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  1. Make your own soups and blend to broth and strain off any "bits" left behind. Easy one is broccoli cheese soup. Just boil broccoli till tender and drain water to barely cover the broccoli. Then add some milk (canned milk is my favorite but whatever you have willwork). Note: I use equal parts of water and canned milk. Then add any cheese you like (grated chedder to lower fat velveta). I like to use a real grated cheese but just use whatever you like. Season to your taste. Blend and strain and freeze remainder in ice cubes for easy meals later. One of my favorites!!!
  2. Ok from one Starbucks addic to another: my vices were white mocha frappe and hot mocha.... Here is my solution and YOU can do this without any problems and that starbucks craving is satisfied: Hot Mocha: 1 cup hot coffee (your choice of caffeine, or decaf) 1 envelope of sugar free cocoa mix Sugar Free Cool Whip Stir and enjoy Mocha Frappé: Same as above only add ice and blend.
  3. Oh never mind, I just saw a recipes area. lol.
  4. Im going to start a place for healthier soup alternatives so all these WO derful ideas can be in one place. Y'all all come give advice on it.
  5. Oh I m 52 and my daughter is 28.
  6. Nicole, I had the sleeve surgery on November 6th and my daughter is having her sleeve surgery December 18th. We live in the Woodlands area but would love to be your buddy.
  7. Hello, I'm from The Woodlands and had sleeve surgery November 6th (12 days ago). I need friends who understand what I'm going through. Info about myself: I am 52 and married for 32 years now. I love to live my life to its fullest. I ride a Harley and love the open roads. I am retired as I sold my schools 10 years ago. I have raised my children to adulthood and currently have no grand children. But for the most part I'm just taking life as it comes and enjoying every new chapter in my life. I've turned the page and now writing this chapter and I know it is gonna be an amazing read.
  8. Hello, I am a TexasTexas gal and had sleeve surgery November 6th (12 days ago). I too need friends and others to chat with about our journies.
  9. Oh be careful when cooking with milk that you don't "scortch it" or it will ruin the entire pot of soup. I suggest you turn fire to med and add milk and cheese but continue to stir till all is melted.
  10. I really don't use recipes for soups. I have just been cooking from 3 years old with a chair pushed up to the stove. My Mom cooked "southern comfort" foods and she always said they have to come from your heart with love. But I can tell you the broccoli cheese is one on the yummiest and easiest to make. Take frozen broccoli and put in pan with salted water to boil. Cook the broccoli till it is done but not falling apart. Pour oit some water (leave enough to barely cover the broccoli. Put pot back on medium fire. Add milk (canned, whole, 2%, skim) but I used skim for healthier choice. (I never measured but i would guess like 1/4 cup of milk). Take the velveta cheese and cute into chunks into the pot with everything else. (Again I don't meause and depends on how thick you want the soup). Then serve to you family as is. Take out the portion you want to eat and put in your Vitamix and blend on highest speed I until only liquid is there. Now I uses 1/2 large frozen bag of broccoli and 1/2 of the large 2/3 less fat package of velveta cheese. I hope this helps. It is soooo easy to make and soooo tasty when you need that "savory homemake" meal.
  11. Such awesome news. Congrats!!!! Don't ever feel bad about the party girl time you had before knowing. It is what it is and you cannot turn back time. Don't dwell on it but enjoy every second of this precious time you have in growing your baby. May you stay happy, healthy, and party on without the booze or smokes. A party girl like you is fun to be around even without any type of drug.
  12. Congrats! Soooo happy for you.
  13. I am 12 days out of surgery and I am still learning what to eat and how much. I am on full liquids and at first I thought (my brain thought - not my stomach) I was starving to death. Now I actually have an alarm on my cell set for every 2 hours - 6 times a day. I then go in and eat 1 ounce of liquid protein (actual liquid protein, pinto bean soup, broccoly chesse soup, pudding, yogurt...) and since I've been making all my food myself it is like I'm really eating. I made broccoli cheese soup yesterday and put it into my Vitamix and blended until it was complete liquid but the homemade real food taste was what I was craving. Soooo now I am actually cooking and making family meals that my family love and I take some and liquify and freeze in ice cube trays for fast easy 1 ounce protein intake later. I no longer feel hungry and feel more satisfied since I'm eating the same thing as my family. Note that i used skim milk in place of the fatty canned milk and 2/3 less fat velveta cheese. My family did not even realize I cut out so much fat as they gobbled it down cause its one of our very favorite "comfort food" meals.
  14. Hi, I'm Gayle and new to this forum. I had gastric sleeve surgery on November 6th, 2013. (12 days ago).