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  1. Hi All, I had VSG almost 1 yr ago. I had a period for 3 months post op then nothing for the last 9 mo. Now that I'm a yr out, I'd like to have the option to conceive. Is it even possible if I'm not having periods? I have an appt with the gyne next week to figure out next steps. Happy holidays, Corianna
  2. Just an update... It turns out I was severely constipated which was causing my problems. It's amazing what being backed up will do! Won't let that happen again!
  3. Thanks, Jolls! Congrats on your weight loss. I always enjoy reading your posts- you have lots of wisdom to impart!
  4. Hi All- I hope everyone is having a great holiday so far. I am 1 yr post op VSG. For the past couple of weeks, I have had increasing food intolerance. I become sick immediately after taking a bite of food or drink liquid- it comes right back up. Has anyone experienced this? I'm guessing I should call my surgeon? Thanks!
  5. Hi Andrea, I feel the same way about the protein shakes and the taste! I've been a nurse too long- many of them smell so similar to tube feeds! My surgery was on the 16th and I will introduce soft foods this weekend- never thought I'd be excited about having cottage cheese. Hang in there, like Dees said!
  6. Hi All, I had surgery on Monday and have been down in the dumps. I thought I was doing great the first few days but am now having trouble getting my protein and liquid in. I just feel so darn weak! I have a tendency to isolate and shut down when I'm not feeling well (physically and emotionally) and see myself on that path. Hubs tried to get me out of the house today but I had a pity party instead. My goal is to get out for a Christmas eyebrow wax tomorrow- my bushy eyebrows are pretty . I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.
  7. Happy Wednesday, everyone. I'm very happy to have found this forum. It helped me make a decision on what kind of surgery to have and I have been following it daily since scheduling surgery almost 2 months ago. My thoughts are all over the place. Dreams are vivid and crazy (last night my boss was the one actually performing my surgery). I don't even want to know what that "means"! I have one specific topic I'd like to bring up. I have a very long history with bulimia. I was in treatment about 7 years ago and was able to completely abstain while I was pregnant with my daughter. I know that if the bulimia rears it's ugly head again, I could die (specifically related to purging). I know the risks. I could just use some support from anyone who has dealt with eating disorders. Well, let's face it - I could use any support in general....about anything! Thanks in advance!