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  1. Mine started at 4 months out. I am now 8 months out and I'm am shedding hair normally again and regrowth has started. I think I lucked out with it only lasting for 4 months.
  2. You look great! Pretty soon you'll be wearing your top as a dress!
  3. I am super pale as well and have a very low tolerance for pain. Even though your daughter bruised, did she say it was painful? Was the bruising painful?
  4. See? Patience has never been my strong suit! I don't care if it's a virtue!
  5. I'm hoping some of you "vets" would give me (us) some of your tips for weight loss when things start to slow way down as we get closer to goal. I'm still 30 pounds away from goal and am now losing incredibly slowly. I know all about stalls and have been through them and have even done the 5 day pouch test. I will go a couple of weeks of not losing anything, to losing 3 pounds, then nothing for a couple of weeks, then one pound comes off (I only lost 3 pounds in June). I'm getting all my protein and water in, and keeping my carbs low (most come from veggies). Any ideas, tips, or tricks to keep things moving?
  6. My last labs were *only* $442 and I paid $182 out of pocket. YAY for my HSA!
  7. I think I should buy some Drano stock. My poor shower drain...
  8. I am six months out from surgery. The last couple weeks I find myself getting hungrier between meals sooner whereas before my hunger would hold out for a lot longer. I also never felt hungry between lunch and dinner, but now I find myself needing a snack. I don't mind adding a snack into my day, because that is a normal thing to do. It just seems weird to me that I'm eating and drinking the same way and my hunger comes on more quickly.
  9. I wouldn't pay attention to calories either, like your NUT said. Anything you read online is going to give you a calorie estimation for people with "normal" stomachs. Keep planning your meals and hitting your protein targets like you have been. The other thing I want to mention is you said you are doing a lot of strength training. You are putting on muscle which will show up on the scale. Instead of relying on the scale to see how you are doing, take your measurements and track the changes. That will give you a much better indication of the progress you are making.
  10. I just downloaded it! Thanks for posting this!
  11. How do you tell if you are experiencing a bad case of acid reflux vs. having gallstones? This past Thursday night I had a burning sensation in my throat that I attributed to a pill going down the wrong way. All day Friday the feeling continued along with a burning/stabbing feeling in my chest and in the upper middle part of my back. I took some Tums while at work and when I got home, I took 20 mgs. of omeprazole. I had stopped taking the omeprazole 3 months after surgery since I hadn't had any problems and I am one week away from my 6 month mark. Today the burning feeling is still in my throat, in comes on randomly, after I swallow and after I eat or drink, however, the pain in my back is gone. I know some of the symptoms of acid reflux and gallstones are similar, so of course my mind is going nuts. How long does it take for the omeprazole to kick in so that if it is reflux, the symptoms should go away? If the symptoms don't go away I will call my surgeon and likely have to have an endoscopy, yes? Or maybe an ultrasound? P.S. I haven't eaten or had anything to drink that hasn't been on my menu before. Thanks!
  12. I agree with everything cherylm321 said. Also, plan on losing a huge chunk of time going up the Empire State Building, it takes forever. They will tell you that the wait is an hour or that you can pay to get on an express line. There is no such thing. Last time my brother visited he wanted to take his kids up, he paid for the express pass and it took them 4 hours. I sat in a bar and got drunk with one of his old friends from high school. My time was better spent than his!
  13. What are your go to sweet treats that are mostly good for you when you're craving something sweet?
  14. I guess I have to suck it up and deal with the fact that I will be paying for the follow office visits. But I'm not going to like it, so there!