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  1. Thanks, Tiffany. When is/was your procedure? I'm in NW Kentucky near Evansville, Indiana. Where are you?
  2. Tiffany, I'm in KY, and I had my RNY yesterday. Rebecca
  3. beckbe

    Just a few days away

    Miki, Thanks for your encouraging comment! I had my surgery yesterday, and I was scared, too. But here I am and it was really no big deal. Well, it was major surgery but it wasn't scatter or bad. I'm waiting for my upper GI study so that I can start on my clear liquids. More than anything, my first feeling after the surgery was relief. Relief that people's opinions and comments can no longer sway me and that my own internal should I / shouldn't I debate is over. I did it, it's done, and today is the first day to the healthier, me-er part of my life. And that is an empowering, encouraging, good thing. I look forward to reading about your journey ahead. It's a good thing!
  4. Hip, hip, hooray!!! Huge milestone celebration for you!
  5. beckbe

    the truth!

    You CAN do this and you ARE worth it! I can't speak from experience (yet) because I don't go in for surgery until this Thursday, but those statements you made are TRUTH. Thanks for sharing your heart, Rebecca
  6. beckbe


    Great job!!!
  7. beckbe

    Just a few days away

    It's Saturday night and I'm hanging with my guys, enjoying the evening as the clock ticks down to Thursday and the day of my surgery. I'm wondering what changes will take place in my heart, mind, spirit, sense of self...and body. Oh yes, in my body, too. On Thursday I'll end a year-long journey and begin a new one by having a gastric bypass surgery. As I sit here on the couch watching TV re-runs on Netflix, I have so many questions. Will it work? Will I be able to sustain weight loss? I haven't told any of my close friends about my surgery. Should I? I would love to have people visit me in the hospital, but I'm not interested in being the topic of small town gossip. And, frankly, I don't want to hear opinions telling me how I should or shouldn't do it. Maybe I'm scared. Maybe this is yet another fat-laden wall blocking me off from friendship and relational connection. Maybe I'm a big wimp. I don't know. Or maybe I'm just private and it really is nobody's business. I'm a few days out from surgery and on a liquid pre-op diet, yet I took a bite of my son's chicken breast this evening along with a small nibble of homemade Christmas candy. But guess what--it didn't hold any satisfaction for me and I stopped because I have a better life waiting for me to embrace. What a wonderful discovery! I really am thankful for the opportunity to improve me, to get healthy, to be the person that is buried inside me instead of the one I don't recognize in pictures.
  8. Love, love the list! Praying you'll get each and every one! :-)
  9. Ha! I'm amazed, too. I was also snowed and iced in all day, so I wasn't overly-tempted by billboards and driving by restaurants, and I could "eat" (read: drink) anytime I wanted instead of having to balance work meetings and getting overly hungry. But like I said, today is another day. We'll see what happens! Good luck on your Day 5!
  10. Great list! I love these ideas. Meditation and mindfulness were my lifelines today. I can't believe it, but I made four kinds of Christmas candy with my mom and baked pasta for my kids...and did not snatch one single bite! Now, I can't say the same will happen tomorrow, but that is another day. Each day inches us closer to healthier lives, so today I'm taking one moment (or one Optifast shake) at a time. Thanks so much for your encouragement!
  11. beckbe

    Update: WLS

    Hooray for you! Keep up the great work!!!
  12. beckbe

    Last Night Dawn

    Great work! You look fabulous!
  13. beckbe

    Where did I go?

    Wooo-hooooo! Way to go!!!
  14. Thanks for posting this! I am doing my pre-op shopping for post-op needs, saw the creatine powder, and was wondering if I should buy it. After reading the article, I'm going to pass. Thanks so much!
  15. I just finished Day Two of pre-op OptiFast, and I am such a wimp. I can handle the far, and I'm perfectly fine during the day, but I can't shake being a troll when I get home at night and I smell real, chewable food cooking for the rest of the family. Am I going to have to hide in my bedroom during meal times for the next month? I don't want to be a grouchy and I don't want to cheat on OptiFast, but I hate missing mealtimes with my family. can I help from my emotions (which I used to feed, apparently) running me right now? Thanks! I'm a newbie and now I wonder if maybe I won't be able to do this.