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  1. Tea?

    I drink lots of iced tea and other drinks with caffeine every day without any problems. I was told no caffeine for three months after surgery, but that it was fine afterwards.
  2. My Progress So Far

    You look great!!
  3. Back from a long hiatus

    Welcome back - we missed you! In emotionally tough times, just maintaining your weight is a real victory. If you want to get into “onederland” I suggest that you go back to basics: lots of lean protein, lots of no or very low calorie liquids, take your vitamins and calcium every day, and cut back on carbs. The weight will come off. Remember that for most of us exercising has very little to do with weight loss - although exercise does improve overall health and body tone. We are here to support you.
  4. Newbie from London

    Great news!!! Welcome to the losers bench!!!
  5. Another newbie!

    Great news! You are getting closer and closer to the losers bench!! To be clear, weight loss surgery is not a "diet" - it is a very powerful weight loss tool that will allow you to lose all of your excess weight and keep that weight off. But the surgery is only a tool, and its ability to be successful in the long term totally depends on you developing after your surgery a new and life-long "healthy relationship with food" as well as a more healthy lifestyle. The "honeymoon period" in the 6-12 months after the surgery, when you cannot eat much and probably will have little or no appetite, will make it very possible for you to come to this new relationship with food. I strongly suggest that you come to TTF regularly (I come daily) to read posts and thereby gain support, information and inspiration.
  6. Sad news

    I share your anger even though I did not know any of the victims. We are always here for you.
  7. Note that if you have any form of health insurance it may still save you money. For example, even if your health insurance does not cover the sleeve surgery, it may still cover some of the related costs - such as blood tests, follow up appointments, etc. You may also be able to have the sleeve surgery billed to you at the health insurance cost rate - which is much much lower than the rate charged to people without insurance.
  8. Still no storm/snow in Boston, but the bad weather should arrive here at around 5 pm.
  9. Gastric Bypass Reversal

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. These prior posts may be of some help to you: You can use the search tool on the TTF web page to find more posts of interest. We are here to support you.
  10. a little frustrated

    Many people will notice the weight loss but not comment on it on the theory that one should not discuss another person's weight. My veterinarian called up my wife after I lost my weight to find out if I was OK. The vet was worried that my massive weight loss might be due to cancer!
  11. a little frustrated

    I agree with you - go back to the post-op diet that worked before. Also try drinking more liquids, increasing your protein, and being sure that you are staying active. The weight loss gremlins are a nasty bunch, but you will get through this and (in a few more months) reach your goal weight!
  12. Newbie from London

    Welcome to TTF Gladys! Pre-surgery nerves are totally normal, but very soon you will be through your surgery and on your way to becoming a thin, healthy and more active person! We are here to support and inform you on your weight loss surgery journey.
  13. Another newbie!

    Did they contact you? Have you had any meetings with the bariatric unit? Do you have any question for us? We are here to support you.
  14. Simply Amazing.

    I find it amazing to think how much food I used to eat in one sitting. I still enjoy the pleasure of eating tasty food, but I just eat so much less of it.
  15. Unintended experiment

    I like the chocolate PP shakes the best. The banana PP shakes have an odd artificial banana flavoring. The strawberry PP shakes taste just like Strawberry Quick flavored milk, which is not really to my taste. I find that a chocolate PP shakes is a great way to avoid being even slightly hungry for about 3-4 hours.