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    Quick question about gastric bypass

    Do not worry about losing too much weight. For almost everyone with a bypass it is easy to stop weight loss by adding (healthy) calories and carbs to your daily diet. The far greater risk is weight regain after reaching your goal weight.
  2. Res Ipsa

    Hi everyone

    Welcome! We are here to support and inform you on your weight loss surgery journey. I have never regretted having my gastric bypass.
  3. Res Ipsa

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    You look great!
  4. Res Ipsa

    Five Months of Maintenance

    What a wonderful post and photos. This post brought back great memories of my visit to the Dead Sea many years ago (I think that there is a photo of me as a teenager covered in Dead Sea mud somewhere in my mother's photo drawer.... ). Your weight loss success is an inspiration to us all. I also enjoy occasional breakfast buffets as you can have a little of lots of different foods, but it can be hard to avoid overeating. Most importantly, it sounds like you have really settled into a productive maintenance diet based on mindful eating.
  5. As usual, I totally agree on this with @BurgundyBoy. I also believe that the limited diet and lack of hunger in the first few months after weight loss surgery makes it much easier to retrain yourself to eat "mindfully" - in other words thinking about what you are eating and making intelligent decision on what to eat. Thus, while weight loss surgery will not resolve overeating issues that have deep seated emotional or historical reasons which require therapy to resolve (such as being a victim of abuse) - weight loss surgery should make it easier for most people to transition to the mindful and more healthy diet necessary to lose excess weight and (even more importantly) keep the weight off in the long term. As an aside, now that I am at maintenance I can eat almost any food in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet. I absolutely do not miss the huge portions of unhealthy food that I used to eat. I totally agree (as usual) with @Aussie Bear that weight loss surgery is not the "easy way out" in that weight loss success (especially in the long term) requires a change in both lifestyle and diet. That having been said, the surgery does make it easier to make this change. In any case, even if weight loss surgery was the easy way out, so what? What is wrong with using a medical procedure or treatment to resolve a serious medical problem? A cast is the "easy way out" for fixing a broken leg, surgery is the "easy way out" for resolving the risk of an inflamed appendix, and antibiotics are the "easy way out" to resolve pneumonia, and yet no one believes that these "easy ways out" are not the smart and proper options to take. If a person has a long history of being seriously overweight, and normal diet regimes have not long term resolved this excess weight problem, then weight loss surgery is an appropriate medical option. Finally, anyone who knows @Aussie Bear's medical history with weight loss surgeries will understand that her weight loss surgery history has hardly been an "easy" path. Her ability to keep on going through multiple surgeries and nasty side effects, and to keep her excess weight off, is an inspiration to us all.
  6. Res Ipsa

    First Time(r) for Everything

    I totally agree that everyone is different in their post-surgery weight loss rates and that stalls are normal. I also agree that stalls end and that stalls are no reason for panic or concern. However, stalls are not inevitable for everyone. As shown in this weight chart, I did not have any significant stalls in my post-surgery weight loss until I reached my goal weight and intentionally put my weight loss into a "stall."
  7. Res Ipsa

    Asking for prayers from the group

    She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. Res Ipsa

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you for posting this picture of what you plan to wear in two weeks to out Boston get together - otherwise we would never think that such a "skinny minnie" ever had weight loss surgery....
  9. Res Ipsa

    Can you have too much protein?

    Relax. You are doing great! Trust me, if you stick to the diet plan within a year you will be at your goal weight and look back at this post and wonder why you were concerned. Also, everyones' weight loss surgery journey is a bit different, but remember that typically vertical sleeve patients lose weight a bit slower than gastric bypass patients, and that men typically lose weight faster than women.
  10. Res Ipsa

    It's me Jenn

    Great job so far! Just keep on doing what you are doing!!
  11. Res Ipsa

    I have not forgot about you!

    I am not a physician, but I see no reason for you to increase your calories up to 1500-1700 per day in the first year after your vertical sleeve surgery. As long as every day you get in your protein, vitamins, calcium and liquids, there really is no basis for increasing calories since you body can live off the fat in your body for calories (resulting in weight loss). You are still in the "honeymoon" period and should be maximizing weight loss. Maybe @BurgundyBoy will have some thoughts on this..... In any case, welcome back to TTF, great job so far on your weight loss, I hope that your business does great, and we are here to support you on your weight loss surgery journey!
  12. Res Ipsa

    Newbie - Just saying Hello everyone

    Welcome! Both weight loss surgeries can help you lose weight and keep it off, but there are important differences between the two surgeries. Also, depending on your medical history one of the surgeries might be preferable. Be an informed consumer in picking your surgery type. I have never regretted having a RNY gastric bypass.
  13. Res Ipsa

    Wish me luck!!

    You look great! Have a good time at the party.
  14. As the annual Boston area TTF get togethers the past two summers have been a lot of fun, we are going to have another one this summer. It will be at 11 am on Saturday, July 28, 2018 at Castle Island Park on the South Boston waterfront. Everyone is invited! If you can make it (or have any questions), let us know by posting on this topic or by sending me a message. We will meet outside Sullivan's - which has very good food, including a lobster roll (I suggest that you eat the lobster and skip the roll ). Sullivan's is right next to the park's large (and free) parking lot. The views from the park of Boston Harbor, the City, and Logan Airport are amazing. More information on Castle Island can be found here: The park has a wonderful circular walk , as well as nice playground, a historic fort, and lots of open grass. It is a great place to view large and small ships, as the entrance to Boston's Harbor next to the park is quite narrow. Along with me (Res Ipsa - Geoff), tmcgee (Tom) and other TTF members will be there. We hope that lots of you (from Boston, New England or anywhere else) will join us!! It should be a lot of fun.
  15. Res Ipsa

    Plateau after 5 days???

    Relax - almost all of us had a weight loss stall during the first month after surgery. Just stick to the diet program from your surgeon, drinks lots of liquids, take your vitamins, and lead an active lifestyle. There is no chance that you will not lose weight month after month if you do this.
  16. Res Ipsa

    Three months post op

    Great job so far with your weight loss and with become more active! While you are still in your "honeymoon period" after your surgery, and trying to reach your goal weight as soon as possible, you would be wise to keep your calories down (while keeping your lean protein and liquids intake up). In terms of being able to eat a lot of food, are you sticking to the rules about no drinking right before, during and right after a meal?
  17. Res Ipsa

    New here...

    I had a roughly three month period of time between my first appointment with my surgeon and my gastric bypass. During this time I lost about 20 pounds (which "shrinks the liver" making the surgery safer) and prepared myself for life after the surgery. As my surgeon had a busy schedule, originally I was told that I would have a five month wait for my surgery, but then an earlier slot opened up and I took it. My only regret about having weight loss surgery is that I waited so many years to have it. My best advice for you now is to become an informed consumer. One way to do this is to read lots of posts here at TTF (thinnertimesforum) and be sure to check out each of the TTF forums. This will allow you to become an informed consumer. For example, there are important differences between the sleeve and gastric bypass, and you need to have the weight loss surgery type that feels right for you. Also, be sure to find the best possible bariatric surgeon for your surgery even if it means traveling for the surgery. We are here to support and inform you on your weight loss surgery journey.
  18. Res Ipsa

    My 8th month surgiversary (on time for once!)

    I agree - @Jen581791 is a heroine in every way.
  19. Res Ipsa

    E - L - E - V - E - N (plus)

    Lots of great news - and it truly is an amazing feeling to finally fit into a "medium." By the way, I strongly suggest that you remain active here at TTF - both because we all value your insightful comments and because you probably will find that staying active at TTF will help you remain focussed on successfully reaching and then maintaining at your goal weight.
  20. Res Ipsa

    Seven Months

    Wow - great job with your weight loss! It is an amazing feeling to stop trying to avoid being in photos.
  21. Res Ipsa

    My 8th month surgiversary (on time for once!)

    Your success so far has been amazing! Dealing with the emotional issues related to becoming a lot thinner after weight loss surgery can be a bit unsettling (and even slightly scary) at first, but once you reach and maintain at your goal weight you will find that being thin, healthy and more active should become your new normal. Remember that losing weight after surgery is not like losing weight after a diet as you really can avoid putting the weight back on again if you are careful. Thus, from now on all of your summers should be "thin summers."
  22. Res Ipsa

    Hemorrhoids , ugh

    Yeah for you!! Are you going to stick with your 180 pound goal weight, or try losing more to see if your goal weight should be below 180 pounds?
  23. Res Ipsa

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    You should have gone over and introduced yourself to them by name, and then said "but you can call me by my nickname, which is slim." If you could pull that off, it would be amazing.
  24. Res Ipsa

    The upside of excess skin

    Yikes - what a story. I am very glad to hear that you are doing better.