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  1. Yep I got a couple big tubs of protein that needs to be throwed out, for the most part protein shakes is for the beginning to help when you cannot eat normal proteins.
  2. slownlow


    My first weight related accomplishment. I took a sailplane lesson!!! I was previously way too heavy to even consider getting in one!
  3. Well, I am on my way to achieving my first weight related goal of getting my glider license!! I went for my first sail plane lesson yesterday and let me say that fun would be an understatement I was grinning the whole time. I should be a licensed glider pilot in a month or two!!!
  4. My surgery was March 10, and I'm having back and muscle pains as well. Went to the chiropractor twice in the last two weeks, a massage therapist on Saturday, and the regular doctor Friday before last! I don't feel weak like sickly type weak but I have a strenuous job and I can tell that I'm not nearly as strong as I was before surgery. By the end of the day I am exhausted. I started adding in some weight training and so far nothing. I am going to try and increase my protein to over 100 and see how that goes. Thanks everyone this site is the greatest resource!!!
  5. Two months out and I still look like a wooly mammoth!!
  6. Sixty pounds in two months since surgery is pretty good I think!!! About fifty more to goal. Hopefully I will make it I am weak on occasions.
  7. I was on a diet one time and my daughter asked why I wanted to lose weight? I tell her it will help me be more healthy and it would also help with my self esteem!!! She laughed really hard and said there was no way I needed any help with my self esteem!!! I guess I'm not the only man that could be more than 100 lbs. overweight, walk into a room full of people and still think he is the sexiest man in the room LOL!!!
  8. I also think that certain things should stay private, maybe family and really close friends but other than that what good could come from it.
  9. It doesn't happen often but Aviator made me look up a word!!! Proclivities, I now know the word and meaning!! Thanks.
  10. You could take a bath and sleep in a tub of lotion and it wouldn't do any good, save your money! I was told if you have stretch marks your skin probably won't rebound, but if no stretch marks it's possible. If any of that stuff was proven to work, I'm sure there would be some prescription stuff that pharmaceutical companies would be pushing big time!!!! I use lotion for moisturizing but don't expect much more than that.
  11. slownlow

    200 lbs lost!

    Outstanding!!! That's truly amazing!
  12. I told my mom the night before my surgery. That way she wouldn't have as long to worry and she wouldn't have very long to bother me and try to talk me out of it! She still doesn't like it!
  13. I have lost and gained weight many times over the years, I have rarely had to go buy new clothes. I just went to the storage shed to find smaller or bigger clothes! This time is going to be different, so every one of my big clothes that were in the shed as well as the ones in my closet that have become too big already is going to the mission!!! Not putting my large clothes in the shed was somewhat difficult. This journey is definitely as much about mental issues as it is about anything else. It's just weird for me to have issues with something so insignificant as this but I do!!!!
  14. Well I've been a fork lift operator, truck driver, uh/60 door gunner and crew chief,heavy construction equipment operator bulldozers and graders and such, and my favorite of all time is flight instructor single and multi engine. Can't wait to get my medical certificate back and get back in the air!!!
  15. Soooo what did one saggy boob say to the other.... we better perk up or people will think we're nuts!!!