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    Vertical Sleeve
  1. loralee987

    weight stall?

    It was that time of the month when I gained the weight I think what concerns me is that now the weight has not moved down since
  2. Im 8 weeks post op. I gained 7lbs 2 1/2 weeks ago. I lost 2 lbs and now the scale has not moved for over a week. Im still eating protein first. I havent changed eating habits and still drinking water. Getting discouraged. Any thoughts?
  3. loralee987

    Prayer Request

    I hope your surgery went well, just give it all to God there is no reason for fear he will take care of you and your child.
  4. loralee987

    Weight Gain

    Thank you for the repsonses. The only thing different is I have been eating crackers(Ritz and I can only 4-5) this week they help with the nausea. I have been drinking sweet tea, too much water makes feel like getting sick. Otherwise 1/2 yoplait yogaurt, cottage cheese, turkey, soup. No sweets, I dont add salt, nothing extreme. Maybe good ol' mother nature just seemed crazy I have only been losing not gaining so I was worried.
  5. loralee987

    Set Back

    Dont get discouraged, you will get to your goal weight. You are a beautiful woman!!
  6. loralee987

    Weight Gain

    I had the gastric sleeve. I will be 7 weeks next Monday. This week I have gained 5lbs and have done different. Anybody have and thoughts about this?
  7. loralee987

    Introduction- New to group

    I had my sleeve Nov 25 2013 so Im almost 7 weeks. This week I have gained 5lbs. Anyone have thoughts about this ?