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    I am looking to do more outside activities like hiking, biking, running, walking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding. I don't have anything in common with any of my friends anymore because I no longer drink or party like I used to. Hopefully I will meet new friends on this journey who want to live healthy active lives like I do.
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  1. I've been thinking about the plastic surgery alot lately. I love the size of my body and the shape, just not the deflated raisin look, when i'm naked. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good naked! But I have a few more pounds to go and a car to pay off first.
  2. I had my surgery on 12/28/13 and I feel that i am out of the honeymoon phase, 15 lbs. from goal and i had alot of people on here telling me that it's not true. I'm really close to goal though so i think honeymoon or not those last few lbs. are going to be a bi**h
  3. My surgeon's office recommended no more than 20 g of carbs per meal, but that seems really high to me still as I eat 6 times a day! so I set my own limit to 60g per day.
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. I really do want to go to counseling but im on a waiting list Until then, i'm on my own. I do track in MFP every day fortunately, so I am at least being honest with my phone . Tomorrow is Day one of the 5-day pouch test to kick those carb cravings too.
  5. Dumping is a lot less common than you'd think from what i'm told... And I didn't eat it all that at once.
  6. My carbs really add up when I add stuff like this to my day. One of the "Popsicle" brand bars has 9g of carbs! Are there any fudge pops out there without quite so many carbs?
  7. I normally don't try to post stuff until i'm sure I can't find the answer by stalking previous posts, but I need help getting my act together. My Honeymoon solidly ended at 5 1/2 months out and the loss has been glacially slow since. I have recently let my head control my stomach way too often and it's been slowing down my weight loss even more. After fighting for over a month at 185-183 I got down to 178 and promptly, as usual, jumped right back up to 180. I got sooo frustrated and ended up having a cheat day where I munched on Chips, a slice of pizza, way too many cookies, and even a slice of cake! I can't tell myself NO anymore it seems like. If I see food there, like at work or something, I have SUCH a hard time telling myself not to eat it. The next day (Sunday morning) I was back up to 184. I feel so close, yet so far away from where I want to be. I did one day of the 5-day pouch test and was even heavier this morning at 184.4 (not much I know...) I know i sneak chocolate and bread sometimes, but in general I eat according to plan. I feel like even at 9 months one day of real binge eating wouldn't make me gain, right? Has anyone else gained weight for real before their one-year?
  8. ugh! was 178 the other day and jumped back up to 181. I feel like im always on a scale coaster ride. On the plus side im a size 12 these days!

    1. Zen_Steph


      I'm having the same problem, but I'm between 187-190 over the past near two weeks. I know it's a stall, so I'm not too hard on myself about it, but it sure takes the wind out of my sails sometimes. I'm sporting a size 12, feels great!

    2. Big Papa

      Big Papa

      I find that only weighing once a month keeps me from obsessing over the roller coaster that is normal and will happen.

    3. Shelbyelby


      Like Big Papa said, weigh yourself less frequently because you loose so much water weight and such throughout the day. Make sure you do it first thing in morning too, before you eat. :)

  9. This question has been on my mind as well lately, cant wait to see the responses. I don't follow my plan like I should right now but I am so close and have 3 months to my 1 year anneversary. I kinda thought I would be at goal by then but i WONT unless i cut out the things I shouldn't be eating like bread and goldfish crackers, and sometimes even a chocolate! not good!
  10. I loved savory stuff before surgery but afterwards, and after the liquid/puree phases, i developed a ridiculous sweet tooth. The worst part is I don't dump easily, at all. I've over done it with the carbs a couple times but my body is dangerously accepting of carbs and sugar. I hate it. It's surprising how tastes can change, and not always suddenly.
  11. There are some quest bars that I really enjoy.My favorites are the cookies and cream and the strawberry cheesecake. I found the cinnamon roll one to be really unpleasant though, personally.
  12. Does he have a younger brother
  13. I am definitely that person that's stinking up the office with my fish as well. It's just so widely available up here. But I work for a native corporation in Alaska so they are very tolerant, culturally, of fish. Gotta love 'em!
  14. These are definite pearls of wisdom for me. I had started smoking again as a coping mechanism and keep failing to quit. I'm definitely going to read this post when i quit this month and need something to concentrate on when im upset
  15. That's great! I have discovered the same love of simple, clean tasting food. I hope it doesn't end either. Some people say they hate stuff that they used to like, but I haven't noticed one junk food that i used to love appearing gross or un-tasty. I wish I did. I wish I dumped too to encourage me not to try them!