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  1. Hi there, So, I am approaching month 10....hard to believe. I have lost 91 lbs. 91! I went from a size 24 down to a 10. What a ride.... My questions are: 1. How much longer do GBP patients lose weight? One year? A year and a half? What is typical? 2. If I get sick and need an antibiotic, do I need to tell the doc about the surgery? Is absorption of the antibiotic an issue? 3. do you know if you have one? Thank you so much!!!! Liz
  2. Hi All... I am a bit over 5 months post op. My doc put me on protonix to help with the lack of acid production and I was supposed to be on in only for the first three months after surgery. Four days after stopping the meds, I felt very, very ill. The doc said it was from the acid and that I needed to go on protonix again. Has this happened to anyone out there? Is it possible to need to be on the protonix for life or will things adjust?
  3. So, who do you share your personal business about weight loss surgery with? I have told just my mother and a few close friends...but people at work keep asking me how I am losing weight. Am I being untruthful by not sharing? It is my business, right?
  4. Lizzyloo

    Hair loss! OMG!

    Hi guys... I am in the same boat! I will be bald in a month at this rate.....UNREAL!
  5. Lizzyloo

    Mentor or Buddy in northern Virginia?

    Hi Everyone in VA! I am officially 3 months post op! A few comments... 1. It does get easier!! The first week after surgery was bad, but the weeks beyond that were worse for me. There was a definite "mental recharge" I needed to go through. My head still wanted to eat lots, my body physically couldn't any more. That took some adjusting! Sometimes, I still mourn the loss of my ability to eat the entire burrito bowl at Chipotle, but a quarter of it is all I can handle. Now, I sometimes prepare something to eat, then way I could eat it all. It helps when as the weight comes off, but there is a mental component that we all need to struggle with. It does get easier.... 2. The water! Biggest struggle is getting it all it. I am good M-F when I am at work and have a routine. I bought two 32 ounce bottles. One I take to work and finish by the end of the day...the other I work on when I get home. For some reason, this system doesn't work on the weekends so I constantly try to get the water in. 3. Weight loss....It happens! It takes time, and there are stalls, but it slowly but surely starts to come off. I am not patient, and I wish it could be all gone, but the doc told me after surgery it takes 18 months. So, I follow the rules, be patient, and try to not get mad when I stall. Walking helps. 4. I feel SO MUCH BETTER than I did before! No more pain in my knees. Good luck to those of you who are going to have the surgery soon! Check in if you need us!
  6. Thank you everyone for this post! I had my surgery on Dec. 16. Dropped about a pound a day...then NOTHING. I am going on day 8 with not losing a thing. I know/read it is normal. But is is SO FRUSTRATING!!! I find it impossible to believe with the ridiculously small amount of food that I eat, that the weight doesn't continue to come off. UGG!!
  7. Hi all, So....64 oz of water is quite the chore for me! Sometimes it makes me feel sick, too. Any suggestions for getting all of the water in OR/AND for making the water taste better or go down easier?? Thanks!
  8. Lizzyloo

    Reston? Dr. Fitzer?

    Ready2loose, Your comment "made it out alive" made me chuckle. I agree with your review. He isn't warm and fuzzy and it irritates me sometimes that we don't see much of him....but he did an excellent job with my surgery and that is really all that matters!
  9. Lizzyloo

    Reflecting on Week 1

    Hi Friends, Today marks 1 week post op for me. I have a few comments/questions. The surgery went fine but afterwards I was surprised to be able to sip larger sips than I expected. Before I was released, the doc gave me a scary talk about death occurring after gastric bypass.....due to popping the pouch with either too much food or inappropriate food. SCARED ME TO DEATH. So, once the gas pains kicked in, I figured I had only moments to live. That lasted for a few days. Constant panic caused by the darn gas trying to escape. Good news though.... I survived so far! I was on liquids and protein shakes (yuck) last week. This week, I get to add mashed potatoes and cottage cheese, and yogurt. Much better. I do worry about the protein.....I know I have some wiggle room until I am supposed to be at the recommended amount...but it will definitely be a challenge for me. Questions so far... When will I feel hungry again? What is average weight loss for the first month? I know everyone is different. It is surprising to read through the forum and see the variety of post op diets. Interesting.
  10. I just got approved on Friday (Dec 14) and I go in for surgery on Monday morning (Dec 16). I just want to say how incredibly helpful this forum is. Anything I am worried about, someone else had/has the same worries. Or concerns. Or fears. Or joys. It is so comforting knowing there are others out there who are on or who have been on this path. Wish me luck!
  11. Lizzyloo

    Reston? Dr. Fitzer?

    Anyone have surgery at Reston in Virginia? Comments? Suggestions? Overall opinion?
  12. Lizzyloo

    Aetna Anyone?

    I got approved! It took 10 days! Surgery is Monday morning!
  13. Lizzyloo

    Just starting in Virginia!

    Shrinkingwaterlily, Dr. Fitzer in Reston is my surgeon.
  14. Lizzyloo

    Aetna Anyone?

    Hi all, Well, I am 100% ready for my surgery scheduled for Monday, Dec 16...with one minor detail missing...the "yes" from insurance (Aetna). I am supposed to start the liquid diet tomorrow and be at Reston Surgical Center on Monday morning at 6 am. I am really, really nervous!! Why does it take insurance so long? I have called insurance directly to check and I just get "its pending" as an answer or "I see the nurse made notes" I am starting to get a bit down.
  15. Lizzyloo

    Aetna Anyone?

    Hi there! I am FREAKING! My surgery is scheduled for December 16. The claim was submitted for precertification last Tuesday....a week ago. I am supposed to start prepping with the liquid diet on Friday...days from now...but I am not sure I will have the go ahead from Aetna by then. I have been calling them every evening and politely checking the status. Tonight, the woman said, "it is in review. I see notes from the nurse." Now I am freaking out, thinking "what kind of notes?" "Are they notes trying to not approve me?" "Are they going to ask me for more testing, etc?" UGG!!! To make this entire process more stressful....I am a teacher and I had every day planned out through Monday (surgery). We had two snow days this entire schedule is messed up! Have I said "UGG" yet???