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  1. I use and really like the Aria 2 scale and - here is a link: You can buy the scale through Amazon. Once you link the scale to your WiFi (which can take a few minutes) everything works great (including the phone app).
  2. Res Ipsa

    8 months (and then some...)

    Your weight loss success and insights are amazing. Thank you for sharing them with us all. As your blog post notes, it is truly wonderful after you lose weight to be able to be active without quickly losing your breath.
  3. Res Ipsa

    Six Months Out and Hey from Italy!

    Great job so far! Enjoy Italy and get back on track as soon as you get home. We are here to congratulate, inform and support you.
  4. Res Ipsa

    Today was awesome!

    What a wonderful transformation you have had into a much more healthy, confident, happy, empowered and thin person. Time for a happy dance!!
  5. Res Ipsa

    Quotes To Live By!

    There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them. Andre Gide, author
  6. Res Ipsa

    In 5 days, I will be one year out

    Great news on the health front, and the photo of you is amazing. Your smile says it all and you're a real "skinny mini" now.
  7. As the annual Boston area TTF get togethers the past two summers have been a lot of fun, we are going to have another one this summer. It will be at 11 am on Saturday, July 28, 2018 at Castle Island Park on the South Boston waterfront. Everyone is invited! If you can make it (or have any questions), let us know by posting on this topic or by sending me a message. We will meet outside Sullivan's - which has very good food, including a lobster roll (I suggest that you eat the lobster and skip the roll ). Sullivan's is right next to the park's large (and free) parking lot. The views from the park of Boston Harbor, the City, and Logan Airport are amazing. More information on Castle Island can be found here: The park has a wonderful circular walk , as well as nice playground, a historic fort, and lots of open grass. It is a great place to view large and small ships, as the entrance to Boston's Harbor next to the park is quite narrow. Along with me (Res Ipsa - Geoff), tmcgee (Tom) and other TTF members will be there. We hope that lots of you (from Boston, New England or anywhere else) will join us!! It should be a lot of fun.
  8. Res Ipsa

    I got my surgery date!!!

  9. Res Ipsa

    Quotes To Live By!

    Only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, writer and philosopher
  10. Res Ipsa

    In 5 days, I will be one year out

    Wow, just wow. If anyone tells me that weight loss surgery is the easy way out, I will send them to you @Nana Trish. Your journey is so very amazing and inspirational. Thank you for being here at TTF with us, as we are all so much better to have you here as our colleague and friend.
  11. Res Ipsa

    2 weeks out - problem with water

    I have not had this problem, but for many of us both plain water and protein shakes can feel "heavy" in our stomachs. Try different flavors in your water - add a twist of lime or lemon to your water, add some Crystal Light of Mio drops to your water, or drink unsweetened iced tea (made with decaffeinated tea bags or herbal tea bags until you are allowed to have caffeine). The first few weeks after surgery can be rough, but it gets much better by the second month for almost all of us. Great job on the weight loss so far.
  12. Res Ipsa

    Gaining weight!!!

    Welcome! I echo the wise advice above from @cinwa. In addition, many people who have been in your position have found that doing the five day pouch test helps them reset their diet and get them back losing weight. You can find details about it here: We are here to support you.
  13. Res Ipsa

    Checking in and questions

    Great news on your June move into a new place! I have not had post surgery pains, so I can't be of much help to you on determining the cause of your intense pain. Hopefully, it is not caused by anything serious as you have already been through so very much. As always, our best wishes and prayers are with you.
  14. Res Ipsa

    A belated one year anniversary!

    Your success is both amazing and inspirational.