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  1. I am an Np and a D 1,25 is the standard test All the specialities,, including the PCP’s are ordering it.
  2. My Surgeon wanted 50 to 60 grams of protein a day.
  3. Congrats on having a successful surgery. my surgeon and nut wound have yelled at me for such low protein. Don’t worry about good fat. dont count calories. most of us have failed on calorie counting diets. You really need more protein. Blend in a plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with your shakes. I eat a lot of eggs. Hard boiled and then mushed with a little Hellman mayo. I also mix tuna with a hard boiled egg and pickle relish. Make your shakes into pudding for a bed time snack. Protein is the most important piece of your diet now. Best

    As a former athlete, I slipped on the wet railing getting out out of the pool. I had a big meet in 2 days. My trainer, got a bucket filled with ice and cold water and put my foot in the ice bucket. After screaming, I kept my foot in there for 10 to 15 inutes every hour. In those days , at least at Ohio State, the trainers lived in the same dorm. The swimming trainer, woke me up every hour to plunge my foot into almost freezing water. I was an unhappy camper but in 24 hours the swelling was all gone, and at 48 hours, I had no pain in my ankle. I felt inspired and thankful and took 3 golds, 2 individual, 1 in a 4 individual. It was hard to withstand the freezing water but well worth it.

    I was addressing my message to anyone and everything. I don't care who reads them. What I was trying to do is provide information and provide a little encouragement and maybe a little information. I am not on here often, but nice to "talk to you.
  6. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Type 1 diabetes cannot be cured by anything. Type 1 diabetes can only be controlled by insulin. In a few experimental procedures at the Joslin diabetes center, cadaver pancreas transplants have been put into people with type. 1. It is still early to know whether this a viable option. there are 4 types of Type 2 diabetes: 1. Type 1- total lack of native insulin from pancreas. 2. Type 2- The body makes insulin but the insulin becomes " resistant" to drug therapy. Most Type 2's wind up on insulin because their native insulin becomes totally resistant. Type2-----gestational. Develops in pregnant women. Pregnant diabetics can only be treated with insulin. The diabetes goes into remission sometime after delivery. About of 70 % of women who develop diabetes during pregnancy will develop regular Type 2 later in life. Type3..... chemical diabetes. Develops while a patient is taking medicine such as steroids. The diabetes will go away after the drug is stopped. weight loss surgery never "cures" diabetes (type 2). It only puts it into remission. :

    Speak to your pcp about having a bone density scan. bone loss can occur earlier than research used to say. are you on calcium?
  8. New to Thinner Times :)

    Cold cooked shrimp and tilapia were my "go to" foods early on and I still eat a lot of fish. Most varieties of fish and shellfish are packed with protein. i also make shrimp scampi a lot. My husband gets his over pasta. I put mine over zucchini swirls. i also put red sauce over the zucchini swirls with meatballs and or sweet Italian sausage . Yum.
  9. New to Thinner Times :)

    Call your surgeon or someone else on the surgical team. You know your body and if something doesn't feel right call your surgical team. They want you to succeed.
  10. Got my Surgery Date

    Follow your surgeons instructions, not advice from other people. If you have questions, call The surgeons office. They have a bunch of people on the team.They are working for you and want you to succeed.
  11. 1-week post-op

    Call your doctor. You may be on the way to dehydration.
  12. Favorite Books?

    Michael Connelly. Harry Bosch series Lee Child. Jack reacher series john Sanford. Lucas Davenport series and the Virgil flowers series catherine coulter. FBI series will give you more but my brain is clogged right now.
  13. Just checking in to let you know I am still alive which is a good thing.

    I am not adjusting well to chronic pain. Hubby not so supportive.

    A corrective surgery( # 5 I think ) did not go well I may need #6.

    for those who don't know me the surgeries were all orthopedic related to work related injuries.

    will write more later 


    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Thank you so much for checking in.  I am very sorry that you need more surgery, and that your DH is not very supportive.

    2. Spunkycat
  14. Questions and Wonderings

    If you have a bypass, it is essential to take your vitamins daily as prescribed. Gastric bypasses are more likely to have vitamin deficiencies than sleeves. Also make sure you go to all your follow up appointments. Best wishes...
  15. Leaks - Why?

    I don't know if there is any reliable way to predict who will get a leak. what criteria is he using to determine if you are developing a leak? your length of stay is way longer than the majority of people. my surgeon doesn't even do the after surgery swallow test any more. He has done close to 4000 sleeves and has had 1 leak. He wants patients home and learning how to manage their new post weight loss life in your real life. best wishes.... i certainly would
  16. Postural Hypotension

    Drink one cup of full salted chicken broth daily.
  17. My taste buds change regularly.For instance, my last change was that plain water made me sick. I lived on Tang drops. Suddenly I couldn't tolerate thatand now I only want water and gulp down 3 to 4 bottles a day
  18. 6 days post op

    Never have had a good sleep schedule so I am used to housecleaning at 3 am
  19. Follow your surgeons instructions.

    if you have questions about anything after surgery call your surgeon.

    everyones journey is different, so don't compare yourself to others. Get rid of your"trigger foods" in your house.if food things are unopened, they can be donated to a local food bank.

    sip, sip, sip

    walk, walk, walk

    1. Alexa21


      Thank you Spunkycat yes sip sip sip & a lot of walking 

  20. panic attacks?

    My psychiatrist put me on klonopin.if you take any time released meds they will have to be changed to short acting because of not being allowed to swallow pills after surgery for a period of time.
  21. Sleeve advil

    If this is menstrual pain ask your GYN if there are other sltnatives. If you do take Advil, take the lowest dose for the shortest time period anddlways take it with food ( taking with milk is not good enough). best...
  22. Surgery question

    Discuss with your surgeon ahead of time. My surgeon doesn't believe in them because while you are in his bari unit, you walk every 2 hours from 6am to midnight. Walking so much encourages you to pee. aside from that, as a patient you have the right to refuse any treatment as per national "Patient care guidelines." good luck.
  23. Thanks for your kind and caring words. I need all the help I can get. I am a person who prays and truly believes in miracles. Best........
  24. 6 Days Post Op!

    Protein shakes count as part of your liquid intake in most programs
  25. Solid liquid stage

    I don't know what a "solid liquid " stage is. didn't you get info before surgery for you to follow? i would email or call your NUT before the appointment.