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  1. Tummy Tuck before and after pics.

    Wow, that looks amazing! So, now that a decent amount of your swelling and drainage is gone, how many pounds do you think you had removed? Did you have any lipo as well? I'm looking at a full tummy tuck with lipo on the hips and bra line.
  2. Starting Over

    Good for you for committing to get back on track!
  3. My Fitness Pal Premium

    Has anyone upgraded to the Premium MFP version? Is it worth it? What features in the premium version do you use?
  4. I was there one night-I opted to go home but should have stayed a second night. If I had to do it all over again, I'd stay in a heartbeat.
  5. Please I need help with my carb and sugar cravings

    I'm right there with you one this one...I am battling sugar and carb cravings so intensely right now. Hang in there!
  6. Toast?

    I was on antibiotics for some dental drama I was going through. Four different antibiotics for a combined period of 6 weeks. My stomach was a MESS! I started adding in probiotics to my smoothie each morning and it's helped immensely. I used the little GoodBelly shots (small size) of juice and added it to my frozen fruit, plain yogurt and protein powder. I used them consistently as my liquid base for about 2 weeks and I'm back to normal. Hope you see some relief soon!
  7. I talked to my doctor this week about what's been going on. He seems to think I just need to take a gel pack Gatorade thing after I work out to increase my sugars and give me additional electrolytes. He also wants me tested for seizures, but he thinks that's most likely not the case. He and my PCP are supposed to chat on Monday-I'll give another update once I hear back.
  8. GERD

    Protonix is a life saver for me. I'd never survive without it. My doc scoped me looking for a stricture and/or hernia. He found a very small stricture and opened it up. He said that GERD effects a small amount of people this late post op and the real only relief is to convert to a bypass surgery. As I'm happy with my weight loss and have no desire to go through surgery and the first 2 months post op again, I'm not going that route. I'll stay on Protonix for the rest of my life instead of doing that.
  9. That's an interesting thought. I'll ask Dr. Chae when he calls me. I would be very surprised-I've lived at 10,500 for almost 16 years. But, you never know...
  10. I drink a ton of water. I have a 32 ounce Camelback Edie that travels with me all day long. I typically fill it 3 times a day and then have multiple glasses of water from a regular pint glass as well. I don't think I'm not getting enough water, but am def going to be more aware over the next few days/weeks to double check that my kids are not drinking out of my water bottle or anything.
  11. Blenders/food processors?

    I have a ninja. Cost about 250 from kolhs. Has all the bells and whistles and its huge! I don't keep it on my counter, I keep it in my pantry and take it out daily.
  12. GERD

    I cannot edit from my iPhone-I take 40mg of Protonix
  13. GERD

    I'm 18 months out and have it badly. I take 40mg daily. I struggle the most at night so I take it right before I go to bed. If I take it in the morning it wears off in the middle of the night and I wake up be of bile.
  14. Sleep medication?

    I'm an ambian fan. I have a scrip for 5mg and I break them in half.
  15. I never sweat. Not even damp. I'm baffled as well.