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  1. Welcome and great job so far! You should be in "onederland" fairly soon - let us know when you make it there! We are here to support you.
  2. You will find many posts on having a gastric bypass to treat weight regain by gastric sleeve patients in the Weight Loss Surgery Revisions board here at TTF: Note that many revisions are not due to weight regain, but instead to treat GERD which is a fairly common side effect of the gastric sleeve. We are here to support you.
  3. Our best thoughts and prayers are with you. Please continue to keep us updated on your progress.
  4. What you are describing is not normal and may indicate a problem with your surgery. Please call your surgeon on it. He/she may suggest that you have a barium swallow test to see what is causing your problems. We are here to support you.
  5. I think that you will have to reenter your stats. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Res Ipsa

    Hi guys

    I am so very sorry. These are unusually bad times for so many people. Hang in there and remember that we are here to support you (just like you have supported so many people here over the years).
  7. Res Ipsa

    Hi guys

    Trish and Jen, I am very sorry to hear that each of you have been having a rough time recently. We are here to support you. We live in a strange time and I fear that the virus will continue to shut most things down until the fall.
  8. Sierra, You can do it! And we are here to support you!! I fear that your surgery may get cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. You should make sure to check on Monday with your surgeon to ask if your April 2020 surgery is still on the schedule.
  9. Great job! My thoughts on this issue are here: We are here to support you.
  10. A milk diet before weight loss surgery seems totally bizarre to me. I have never heard of any doctor in the US advocating for a surgical patient to go on a milk diet, before weight loss surgery or indeed at any other time. On the off chance that your doctor is not up to date on the proper post-op diet, here are links to two weight loss surgery booklets with valuable and time-tested information from two of the best hospitals in the US on the post-op diet, vitamin regime, etc: Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx We are here to support you.
  11. Although I cannot help you with anything specific to weight loss surgery in Turkey, in general having weight loss surgery in another country to save money does raise certain issues. From what I can find on line, Mexico, Turkey and India are three popular places for people to have surgery outside of their home country. You should do as much research as you can to select your surgeon and medical clinic. While cost is important, surgery by an experienced and well-respected surgeon in a safe environment is far more important. You should also realize that you probably will have little or no follow up visits with your surgeon. Thus, you will need a physician in your home country to see with any follow up problems. You will need to travel with someone to Turkey, as you will be weak after your surgery and will need some help getting around. Finally, as you probably will not get information on the critically important issues of pre-op and post op diet, taking vitamins for the rest of your life, and how to eat after surgery (e.g., no drinking liquids with your meals), these two booklets from well respected US hospitals should be very helpful to you. Remember that without following a proper post-op diet your chances of losing your excess weight and keeping it off in the long term is very low. Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx We are here to support you.
  12. I am so very happy to hear that you are on a good path. Having times of stress when we eat outside of our normal food programs is totally fine, as long as we adjust back ASAP. During maintenance it is important to focus on the present and not dwell on the past. I totally love life living in rural northeastern Vermont, even though we still have a lot of snow on the ground. The air is clean and fresh, the people warm and neighborly, and the car traffic essentially non-existent. My golden retriever Seamus (who is now 11months old) is a wonderful dog - sweet, supportive and easy to be around. He gives me great joy.
  13. @Nana Trish - how are you doing? You remain in our hopes and prayers.
  14. @Rainvenezia - congratulations on your fabulous success at using weight loss surgery to become thin, healthy and active. You are an inspiration to us all! I am sorry that your weight loss resulted in the dissolution of your marriage. It sounds like your former husband could not handle your metamorphosis into an active and confident woman. As your posting notes, that woman always was in you (in your words "You will become a better version of yourself"), but it took the weight loss for her to come out. For other readers of this post, I should note that divorce is not inevitable after weight loss surgery. I remain very very happily married to my wonderful wife. We recently celebrated our 35th anniversary. She was, and remains, my best friend and my biggest supporter. I cannot image life without her.
  15. Buddy, Welcome back to TTF. Remember that what is important is not where you have been, but where you are going. We are here to support you (and your wife if she choses to join TTF).