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  1. I don't struggle with regain because I know how wonderful it is to be at my personal goal weight and no food (not even chocolate ) is worth regain. I still enjoy food - but I limit unhealthy foods and lead an active lifestyle. For me, I lived most of my life as an overweight person and my gastric bypass gave me a second chance at being at a normal weight and living much longer. Failure is not an option.
  2. My best advice is to try drinking no (or very low) calorie drinks whenever you feel the desire to snack, as this should fill you up, take away your appetite, and give you something to do that is not snacking. I like to drink the Bai and Vitamin Water Zero drinks, but unsweetened ice tea or water (perhaps with a twist of lime or lemon in it) will work fine too.
  3. Thank you for sharing how the past year has gone for you. Your success is an inspiration to us all!
  4. First of all, a broken condom does not necessarily mean that you will get pregnant. You may get pregnant or you may not, it depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle and luck. At five months out from sleeve surgery, your body has healed from the surgery and should be fully capable of carrying a pregnancy. So if you do get pregnant you should be able to carry the baby safely until birth (unless you have a condition that makes pregnancy dangerous). If you get pregnant you probably will need to take additional prenatal vitamins and the pregnancy obviously will necessitate having a revi
  5. Welcome back @CheeringCJ! I remember that you had many thoughtful posts and it is great to get an update. We remain here to support you on your weight loss surgery journey.
  6. Welcome. We are here to support and inform you on your weight loss surgery journey. I have never regretted having my gastric bypass.
  7. You are doing the right thing. We are here to support you. I have never regretted having my gastric bypass.
  8. Many weight loss surgeons tell their patients not to use gummy vitamins for safety reasons. Here is a post on this topic: In addition and even more importantly, gummy vitamins are not as comprehensive as adult chewable vitamins. You should compare what is in your gummy vitamins (and the Flintstones) with the adult chewable vitamin from CVS that I take: https://www-qa2.cvs.com/shop/cvs-health-spectravite-adult-50-chewable-tablets-prodid-328152
  9. Here is some solid information on this topic from one of the best hospitals in Boston (note that in the US gastric sleeve patients have the exact same post op guidelines as gastric bypass patients). We are here to support you. https://www.tuftsmedicalcenter.org/-/media/Brochures/TuftsMC/Patient-Care-Services/Departments-and-Services/Weight-and-Wellness-Center/GBP-Diet-Manual12611.ashx?la=en&hash=29F5FC8CE082A84BBD66A46335C50C23B8042A29
  10. In the psych evaluation the psychologist will be asking questions to ensure that weight loss surgery is appropriate for you from a mental health point of view. Although every psych evaluation is different, typical topics include the following: (1) if you have a mental illness are you treating it appropriately with medications, visits to therapist and/or physicians, etc., (2) do you have a positive support system in place (family, friends and (if appropriate) a therapist) to help you get through the stresses of weight loss surgery, and (3) are there other things in your life that might make su
  11. I agree with this dietician's core argument that everyone needs to have an individualized plan for how to avoid weight regain. For me the key points are eating a high protein healthy diet with occasional treats (like a cookie or a few potato chips) to prevent a feeling or being deprived, leading a physically active life, always having breakfast, and relying on eating foods that I love that also happen to be relatively healthy. But other people might find that eating a few potato chips a day would be a big mistake, as they would not stop and eat the whole bag or feel deprived when only a few
  12. That is wonderful news!!
  13. Welcome Melissa! We are here to support and inform you during your weight loss surgery journey.
  14. Welcome! I also am a guy, and I have never regretted having my weight loss surgery.
  15. Wow. Just wow. I am very impressed.
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