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  1. Hi, i am 35yrs young and a seven year lapband vet. I am in the middle of my 3rd IVF cycle. With this cycle i am expiriencing some issues with my band. I am super tight in the morning and most of the day it is fine. But today it has been tight all day today that the only thing thats 's going down are my protein shakes. If i continue have this issue i am going in for an unfill. Does anyone have expirience with IVf and lapband.
  2. I am 3 weeks out of my 2nd fill and all of a sudden i am hungry but my band feels so tight I cant get my breakfast down. I tried warm tea first then eating much later doesnt work but i can eat after 12. So I have been replacing breakfast with protein drinks but i want food. Miss food so bad! Thanks for reading. Happy New Years!
  3. It was no biggie for me cooked all morning and sat and had dinner with the family in the evening. Found some really good recipes from a wls cookbook and I could eat whatever I wanted. I stuck to my allowed food measurements and did fine. I am 6 years out and this was the easiest thanksgiving thus far. I didn't gain any weight and actually had a good time.
  4. I had my surgery Feb 6,2007. I was 29 yrs old weighed 238 lbs. I did so much research and I was originally going with the bypass but got too scared. So I got the lapband instead. I had no support system at home, But I had a great doctor and his office staff. I had all my questioned answered and so much guidance. I wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for their support. I am 6 years out and didnt need an adjustment for 4 yrs. I had hit my goal of 155. I had a car accident and had to have surgery a year ago and with no physical exercise I have gained 30 lbs. I got myself back on track and got a fill and I am relearning how to use my band again. I hope to learn new strategies and recepies and make new friends that understand. I hope to meet you soon.