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  1. I am 8 years lost op from RNY and having an extremely difficult time. Last year (2016) after having extreme fatigue, fainting spells, racing heart beat, some tachycardic issues, whole body jitters/shakes, I was diagnosed with having Iron Deficient Anemia. Extremely low ferratin levels warranted 2 IV Injecatfer iron infusions. After 3 weeks, I felt fantastic and have felt great for over a year. Several weeks ago I started feeling all the same symptoms as before. My Hematologist did lab work but my ferratin levels were "within normal range" despite having dropped almost 40 points in 3 months. Since I was symptomatic, they approved another of iron infusion. I started to feel slight improvement of my symptoms after 5 days, but then all of those symptoms returned with a vengeance. My Hematologist is positive my symptoms are not from my IDA. I have seen every specialist to rule out other issues. Everything has been deemed ok. I went back to my PCP and he ordered a ton of lab work, including a 4 hour GTT. I had that done 3 days ago. It was absolutely awful. I was having uncontrollable jitters, severe cold sweats and my eyes started to dialate. The nurse on staff at the lab almost called 911. PCP called today to tell me that I have severe Hypoglycemia and that is what is causing all of my dizziness, lightheadedness, shakiness and fainting. He is positive changing to a low-glycemic diet will fix it. The concern I have is that those symptoms are pretty much constant 24/7. If I am lying down or sitting with neck support, i usually feel better. Is it possible to have hypoglycemia symptoms CONSTANTLY, or is this not a true hypoglycemia diagnosis?? I have not noticed any increase in symptoms before or after i eat. I pretty much feel lightheaded and like i am going to pass out all of the time. I am thinking maybe a copper deficiency, which results are still pending. Or is it a nasty combination of Iron Deficient Anemia, hypoglycemia and another vitamin deficiency?? I am supposed to see a Nutritionalist at the hospital this week. Would it be better to see a specialist that works with gastric bypass patients or an endocrinologist? Or is there someone else I should seek out? (I have already seen a neurologist, opthamologist, ENT, gastroenterologist, etc) 4 hour GTT results: Fasting: 79 1 hour: 105 2 hour: 40 (lab repeated the test to verify results) 3 hour: 67 4 hour: 83 My hgbA1C was normal at 5.4 Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. monthly weight loss pics

  3. ~*~October 2008 Staplers~*~

    I just found this thread too! I had my surgery on Oct 14, 2008 with Dr. Callery! ~Rebecca
  4. Rebecca, Thanks for the encouragement !!!... I did meet with them and all went well and you are right.. 3 prescriptions!!.. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 20th. I'm ready, I think. I have been walking every night and have lost 5 lbs. They would like me to loose as much of the 20 lbs I have gained from quiting smoking. I'll do my best.. Take care and thanks for replying ~ Deedra

  5. Hello Mestali, I am having my pre op with Dr. Callery and Kelly today. What happens at the pre op with them??