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  1. I have PCOS, and I am nearly 9 months out from surgery. My facial hair is the same, but I finally have the courage to give sugaring a try, thanks to a good esthetician's advice (i'll get some before and afters with time apart). I can say the weight loss has greatly improved my energy levels. My period is also very regular, every 28 days on the dot.... I was only getting maybe 3-5 periods a year before, for over a decade. My hormone levels are much better, that dirty testosterone that use to be high is now much lower, almost in the normal range. I have been really strict with myself, on all postop guidelines, and I think that has made the largest difference in success. Losing that weight really makes it happen, not the hair so much.... And I know, my bloodwork is better now than it was on hormone therapy to get pregnant, by a long shot.
  2. I can understand that, my husband watches the food network every night after the kids are in bed. I love the ideas, and even though I have no real hunger, my brain buzzes all night.
  3. I went to the grocery store and realized, wow my jeans keep slipping. I usually wear lounge clothes with ties around the house so I don't notice inches gone. I know I've donated some clothes to family members because they seemed a bit baggy.So my NSV is; I came home and got into my dream clothes dresser and I put on a 16w! I haven't gotten this size on in over 10 years.... I feel so proud. (And the smallest size I could get into was all 22-24 or 3x back in April)
  4. Jolls is right....YOU TUBE. netflix use to have some.
  5. Twisted4Yoga


    I got a tall skinny vanilla latte the other day, after no coffee for a month. It was heavenly, and then I was buzzing around my house cleaning like a wee bee. My teenager and husband were teasing me, but boy did my house look great
  6. Hi Giant! I am doing great, 2 weeks post op. I have been so busy sipping and with my vitamin schedule I haven't been on much. I get to start cardio, and back at the gym next week. I have hit a plateau and gained 2 pounds, but no worries as I am sure it will come off. I do look forward to taking pill vitamins vs the liquid because everything is so nasty sweet. I hope everyone is doing great.
  7. I had my surgery yesterday, came home today! Feeling pretty good. The surgery was a lot easier than a tummy tuck or childbirth in my opinion. I'm going to start counting liquids and protein tomorrow. Glad my husband is home this week to help. Thank you everyone for your kind words and support I know everyone says it, but I should have done this sooner. My anticipated fears were out of hand. I am glad to be on the Loser's Bench. I can feel the bike I saw in a local shop calling my name
  8. Instead of a goal weight, the surgeon had us pick 10 goals that we'd like to accomplish. Those motivate me more than the scale.
  9. Ok, so I'm scheduled tomorrow. I am so nervous... Anticipation is the worst! I have packed my pj's, slipper socks, chapstick, phone, crayons, and a coloring book. I was going to pack my cross-stitch stuff but I don't need needles and morphine together. Other than a million things, mostly what-ifs running through my head, I am very thankful AGAIN for this site and the people here, my awesome household, and supportive family. I am ready for this, just nervous.... The positive possibilities by far outweigh the concerns. Someday my knees and back won't hurt, I'll have enough energy to play with my kids/future grandkids, I'll be able to do the things I've missed (hiking, camping, rock-climbing, cycling), I won't have to worry about weight limits when buying furniture, and I will boot at least part of PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome out of my life.
  10. Good Luck! Today is my last day! Time flies, just take it one day at a time.
  11. Hey CeresCyan!!!! How are you doing ???