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  1. I went to 13 different doctors before deciding and I had price quotes from $5,500 to $11,000. I went w/ Dr. Berman because he made me feel the most comfortable and he seemed to most knowledgeable. Best of luck to you! I'm so pleased w/ my results and I know you will be too!
  2. I've heard about silicone scar tape. They both work, just depends on your preference I guess. Congrats and GOOD LUCK! I will admit that the surgery hurt a lot more than I was expecting. But it's WELL WORTH IT!
  3. Thank you. My doctor recommended ScarGuard. He said Mederma isn't as effective because it must be applied several times throughout the day and very often, you will skip applications (just from forgetting or being too busy at work to step away and apply it). ScarGuard only needs to be applied twice daily (morning and evening). He said his patients have had a lot of success using ScarGuard. I bought a 1oz bottle this afternoon and will use it for the first time tonight. From previous operations, my scars seem to heal REALLY well. So overall, I'm not really worried about scarring. But I figure using ScarGuard can only help, so why not? What's a BL and a BA? That's great! How soon do you plan to have surgery?
  4. So I finally had my breasts done!! I love them!! I had a lift w/ an implant put in. I went w/ silicone gel implants instead of saline because they feel much more realistic and natural. Plus, they are not like old school silicone liquid implants that could leak. I went w/ Dr. Keith S. Berman (he's really fabulous)! So for a lift w/ saline implants, the price was $6,500. But I had a lift w/ silicone gel implants, which was $7,500 ... and well worth every penny! My breasts look better than they did when I was 15 years old. I went from a small B cup to a small D cup. My doc also made my aerolas (the skin around the nipple) smaller. Honestly, he really did an incredible job! I'm thrilled w/ the results. I went for my 1 month check-up today and, according to my doc, everything is healing beautifully. My boyfriend loves my new boobs. He said to me the other night, "OMG baby, you have porn star boobs" hahaha My doctor has an office in Staten Island (where he performs the surgery) and an office in Manhattan. I highly recommend him!! I give him 2 thumbs up, plus 10 toes up lol
  5. Yes, I eat all of those things ... but I'm not sure how the 5 day pouch test would work with them.
  6. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a long time but I'm on here every day. I'm interested in doing the 5 day pouch test, just to tighten my control with snacking. I haven't gained any weight back (thank goodness). I just want to keep my pouch nice and tight -hence, the 5 day pouch test. My only concern is I'm a vegetarian. So I'm not sure what to eat on days 3, 4 and 5 of the 5 day pouch test. Any thoughts? Yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, etc.? I actually am in the process of going vegan, so I'm really trying to avoid any and all dairy right now (which would nix yogurt, unless it's coconut yogurt, and cottage cheese from the list of acceptable foods that I can eat). Pleeeeeeeeease help!!
  7. OMG YES, it's way better!! I do bruise VERY easily (on my knees, my hip bones, my upper thighs, even my butt LOL) but it's sooooo worth it. I count every bruise as a badge of enjoyment lol
  8. BTW, not sure why 2 of the pictures came out blurry - sorry!!
  9. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a looooooong time but I just wanted to share some recent "after" pics. For some reason, I can't post my before pics. Maybe I saved them wrong on my computer? I'll have my hubby try to post them when I get home tonight. The first bunch of pics are of me (and my adorable hubby) at the Zoo. Then there's 1 or 2 of me at a wedding and then one of me with my sister (I'm in the blue).
  10. I LOVE BIKRAM YOGA! I do it 3 times a week, plus I work out at the regular gym (cardio and weights), walk my dogs every nights (about 30-40 minutes) and do exercise tapes - I like variety. BIKRAM ROCKS!!!!!!!!
  11. Were you able to find out which operation you had? I hope he clears up this confusion asap! Good luck to you.