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  1. Scales & Wow Moments..

    Grrr. that seems so unfair. I know how hard you have worked to get this far. I know that when my body is ready to stop it will as well despite what I try. I thought that was happening when I still weighed 231 pound I would go down to 224 then shoot back up again. It was maddening. Do not lose hope though Kel.... stranger things have happened. hugs to you. Kat.
  2. Scales & Wow Moments..

    Kel... You were struggling with this stall the last time I was on TT. I have been gone for awhile, but am so happy for you that the drought so to speak is finally over!! hugs girlie. Kat
  3. Today's WOW Moment Was..."

    I had a very WOW moment for me today. I finally reached onederland, and weight what i did when i was married 30 years ago. woooooooooo hoooooooooooooo
  4. Our Kel (Mistymee) is in ER!

    Thanks for the update Kel. Hang in there we are all rooting for you. Kat
  5. Olivia's new sock monkey friend!

    OMG Sherry! I have been gone way too long. She is just beautiful and you look Marvelous... simply Marvelous. Kat
  6. PLEASE participate - what is your weight and size

    Start of process/ highest weight 336 Height 5'1" pants size: 32/34 dress size: 32/34 shirts/ 5x Bra: 56 H current pants size 18/20 dress: 18/20 shirt size depends on the cut but around a large/xlarge Bra 44/ hovering between DD and DDD five or so more pound DD. lol we have all come so far.. pats us all on the back. Kat
  7. Secondary Parahyperthiroidism....

    Sorry I have been away so long. It seems I spent the better part of the first six months of the year being tested for this that and the other. When my endo ran the PTH test and it came back within normal limits, the diagnosis was osteo arthritis. This did not sit well with me. I am 55 and do not doubt that I have osteo arthritis, however upon further research on my end, I discovered that osteo arthritis is more specific in the larger bones/joints in the body. my issues started in my wrists, hands, and fingers. I actually had a follow up with my surgeon, two weeks after my endo did the tests for PTH, they did the exact same panel of tests and my levels were high, and my calcium and D were very low. They had me increase my intake, but at this point I am hoping it is actually doing something. I started experiencing strong pain in my stomach upper GI area under my right rib cage, another battery of tests showed my gall bladder to be okay and is functioning properly, however I now have ulcers around where my new pouch ( not so new now lol) was reconnected to my intestines. I have been on a very old remedy used years ago for ulcers called carafate, which I take before every meal and at bedtime.... As for the pain in my hands, on a routine visit to my GP for my annual check up, I begged her to test me for the RA Factor. I told her if the test came back normal I wouldn't persue the issue any further I would find a way to deal with the pain. This was in May of this year. The test results came back off the charts for the RA factor and I was finally referred to a Rheumatologist for treatment 9 months after the original onset. His testing was fairly extensive. I was tested for all three types of hepatitis A,B,C all negative. I was tested for Lupus results inconclusive, my sister has Lupus so that is really still up in the air. They have confirmed RA at this point. They put me on CELBREX also, but it did nothing for me. After 4 weeks he started me on Plaquinell for the RA itself and Mobic for the anti inflamatory which i know we are not supposed to take. I go see him again this Friday, and I haven't really improved much but if I miss a day of medication, I really notice it now. I do not really want to be on an actual pain pill but some days I cannot even lift up a bowl without dropping it. My son in law is a massage therapist and works for a wholistic pharmacy. They mentioned they might be able to take the mobic and mix it with a light hand cream that could be absorbed through the skin instead of going directly into my stomach itself. Massage seems to help, so i will speak to the Rheumatologist on Friday to see if i might be able to get a prescription for therapuetic massage. I guess what i want to get across more than anything is this: If you suspect an incorrect diagnosis, or if you research and find other things that fit your symptoms, I encourage you to not give up. This issue started for me last August and I have been dealing with it for nearly a year. In that time, through lack of diagnostic testing and doctors to full of themselves to delve outside the realm of their expertise, I have lost the functionality of my right thumb and will probably never gain it back. Always get a second opinion, and a third if no one wants to help. Sometimes things are not always in your head, keep at them until someone listens;). take good care and chin up! Kat
  8. Our Kel (Mistymee) is in ER!

    Kel, Haven't been into the site for some time. Hope you are doing better. You are in my thoughts. Kat.
  9. Hey YOU!!! Saw you lil green dot lit up - just wanted to say hi and see how you're doing??? Should be about time for some new pics sweets!!

  10. Secondary Parahyperthiroidism....

    I wondered if that could be happening, the fact my blood is leaching the calcium could make my calcium levels normal. What about the PTH though? Mine is in normal range.. was your's also? It is to the point where i can no longer make a fist with either hand, cannot open even a bottle of water. My daughters big bull dog thumped my hand with his huge tail and it hurt so bad i cried. It is frustrating, i have never had pain where no matter what i did it doesnt go away. trying to hang in there.. Kat
  11. Secondary Parahyperthiroidism....

    Well, an interesting turn of events. They have run the PTH test and it came back within normal range, as did the phosphorous and even my calcium. We are still waiting for the results of my vitamin D tests. Since i was diagnosed pre GBP surgery with vitamin D deficiency, they are thinking this test might be the answer. So at the moment playing the waiting game. The endocrinologist is having my xrays looked at by another radiologist since she is seeing malformations but is not adept at reading the films. I am hoping by Friday to have the vitamin D tests back and keeping my fingers crossed that vitamin D injections may be the answer along with Boniva to help with the severe pain and to increase the bone mass. The endo is also researching other causes of bone disease that have the same symptoms of secondary hyperparathyroidism. So, i dont know much more than i did to begin with. But hopefully the outcome will be far better than originally thought. Will keep you informed. Kat
  12. Secondary Parahyperthiroidism....

    Jim, Thanks for your input. i can identify with the pain. Whatever the primary cause which i hope will be easy to determine, the secondary issues it is causing gets larger each day. i now have deformed bones in my fingers especially at the joint sites. I hope your recovery continues on and the pain lessens for you. i was diagnosed prior to bypass surgery with low vitamin D levels, they had me up mine and i now take as i mentioned 2400 mgs a day. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be doing the trick with the calcium absorbtion. Right now i am trying to remain optimistic and not worry myself sick with what the other causes could be. My endo has been treating me for 12 years now, for my diabetes issues.. So at least i am comfortable with her. Will hopefully come away from the appointment tomorrow with a better feeling than i have had this past week since finding out my issue was larger than osteo arthritis. Please let me know how things go with you. and thanks for sharing. Kat
  13. Secondary Parahyperthiroidism....

    Hey Bridgett thanks for writing. A friend of mine had her surgery with Dr Jamal, in fact i know around three so far that have used him. From what i have heard he does exceptionl work as well. Dr. Samuals is actually the one that did my bypass, but they are both in digestive diseases department at U of I in Iowa city. Best of luck on your journey. Stay positive. Kat
  14. Secondary Parahyperthiroidism....

    Vikkator.. you are looking fantastic hun! I received a call from my endocrinologists office yesterday, they were finally able to get me in tomorrow Friday to start the blood work. I am not sure if they will be doing a bone biopsy at this point, or if ordering another dexa scan will be asked for. We are on the first leg of this. So i am so not sure of what all is involved. Since i am diabetic, and this has a tendency to mess with the kidneys, there has been mention that perhaps i am in the early stages of kidney failure. But that is pure speculation at this point. Jad, you seem to be correct that this is a result of an underlying issue, and while gastric bypass might have been the straw that broke the camel's back ( malabsorbtion ) since surgery might have hastened the process. Depending on how you look at it this might be a godsend. i would ask you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers and will post with information as it comes in that may be of benefit to others down the line. Seriously, i wouldnt wish this one on my worse enemy. i have never felt such pain that there is no relief from at the moment at least. Thanks for your replies and concerns. Kat
  15. Secondary Parahyperthiroidism....

    Currently I am going through more tests. This was discovered because I was in so much pain in my hands I ( this was the second trip. the first resulted in a visit to a different Ortho doc who said I was having issues with gout in my hands due to the rapid weight loss ) went to my GP. they did xrays of both hands and and she sent me to an Ortho Doc. He took one look at the xrays, asked me a few questions and took me out and showed me what he was talking about. It almost looks like empty spaces in my bones in my fingers and the bones in my hands are very pitted from the loss. That was this past Friday. They attempted to call my endocrinologist that treats me for my diabetes to get me in on a stat basis and were told there was nothing open until April. they are at this point still trying to get me in. I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency prior to my bypass surgery. Currently I take 1800 mg of Calcium a day. i also take 2400 mg of vitamin D. I drink a lot of fat free milk and eat fat free yogurt twice daily. I have been undergoing several tests for issues with pain in my gallbladder, gut area, I am scheduled for more testing with and gastro enterologist (sp.). During the course of the cat scan they found 5 stones in my kidneys. When looking at the symptoms, they are right in line with what I am experiencing. I was told the bypass surgery can change your metabolism and that came from my Surgeon that did my bypass. I am speculating that this if it did not cause the issue, has increased the seriousness of the issue. I am writing here to hopefully get some idea of what i can expect.. I know for para hyperthyroidism they often do surgery to remove the para hyperthyroid that is causing the issue ( there are four, situated directly behind the thyroid and very close to the voice box surrounded by nerves ) But para hyperthyroidism is an over abundance from all I have researched of calcium, secondary para hyperthyroidism appears to be an inability to absorb or metabolize calcium. so your blood leaches what it needs from your bones, I was told this is very uncommon. I am this week, trying to get all of my doctors on the same page. I had a dexa bone density scan prior to surgery, and one last year after surgery that was already showing signs of osteoporosis. Now with this new development I assume they will probably order another to monitor the progression. At this point, I would be thrilled if the pain would stop. Any help any of you can give me of places to research, others you may have heard of that this has happened to etc, I would be very grateful. I do not seem to be able to find exactly what the treatment course is here and until I am able to get into the endocrinologist, all I am able to do is speculate. If I understood you correctly, you are saying the condition is a result of some other condition? Or am I way off base here? thanks, Kat