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  1. You are correct. There is sugar in almost everything they offer. I get an Oprah Chai Tea (made with a tea bag and water) hot, or an iced coffee with heavy cream and SF syrup. I always double check for SF as they have made mistakes with my order as well.
  2. Married for almost 33 years. My husband has been my #1 supporter through my journey. I never could of done it without him. Our marriage has always been a strong one, but now it is renewed with hope and so much joy.
  3. azibclc


    I was told no peas or corn because "The husks can collect in the pouch". However, I eat both occasionally (even popcorn) and have not had a problem. Fingers crossed.
  4. azibclc


    I eat small amounts of black or pinto beans once in awhile with no problems. My Dr. said no peas, however, I still eat them occasionally too.
  5. I only told my closest friends at work, however, being on a hospital unit, everyone noticed I wasn't there while recovering and asking where I was, and of course everyone eventually found out. I was ok with that. I have only received wonderful compliments from my coworkers. They have been most supportive.
  6. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am not going to further discuss politics here on this forum. However, as my original response states he is not getting impeached.
  7. Really? On what specific grounds? I hope your not holding your breath LOL It's not going to happen.
  8. I left the hospital on no meds - 9 pills for "Diabetes" control and 3 injections of insulin everyday gone. (When I saw my endocrinologist after surgery, she ended up keeping me on a very small dose of insulin, but only for 3 months after surgery). My surgeon explained that the benefit for diabetics not needing meds from gastric bypass is that it changes the chemistry in the gut immediately. My endocrinologist has always been very conservative. Now, the only issue with blood sugars I have is the occasional low one.
  9. You are absolutely stunning!
  10. Power Crunch are very good, however, for me, I noticed I was gaining weight ( I was eating one every morning for breakfast). They are good on carbs and sugar content, which surprised me. I just don't eat as often now. I find hard boiled eggs make me feel fuller longer- although they don't taste as good
  11. azibclc


    I was told to chew gum when I feel nauseated, and it worked for me. Hope you get some relief.
  12. Not very flattering for sure, but here is what I wore today when I graduated with my Master's in Nursing from GCU.
  13. These look good. I hope they come to my Costco, Albertsons is the only other store the website lists that we have here.
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