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  1. Bad = Cookie, chips Good = Apples, saute vegetables I eat mostly the same menu daily. So I am not introducing new food to my pouch, but i can eat a cookie and be fine all day. i eat an apple and it's world war 3 in my belly.
  2. I am 2.5 years out and I have done extremely well. The cravings are creeping in (ones I have never even had prior to surgery) so I am working hard to manage them. But on my bad days I find that I can eat junk all day. Other days when I am doing really well, eating the proper foods, I have the most intense stomach pain. Almost like that feeling day 1 when we first get out of surgery. It's horrific. Anyone else experience pain with "good" food as opposed to bad. It's so painful sometimes I can't move. Could I have swallowed a piece too big? Ate too fast?
  3. I have to admit I am not very compliant with my vitamins, and now I'm experiencing extreme fatigue. I mean it takes an act of God to get out of the bed. My Vitamin D and B 12 are so low I am on the injection form. Anyone experience this?
  4. Still have alot of work to do. Struggling with being hungry even after eating, but determined to hit my goal of 150! 299 day of. 165 now.
  5. I have to admit I have done well with her guidance. I have gone from 299 lbs, to 162. All of which I lost in 18 months. However, due to everyday life like everyone else, I have fallen back into old habits and I would like to control them while I still can. I eat a lot of salad, a lot of fish and chicken (just no red meat or pork). I also eat alot of veggies, not so much fruit except bananas, I love those. Other than that my menu is not very extensive.
  6. I don't eat any where near 2 cups, she just says i should be able to eat 1.5 - 2 cups. I can definatly eat more than I did before, but no where near that. No, I don't really eat any breakfast foods. I don't eat meat, or eggs and any "breakfassy" foods. I do eat oatmeal, and yogurt. yes high in sugar but again, i don't have many choices. Or I just don't eat breakfast food and eat a protein and veggies for breakfast.
  7. Thank you cinwa, that's exactly what I needed to know. One day 1, we'll see how it goes. I am hungry, but I have to reset, my eating is out of control.
  8. Does anyone eat pre measured oatmeal (the ones in the box). If so how many realistically should we be able to eat 2 years out. 1, 2? My nut says I should be able to eat at least 2 cups of food. Not happening at all, I get full, but since I don't eat any other food except oatmeal really, I was wondering how many you can eat.
  9. I have read the forums and asked over and over. Ive searched the net but can't find the answer. All I want to know is on day 3, 4 and 5 can you eat veggies with your meal. Even the 5dpt website doesn't say. Please help so I can get started! Anyone! Thanks
  10. Do I need a reset button and I need it fast. I did very well over the past two year (just celebrated my surgerversary and I haven't gained a pound and actually have made very good progress. I was 299 day of surgery and I am not 162. Size 24 to a 4. However, I am finding myself grazing all day. Every time I eat I feel extreme guilt and feel like i have gained all of that weight back even though I know realistically I have not. My question is I understand the 5 DPT, however, does anyone have a link to exactly what your suppose to eat. For instance, OK on day 3 I can eat fish, but what approved foods can I eat with the fish or do I only get to eat the fish as a meal. I am looking for day by day recipes (free). I also don't/can't eat dairy, eggs so I need a few examples of meals to eat over the next 5 days. Thanks.
  11. I have never been an emotional eater, thank god otherwise I would have been heavier then I was before surgery. I have identified the issue I just don't know how to get past eat. I eat breakfast of yogurt, banana and granola or a bowl of fruit. Ever since surgery, "normal" breakfast things taste disgusting to me and this is one thing I can muster. Usually lunch is a protein packed salad or some type of meat/fish/chicken and veggie. But once I start to begin eating, it's like I can almost feel the weight coming back on with each forkfull so I stop. My nutritionist says try to aim for 1 - 1.5 cups over 25 minutes. All are different so this is not a discussion on who's nutritionist is right, but I begin to eat and think OMG did I gain a pound and then I stop. So I never even get my full meal. Then I graze throughout the day instead of just eating my entire protein packed meal. Make sense? Im so afraid of gaining the weight back which is impossible because I eat like I small child, but I have to stop the grazing. Part of me, because I am a medical professional, knows hunger is part dehydration and I can't tell you how many bottles of water I drink because it's zero. Again, I know it's bad, and in the beginning I did my plan to the T. I just need to somehow reset and fast. I woke up today saying no more snacks, but it's hard. Very hard.
  12. I am 20 months out and struggling so bad. I've almost reached my goal weight but I feel hungry all the time no matter how much or little I eat. I don't eat much per meal at all , I eat like a child. But then I graze all day. Luckily, I haven't gained any weight but I crave things I hated before surgery. HELP! I hate water too!
  13. This is a before and after. Ive lost a bit more since these pictures were taken. I don't each much, but I snack ALOT on stuff, I didn't even like prior to surgery.
  14. these damn sweets!

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    2. bondkatt


      Ditto what Spunkycat said. I still fight urge to eat something sweet, but when I do, I wish the punishment was more severe...

    3. duffman27


      Try a quest bar - I eat a bar a day and have not had any cravings for sweets in my 9 month journey. Seems to help me.

    4. tmcgee


      I really don't like sweets anymore. A spoonful of ice cream is my limit.

  15. Ive done so well for the past year, however, all of a sudden, the hunger has come on full force and the grazing is out of control. Food I didn't eat even when I was fat, I am now craving. I haven't lost (or gained, thank god) in months. Any suggestions on getting back on track. I am not referring to the 5 day pouch test, but realistic things from people close to my pre op time who have experienced some of the same things. I have lost 134 lbs, so I am not super disappointed. But I would like to hit goal weight in the next few months. I am currently 168 and I would like to be 150 as an initial goal. Any positive suggestions appreciated.
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