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  1. Struggling after 2 years post op

    Thanks bridgetgirl, no I have not thought to ask for an ultrasound to see if there's a problem with my pouch. I did have one hernia, and was told that I now have another which may require surgery to fix. I was thinking of asking to see if I qualify for a revision as well as a hernia repair.
  2. Struggling after 2 years post op

    I am 3 years out, and have been unable to attain my goal weight. I started out at 321 and after an abdominal surgery to take 11 lbs of excess fat and loose skin off, I'm still at 212. Can't seem to lose to goal weight of at least 160. I have always been able to eat more than 3 or 4 ounces of food, can't eat like the guy who can eat 16 ozs of prime rib, but can eat salad, bread, and and a 6oz steak with no problems. I do water aerobics because of acute osteoarthritis instead of walking, so I guess that's not enough exercise, so I'm almost back to where I started in terms of being unable to stay on any "diet to lose 65-70 lbs I need to have off. Water loading is okay, but I know I must be taking in too many calories again!!! Any positive suggestions will be appreciated!
  3. Diet Do's and Dont's

    Thanks Bridget. My older daughter's name is Bridget too. I am re reading pouch rules for dummies hoping to get jump started toward losing at least 5 lbs., I know I need to exercise more, but have been unmotivated to do much, have the blahs!!!!! Seemingly hungry all the time. I eat a regular meal 3 times a day, but most trouble comes with late night snacking. Old habits are hard to break!!!
  4. Struggling after 2 years post op

    I too am having a problem losing 35 lbs. more. I've lost 120 including 11 lbs of belly fat and skin, not a tummy tuck, but the "apron" that sat so comfortably on my lap. I can eat a lot more than 2-4 ounces of food. I can eat a "regular" meal, salad, veggies, meat & potatoes, bread and a light dessert (no pie or cake, I still get the dumping effect from the sugar), but jello, custard, sorbet, etc. I have no problem with upchucking or diahrrea, so I guess I need to check out the meals for dummies site and return to the support group. I am 3 years out.
  5. Diet Do's and Dont's

    Very interesting. Good ideas. I'm 3 years out from my surgery date, and still have 35 pounds to lose. I was morbidly obese at 321 lbs, and at age 61 knew that if I didn't have this surgery, my life wasn't worth much, against my childrens' wishes I went ahead with the RouenY (sp). Because I was so heavy my knees gave out on me, causing me to have total knee joint replacement surgery on both knees. Obviously I wasn't able to do much in the way of exercise and walking so my weight loss slowed to a halt at 200, so now I'm back in a way to where I was before the surgery as far as trying to find a way to lose those extra lbs. I am able to do water aerobics for exercise, but walking is still a energy taker for me, as I also have asthma. I am very grateful for the 120 lbs. lost, but would love to be able to lose the other 35. My pouch has never been restricted to 2-3 ounces of food. I can still eat a "regular" meal. Which is a major problem.