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  1. I found you :ph34r:

    1. CSpinella


      It'll be really nice to have a great support system!

    2. jlweed07


      Your in the right place!  Any question you can think of about this has been asked... you will find the answer.  Now comes the obsession though... lol  It was my go to before and after surgery; where else can you find others who are going through exactly what you are.  Search away girl!  xoxoxoxxo

  2. Walk, walk, walk and then walk some more!!
  3. It is so very, very strange to see someone say I am "tiny"... lol but I love it too!! Thanks again!
  4. Haven't checked in in quite some time-- I've been lurking and living my new amazing life!! 13 months post op, 101 pounds down; from a size 22 to a size 6-- sixe 2XL shirt to a Small..... Life is amazing! I had some insurance issues as well come up right after surgery from Tricare--didn't win the battle with that but even so I would still do it again in a heart beat! Before and after
  5. February 3rd here... down 67 pounds!! Feeling amazing, couldn't be happier except for the fact that I'm still fighting with my insurance company to pay But in the end if I end up owing, it was all still worth every penny!! Life couldn't be better than it is right now. Awesome job everyone on the great progress!! Jessica
  6. I'm with ya Liz! I stalled for two weeks up to this past weekend and then BAM-- i lost 4 pounds in it seemed like 4 days....lol I just went with it and did what I had been doing and let my body catch up! Good for you for not panicking- slow and steady wins the race! Awesome job girl!
  7. Please, please, please get in writing whether or not they are requiring the 6 month diet or not. I am fighting with Tricare right now after they denied my already approved surgery after the surgery was done. Very upsetting time for me right now. Please PM me with any questions that I can help you with. Jessica
  8. Hi there! Unfortunately I am who WBI is referring to. I am in this mess and I'm glad they contacted you before your surgery so you don't have to go through this as I am. When I found out what was happening I was beside myself and am still struggling with this. We have resubmitted and Tricare is reviewing it as we speak but won't know anything for another 3 weeks or so. I can not understand how they can approve me, then deny me without contacting myself or the office. Do they really think I, or Dr. Ganser would go through with the surgery if we were not approved!! Unreal! I will fight this to the end as I have documentation and recorder conversation of 2 seperate reps from Tricare telling me there is no 6 month required program and also have the approval and authorization number they provided to me and the surgeons office. Please, please, please, I can't stress this enough... be very careful with your approval. Double check, triple check if you have to, I don't want to see you going through what I am. Feel free to PM me. Other than the approval/denial fiasco with Tricare (which is not WBI's fault), I couldn't be happier with WBI and the services they provide. Awesome staff and Dr. Ganser is AMAZING!! I'm following the program and doing great! Down 41 pounds in 7 weeks, and couldn't be happier. I'm sorry for the call on my behalf, but better safe than sorry.
  9. Received a call from the surgeons office today telling me that Tricare has denied all of my claims for surgery. When the liasion called Tricare to ask why she was told they require a 6 month weight loss plan that I did not do. Now I called twice and asked about the 6 month diet plan before my surgery and was told it was not required. My surgeons office also called before and was told their is no 6 month diet plan required. Now, comes the good part. Tricare approved my surgery on 1-10-14, and is documented on my surgeons end and Tricare's end the conversation the liasion had with the Tricare rep. Tricare is saying after the approval on 1-10-14, they decided to deny it on 1-13-14- after the fact. Now, there was no communication to either the surgeons office or myself on the denial. When the liasion from the surgeons office asked the Tricare rep how the denial was communicated she said it wasn't. No letters were sent out. If I EVER thought there was a possibility that this surgery was not covered, I would NEVER have gone through with it! NEVER!! I called Tricare right away and talked to a rep about this and was told that the claim was resubmitted today and sent to a medical review board. She also told me AGAIN that there is no 6 month diet plan required! Now I have to wait to see what is going to happen with the resubmittial. The srugeons office said the surgeons fee is $17,000 and the hospital is about $30,000!! There is no way I can pay $47,000!!! and the thought that I may have to is making me sick to my stomach! Just sitting back and waiting is not the easiest thing for me to do. I'm so scared!! I knew things were going to well, something bad had to happen :-( Sorry this is so long, I just need to vent and hoping someone can give me some advice. I can't tell you all how upset I am right now. :-( Jessica
  10. I'm sorry to hear this...what's happening?
  11. Thanks you two!! Lennie so good to hear your doing well...continue to follow docs orders and you will breeze through!!
  12. Really can't believe it's been a month already, but I am so happy with everything so far and am excited that things will only get better from here. I thought some of our newbies would like to hear some positive feedback! Since starting my journey the week of Christmas I am down 37 pounds as of this morning. I lost 17 on my preop diet and 20 in the last four weeks since surgery. That averages to 5 pounds a week!!! Holy moly!!! I have also not have had one issue recovering (I am knocking on wood). I have not once vomited, as I follow very carefully the diet plan my doc gave me and chew chew chew. I've yet to experience dumping and I hope to never experience it. I follow very carefully sugar content and and very little fat. I've felt nauseous one time and have never had any issues getting all my water or my protein in. I'm not trying to boast here, just wanting others who are on there way to the losers bench to know that a good recovery IS possible. All smiles here Jessica
  13. Following drs orders. Liquid the first week out of hospital. Puree second week and soft foods this week and next then on to eating for life. My concern is only if I'm taking in to much protein?