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  1. Hello and welcome aboard!

  2. Hello There, I just joined and I noticed that, like me, you are in the Cincinnati area :). Nice to see there's a local on the boards.

  3. Thanking you so much. Praise God, I will be able to drop you a line after surgery. Bless.

  4. Congratulations on your date! If you need any advice or encouragement, you have my PIN. Send me a Blackberry Instant Message. Blessings!

  5. Sis. I've got my date, 6th October. I can't believe it. YAY

  6. Initially I was afraid I'd look like Star Jones did at first--big bloated head, eyes bulging from face, skinny turkey neck (seriously). Turns out, I'm fine . . . Was beautiful before, still am (in my eyes at least) eff the world's opinion
  7. My aunt as a child (I was told) used to eat ashes from burnt out cigarettes right out the ashtray. My daughter used have to go to time out at the daycare and would chip the paint off the wall and eat it. It's a lot more common than you think to crave and eat non-food items, as weird as it may seem.
  8. Thank you, yeah I can't wait to get there (Onderland). I finally feel like a normal person rather than an obese one. I said that to my mom this morning, but I think I hurt her feelings cause she's overweight. She's like, what am I, not normal? But I knew you guys would know what I meant by that one.
  9. Don't tell until after you've accepted the position and are working. Although, legally, no one can not hire you because of pregnancy, it happens all the time. I overheard my old boss say she really liked a girl they interviewed for a position, but she didn't want to get her trained and then have to deal with her being off for 12 weeks. I started my current position 6 months pregnant (not sure how they didn't know). But I told them within my first month of employment. And my co-workers were pretty bummed out about it because my maternity leave was going to be during their busiest time of the year. It sucked for them, but I had to look out for numero uno!
  10. Right...there could be a whole lot worse things to have an addiction to. Coffee is pretty mild.
  11. There are people that shop irresponsibly regardless (Doritoes and what not), and not just those receiving food stamps. That's why we have the obesity epidemic we have (which I know led to me ballooning over 300 lbs)
  12. I definitely agree with you there Izan. My mom was making over $50,000/yr and got laid off. She was a social worker and now had to make the decision to receive the same services she helped others obtain. We have never rec'd any form of assistance, and it was a struggle to convince my mom to go and apply for food stamps. She said it was a very demeaning experience, but thank God programs are in place for all of us in times of need. We've all paid into it and never know when we may need to rely on it.