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  1. I have been following this blog for my liquid and pureed stages....check out her links...they helped me a lot. She has been very successful long term.
  2. Most of what you will eat during the mushy stages will be like sliders...meaning they will slide right through the pouch with little resistance. Hence you will be able to eat more of a slider than you will when you get to denser food choices like meats and vegetables. Don't judge what you can eat by these foods. I noticed I could eat more of the sliders than dense protien. When you start eating real food, you will feel the restriction. Until then follow your program. By the way, my dietitian and surgeon have no problem with potato, cream of wheat or oatmeal during the mushy soft food stage either. They say it is okay since we are not getting much as it is, and it is more important to heal at this point...mushy foods don't irritate new pouches. Although for the first two weeks I was only allowed liquids....But, programs are not doing anything wrong :-) What you are feeling is normal.
  3. OMG, these moon cheese things look awesome!!!
  4. Typically they don't want you lifting anything more than a gallon of milk until you are 6 weeks out. You could tear incisions internally. You will be feeling good enough to go to work about 3 weeks out...sometimes 2 weeks out...really depends on your pain tolerance.
  5. I was the same way. Revised to bypass mainly because of PCOS. Really happy so far. I'm sitting here just over a month out drinking coffee after eating eggs and grits...1/4 cup total...feel full and satisfied :-) I was able to go hiking yesterday and was able to keep up with hubby and my kiddo without panting. And then I still had energy when I got home to clean the house and make dinner....that would have been impossible before. Sometimes my husband looks at me as if he can't believe it is the same person! Haha! So yes, there is life after surgery. More life if anything!
  6. I second looking for a "Bariatric Centers of Excellence". They will have the best will know for sure they know their stuff. Don't be afraid to ask your surgeon how many he/she has done, or what complications they have seen. You have that right as a patient to know.
  7. I was able to have coffee 3 weeks surgeon said there was no problem with it at that point. I can tell you, you will feel different towards food after the surgery. I find I am no longer hungry. I no longer crave the bad stuff. I have to remind myself to eat something. I no longer get the jitters if I dont eat. I am no longer bitchy because I am eating low carb. So, there is more going on after surgery than just will power. The tool works in mysterious ways...but it does work! The only thing you may have to deal with is head hunger...I was worried about that one, but finding it hasn't been a problem so far. I honestly believe they will find one day that obesity is the cause of something malfunctioning in our bodies. It is not the lack of willpower, or laziness...that is just what society wants to label obesity. That is not what is going on. I cannot tell you how many times I have dieted, exercised till I was about to pass out, and criticized myself in the mirror for not being able to do what society claimed was so "simple" and easy. IT was never simple or easy for me. Something in my body fought it. Doctors told me it was PCOS. Well, whatever it was, it is no longer fighting me, and I finally feel like I can do this! It is scary...but these surgeries are now done all the time. The surgeons have perfected their craft. It isn't as bad as it seems once you are through the gauntlet and on the other side.
  8. I have the patches for the vitamins I gag on...and take barimelts for the rest.
  9. I'll have to ask the doctor about getting some...I did take a Unisom last night, and it knocked me out, and I slept! Had vivid dreams. I'm hoping I don't have to take them every night...I notice I'm worse on the days I workout the most. You would think it would be opposite! I see this is a problem with some after these surgeries. I read it could be because we are in ketosis? Who knows...
  10. The program is on my phone I am on "soft foods" for another week and then normal foods! I can still only eat one scrambled Still eating about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of food...the denser it is, the quicker I am full. My mind still has trouble looking at servings...compared to what I can actually eat. I always have leftovers. I have eaten out..I get scrambled egg made to order at breakfast places...they give me a weird look, like "Thats all you want?!" I have gone to the bottomless soup and salad places...and only eat half of each...and again get the weird look when they come to "Refill" it...they never have to. Pintos and cheese at taco bell....good stuff. So there are things we can eat...we just have to be selective. I hope the weight keeps falling off...I always get worried before stepping on the scale...then am shocked at the number and have to get off and on again to make sure it is right!
  11. Well, my goal weight is 125...I used to think that was a pipe dream to get to that weight, but I can see it happening now! I used to be a runner, and would love to pick it back up again. I have been doing a walking program that goes into the C25K program....I want to get up to at least the 10K...and maybe do a tough mudder or spartan race someday. How fun would that be?!
  12. Why are you afraid of the bypass? I had the revision from band to bypass the same day exactly 1 month ago and couldn't be happier! It feels more natural. I no longer have "Stuck" episodes. I can eat eggs, chicken and lettuce...and this is being just on soft foods. I couldn't eat any of these things with the band in. The band caused shoulder pain any time I had was horrible. The band caused sliming, and would make my esophagus so irritated I couldn't swallow my own spit. When I went in after the umpteenth fill after an unfill, and couldn't swallow, they told me I needed a revision. I had originally leaned toward the sleeve, but after research changed my mind and went for the bypass. I have PCOS, reflux and insulin resistance. The bypass is supposed to relieve these symptoms. The first thing I noticed after surgery was the shoulder pain was gone! I can swallow small pills without having to crush them. I can eat without the constant stuck face. And the best part is I am down over 30 pounds in one month. The weight loss is faster, and it just feels better. The only thing you need to keep up on is vitamins...and I have no problem doing that. I feel great right now! No more constant hunger, no more jitters or fog brain. When I eat, I get pleasantly full quickly, and know when to stop...with the band it was a crap shoot. Leaks can be more of a danger with a revision...more so with the sleeve because of the long staple line and where your scar tissue is with the band. Not saying not to go for the sleeve, but be aware of these things...some surgeons prefer the bypass after a band for this reason. It will all depend on how it looks when they go in. I was kept in the hospital for 4 days just to make sure there were no leaks...I was fine! All I can say is do your research...look at success rates after revisions like ours, and figure out which one your gut says to go with. The band failed us...not the other way around...I know that now after feeling what it is like to have a different surgery...the band was hell. The bypass feels so much better! (The first couple weeks is a bit painful...but I swear the band was worse recovery wise). I mean, I can lay on my stomach without wincing because of that damn! I went in scared to death...but I'm starting to think it is the best thing I have done.
  13. One month surgiversary: HW: 250 SW: 246 CW: 216!!