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  1. Thanks for your reply. The surgeon on his rounds every morning told me i was doing great so I left it at that. I don't know if it was because the drip was in that I was feeling better than I do now. The hard stomach is especially so under the incisions. I will give your advice on drinking a go and see of that helps some. Thanks
  2. Hello, had my gastric bypass surgery 6 days ago and home yesterday. To be honest I thought I had done so much research on what would happen and what it would feel like after the surgery but I really had no idea. Is it normal to walk around holding a pillow to your stomach because of the pain from the incisions? Is it normal for the stomach to feel rock solid? Is it normal that after each tiny sip of water I find my body wanting and trying to bring it up again, which of course leads to other problems like muscle soreness? Is not normal to have a never ending headache? Please tell me that things get better because I'm not liking the deal with this at the moment at all. Have just managed 5 sips of a cup of tea which is the most I've had in two days. And how much should I be drinking? Please help