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  1. Lidia6321

    Free ICONIC cafe au lait protein shakes

    Terrfic!! With the weather being so bad can we say Saturday afternoon? Just give me a call for a location and time. Again thanks for your help. Linda - PM'ing you with my phone number.
  2. Lidia6321

    Free ICONIC cafe au lait protein shakes

    Hello! I was wondering if the protein was still available? I had my surgery 4 years ago and have put on 80 lbs due to stress, poor food choices, and a slew of health issues. Please let me know since I am also in DC. Thanks Linda...lidia6321
  3. Lidia6321

    Washington, DC Buddy needed desperately!!

    Alrighty people I am back!!!! I am willing to workout and walk on Tuesday through Thursdays in Anacostia park. If anyone is willing to meet there or elsewhere in the DMV, please let me know. Current weight at 305 and I want to be at 250 by summer's end....
  4. Lidia6321

    Meltdown this morning - help please

    Ok...bad start too a stressful life...I get it. You picked out the negatives so here are a few positives: Great hubby, super nice dog, you have food, s place to live and for now a goo boy to your pretty good job. We all have freaking bad days but we walk, journal, exercise, chant or pray to get through them. I need you to drink tea and go walking as an apology to the dog. Give hubby a huge hug for being and staying in midst of your storm. Like I said bad days happen off behavior from stress is normal just look at the news. I'm glad you got out protein in now sip sip sip some tea to calm you and hydrate you. Try to remember that you are loved by so many, your weight will come off at its own rate so be patient, you have a new family in weightloss so give us your rant we can take it. Feel better so you can get back to that new job YOU WILL get.
  5. Lidia6321

    I need some words of wisdom

    Regret is normal just don't give up. As time progress you will feel better, loose weight AT YOUR SPEED so don't compare yourself to others, and end/begin each day with something positive you can now do....I was able to walk for 4 minutes at first but now 2-4 miles. Hang in there! !! I believe you can do this!!
  6. Lidia6321

    Esophageal Stricture Causes

    I had 2 years before WLS and 7 since. It just happens. ..sorry no answer why it does.
  7. Lidia6321

    just need to vent

    Honey have a sit down with her and say you ate a guest but you MUST help clean and be respectful of my home. Room service is closed and the maid quit. The food choices she makes for her family need to be respected even if it means asking her to place those items in another area from your foods. You could mention that support is needed just like you are supporting her while husband is away. I hope she realizes you are serious about getting healthy and living for your family!
  8. Lidia6321

    Friend joined group to be nosey

    I would report it to the groups administrator. You can also unfollow that person so they can't see your post. I am sorry he did this but he is only showing you that he is a nosy jerk...keep your head up and enjoy your journey.
  9. I am interested in the tops and dresses. Please let me know what I need to do, thanks.
  10. Lidia6321

    Not feeling any restriction?

    I am almost 4 yrs out and haven't felt restriction since last March. With a slew of new drugs on board, cardiac and gastro issues and cancer I have regained 30lbs. I choose my foods correctly, chew well, exercise and take my daily supplements but still no feeling of being full ever....HELP! Please be kind in your responses or just don't reply, thank you.
  11. Lidia6321

    Washington, DC Buddy needed desperately!!

    Hi! I have had a talk with all my docs. See the oncologist in about a week, GI in 2 months which needs to be moved up. He put me on Linzess but IBS isn't the only thing going on.... Hopefully someone will respond.
  12. Well I am 3 yrs out from bypass and lost 180 lbs. I have been diagnagnosed recently with 'C' and been grazing! I have had a stomach ache since surgery and they said Gallbladder, strictures, and now IBS. Lowest weight was 250lbs and Im at 280 lbs, very scary for me. I need someone in my area that is willing to walk and workout with me, male or female. I need someone that can push me without killing my self-esteem. Thank you and I hope to hear from someone, please!
  13. Lidia6321

    Career clothes size 22 - 28

    Im interested in the 24's if you have any left. Let me know...Thanks
  14. Lidia6321

    Goal Weight?

    The BMI chart said a number unrealistic to my none structure and girth at start. I am 2 years out and 100 lbs away from that number. I am at 260_275 lbs due to congested heart failure. I can not seem to drop more than 5 pounds can anyone suggest some says to drop more...I do cardio, walk, lift weights, planks, sit ups and push ups. Please be kind because I do try all suggestions and take information personally. TIA