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  1. Well, that kinda hurt.

    Welcome to the losers bench. Now you need to focus on sticking to your post op diet, drinking enough liquids, taking your vitamins and trying to lead a more active lifestyle. We are here to support you.
  2. I have not had this problem. Dizziness often is a result of some inbalance in your diet or in your blood levels. Also, remember that some medicines can cause dizziness, and that as you lose weight most medicines need to have their dosages adjusted to compensate for your smaller body. Are you meeting your liquid daily goals and taking your vitamins? Are you eating enough calories for your activity level? Have you had recent blood tests that showed normal results? If you take medicine, does that medicine have dizziness as a potential side effect, and have you changed medicines or dosages recently? I certainly would try to increase your liquid consumption to see if that helps.
  3. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    Welcome. As others have said, the pre op diet can be a little rough, but once you have the surgery you will find it amazing how much weight you can lose and keep off. The surgery helps you in the months after surgery develop a new long term "relationship with food" - in which food is not used as a refuge from being sad, bored, upset, or depressed. You will learn (hopefully) that unhealthy food is not your "friend" and that life as a healthy, thin, and more active person is truly wonderful. Remember that your surgery is a powerful weight loss tool, but in the end you will need to accept a more healthy lifestyle and diet in order to success in the long run. I tried almost every weight loss diet before my surgery and none of them worked for me in the long term, so I turned to having weight loss surgery. Once I had my surgery, my mantra was and remains "failure is not an option." I have never regretted having my weight loss surgery. We are here to support and inform you on your weight loss surgery journey. I look forward to welcoming you to the losers bench in a few days. Be sure to take a few pre-surgery photos of yourself, as they will be a sharp contrast to the photos of you once you lose your extra weight.
  4. 8 days out and struggling!

    If you have pre-surgery GERD, I do not why your surgeon recommended a sleeve. A sleeve usually makes GERD much worse, while having a gastric bypass resolves GERD issues.
  5. Protein Question

    FYI - Premier Protein Shakes do not require refrigeration, although they may taste a bit better when they are cold.
  6. Valerie jean

    Welcome - we are here to support you. By the way, there are lots of UK and former UK members here (not me, due to a little misunderstanding between Great Britain and Massachusetts in the 1770s...). On a much more serious note, I have never regretted having my gastric bypass, as it allowed me to become healthy, thin, active and so much more alive. I suggest that you read lots of posts all over the TTF boards, and then let us know if you have any questions.
  7. 8 days out and struggling!

    @scla How are you doing? We are here to support you. Unless there was a major problem with your surgery, it should get a lot better soon.
  8. Travel Tips?

    As ususal, I totally agree with the wise advice from @Stephtay, @Jen581791, @BurgundyBoy, @Cheesehead, @NerdyToothpick, @Aussie Bear, and @CheeringCJ. When I am on vacation my goals are to have a great time with my family/friends, focus on non-food events, and not worry too much about losing weight. By the way, don't forget to pack your vitamins as they can be hard to find abroad. I find it helpful to organize them into daily packets in small ziplock bags. I travel a lot and I have not found it hard to hit my protein levels. In Italy, if you go out to eat see if they can serve you a small piece of fish or chicken, some meatballs, or at least an antipasto plate with cheese and sliced meats. Soup is usually a good option, although it may not be high in protein. Try to avoid pasta, risotto, or bread as these items will fill you up in a non-nutritious way. Do not be surprised if you gain a few pounds, as when you travel the food tends to be high in salt. Just plan on drinking a lot of liquids when you get back, and the salt related weight should fall off quickly. Most of all enjoy your trip!
  9. Happy!

    Wonderful news, congratulations!! Your news has made my day!! Ane welcome to the "maintenance cafe" - there is seat waiting for you, just come on in and make yourself at home.
  10. What an amazing and transformative weight loss surgery journey you have had! Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. Now on to life in the "maintenance cafe"!!
  11. What a year can do

    Wow. Your weight loss, body transformation and health improvement are amazing and inspirational. You are living proof that weight loss surgery really can allow a person to totally change their body and their life. Thank you for sharing these photos.
  12. Pre surgery nervousness

    I'm betting that you celebrate your 80th too!!
  13. Pre surgery nervousness

    I worried about my surgery before the day of surgery, especially since it was the first time in my life that I would be under general anesthesia. But I worried far more about a heart attack or a stroke killing me at a younger age if I did not have weight loss surgery. I have never regretted having my gastric bypass - not once. We are here to support you, and to welcome you soon to the losers bench.
  14. BCBS CA PPO BMI Question

    I do not know the answers to your questions (sorry), but do not lose any weight until you are formally approved as you do not want to have your BMI get too low. Although I do not recommend it, some people have gained weight to qualify for weight loss surgery, or have put weights into their pockets when being weighed in order to increase their BMI.
  15. Free ICONIC cafe au lait protein shakes

    I have no interest in them, sorry, but I recommend that you try Premier Protein pre-mixed protein shakes. They are quite tasty (especially the chocolate flavor). You can find them at Costco,, and Walgreens.