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  1. I too am trying to exercise. I experiment by trying different things. I tried water aerobics and found I didn't enjoy it so much. I enjoy being in the pool but that was about all. I decided since I did like walking I would take private golf lessons. I do seem to enjoy hitting balls at the golf range. So today I'm going to try golfing on the golf course. There are so many uncertainties like, will people laugh at me, will the heat make me faint or become ill, will I slow everyone down so it is not enjoyable for them... The women's league at the course has invited me to join them. I explained that I was a beginner....maybe I should wait but they said, no, come on out and play. I'll let you know how it goes. Another thing I would like to try is bicycling. Haven't tried yet, still on my to-do-list. I tried Zumba. The routines are very difficult for me to do fast and correctly. I hope I have been helpful. Just know what you are experiencing someone else is experiencing it too. You are not alone.
  2. My doctor has me on one calcium chew a day. I saw him last week and mentioned the kidney stone. He said there was nothing I could take, that was just a result of fast weight loss.
  3. I had my first kidney stone about three weeks ago and now I have another kidney stone. I drink a lot of water here in South Carolina because it is so hot. Is there anything else that I can be doing?
  4. My surgery was the end of November, 2013. Yesterday I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I actually enjoyed the Edamine, the miso soup and the salad with the ginger dressing was fantastic. So my answer is yes, I actually do enjoy eating. I don't get excited about everything I eat.
  5. I'm finding it a personal journey. You really can't compare yourself to others. You can learn from others but your body and mind is unique to you. I try not to compare my loss to anyone's. What I try and focus on is things I can do now that I couldn't do back then like cross my legs.
  6. 3girldogs

    The Beginning

    It takes awhile to get your energy back. I think it is a longer road to recovery than we anticipate. It takes time to learn what your stomach will handle. I also know that if your stomach can't handle something right now give it a few months, chew slowly, and surprise, you can tolerate it. I also found that at six months I can drink a whole bunch more and more easily than I could earlier. I also find that the 8 oz bottles of water are easier for me because I can drink all the liquid in a short period of time instead of sipping slowly. Work will be a challenge because your energy comes back in small pieces. I remember being at Disneyland almost two months ago and I was so tired after six hours. I would look around and so many people had so much more energy than I did. It is a personal journey back. You start learning about yourself. You have to be patient with yourself and understanding. Good luck in your recovery.
  7. Shipwreck55 It is so hot, in the 90's, in South Carolina (compared to Seattle) that I'm drinking a lot of water. You have lost a lot of weight, good luck.
  8. We've been in our house in South Carolina two weeks and I've had an encounter with fire ants and kidney stone. This is a dangerous place to live. My little chiwawa, Princess, sat on a fire ant nest. I grabbed her and ran her inside and put her in the sink flushing the area with cold water. I could not get those ants to let go so I put dish soap and massaged it in. She has bumps on her right hind leg and I have a swollen pointer finger that hurts. I can't seem to get the swelling to go down. I can't even bend my finger. Last Sunday I was in so much pain I went to a walk in clinic and they told me to go to the emergency room. After morphine to control the pain I had CAT scans and they found my first kidney stone. I will see the specialist today, my pain is gone and I have been drinking lots of water. I'm pretty nervous because I know I will have to pass it. I'm also afraid that the specialist will put me on more food restrictions. It will take some time to get use to the climate change and pests. I don't think there was anything that could hurt me in western Washington.
  9. My surgery was last November, toward the end of the month. I now have lost a hundred pounds. I have a new Bariatric doctor since moving to South Carolina. He has me on a strict diet because he wants me to lose much more. It is hard not eating bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and crackers/cereal. I still get IBS but not so often. I spit up once when I ate a chicken thigh fast. I still have to keep reminding myself to eat slow no mater how hungry I am. I tend to do better when I eat small meals through the day. Well I just wanted to tell someone. I haven't met anyone here yet.
  10. Well I thought my IBS was gone but now it has returned. Since I am now living in South Carolina, I have a new doctor. He has me on 20 mg of celexa and a special diet that says do not eat potatoes, pasta, rice, crackers and bread. The diet also has me limit the amount of fresh fruit. Anyone else living with IBS? Any suggestions? Anyone heard of this diet?
  11. I'm staying on soft foods. I love soup too. But even with soft foods I still get the cramps. This morning I had tomato soup (left over from dinner). For lunch I will just have a half of a sandwich. I was going to use ham spread as the filling. I didn't pack my mixer or protein shake powder and I just don't want to go out and buy one. I'm staying at the KOA in Mt Pleasant in Charleston, South Carolina. As soon as our house clears in Seattle we should be able to purchase our house in Summerville. Then I will get all my supplies (everything is in storage). These stomach cramps keeps me from going out and exploring this new city. I'm always afraid I won't be able to find a bathroom in time and I have no one I can call to provide support.
  12. Anyone with experience using the Bariatric Carolina Center in Summerville, SC?
  13. I still get stomach cramps after eating. The PA put me on dicyclomine 20mg tablets four times a day. They keep the cramps from getting really bad like originally. Does or has this occurred with anyone else? It keeps me from trying a lot of foods because the cramps are so unpleasant. Although I am not working, we just moved to South Carolina, I am worried about finding a job because of the cramps. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am going to see the doctor at bariatic Carolina center April 2 nd.
  14. We are camping (trailer) at the KOA in Mt. Pleasant. We have been traveling ten days straight with three cats In crates) and three dogs. My husband would never stop to sight see - just drive, drive, drive. I'm going to be glad to get back to eating cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese sticks... I'm so tired of eating out. We stopped at restaurants because it was important to get Ron to take a break from driving. We will probably be here a month until everything clears and we can purchase our house here. It is going to be tough when Ron goes to work and I stay home with the dogs. I would like to go sight seeing. Anyone want to meet up? (I should be picking up my car tomorrow)
  15. I have been eating a few bites of ham for breakfast every morning. I have noticed that after breakfast I get stomach cramps and dirreaha (can't spell). Should I give up on ham and try something else? My stomach does not like scrambled eggs. Advice?
  16. 3girldogs

    Oriental Foods

    I love am po - a tofu dish. Tofu, protein, is easy on my stomach.
  17. I have severe sleep apnea. I did another sleep test when I lost 75 pounds. I still have severe sleep apnea but they were able to turn down the air pressure. Of course I was disappointed. I try and take things a day at a time. I still struggle with eating and finding time to exercise. I believe you are on your way to wellness it just isn't going to happen easy. I feel better than I did three months ago but I get winded and tired very easily. My husband tells me to be patient and things will work out. Keep trying your best and take one day at a time.
  18. I'm three months out. I can't tolerate chicken or beef. I can eat a deli slice of turkey ( extremely thin). Fish poached in a liquid is ok and so are prawns and lobster. Eating soup with very small chunks of chicken works. I have been told to be patient by my NUT. But I have to say I'm getting tired of cottage cheese and yogurt.
  19. I just retired. Not sure yet how I feel about that. Currently we are camping 45 minutes away from El Pasco. We are moving to South Carolina. Our stuff is there, we are just trying to get our truck and trailer there too.
  20. Good luck to you. Addictions are difficult. I made a choice not to drink alcohol after surgery because I don't want to transfer my food addiction. I have found that when I am sad or upset, that is the time I really want to eat. It is difficult. Take care of yourself. I am sorry to hear about your two friends. Just before I left my teaching job, my good friend died from the flu. I was shocked and had a difficult time with it. She was only nine years older than me. She always had time to help me with the paper work and students.
  21. My husband really didn't take an interest either. I went to the pre op meetings by myself. However he was right there when I went into surgery. He also has been very supportive of me. He is always concerned about my eating and when I get sick. I think everyone handles this differently. My husband is an engineer and doesn't get too emotional. My suggestion is to tell your husband what you need. Some people respond better if you tell them exactly what kind of help you need.
  22. My NUT has let me experiment with water. I can drink within five minutes of a meal. Water just seems to go through my stomach quickly. She says some people can drink right before eating and others can't. I do wait thirty minutes after eating before drinking.
  23. Thanks for the information. I have often wondered (3 months out) if I could swallow a vitamin pill.
  24. I feel for you. We are selling our house after twenty four years. We are traveling across country right now pulling our trailer. I cont to get e mails from the realtor about dropping the price 35 k, how the house needs so much work, it needs all new appliances, granite, bathrooms need to be remold end...etc. You are mentally holding up much better than me. Good luck.