that my new apartment doesn't have a stove or fridge yet ). but I figure one terribad week isn't going to kill me and I'll get right back on my horse once I'm settled in. and on a side-note, I haven't uncovered which bag I packed my deodorant into