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  1. I gained about 15-20 lbs before my surgery and my doctor still did the surgery. I think it depends on where you gain the weight. I didn't gain it in my stomach just in my legs and tush (he-he). I guess when the nurse took me in for my pre-op she said it was possible he could not do the surgery but he went ahead with it anyway.
  2. I drink Jamba Juice and Starbucks I just get the small and it doesn't seem to bother my system at all. I just make sure anything I want to try I try at home to see how it is going to effect me
  3. People actually say I look younger now.....
  4. I started out wearing a size 24 pant and a 18/20 top size 9 shoe and now I wear size 6-8 pants size medium or large shirt and size 8.5 shoe.
  5. I have Unitedhealthcare and my surgery cost $46,000 and I paid $1500.00 and a few bucks left over from the anesthesiologist bill.
  6. My negative quality is that I have a problem delegating. I usually take everything on myself, I have just recently started to be able to let go of some things and let someone else handle it.
  7. The first week was horrible for me. I cursed everyone who told me it was going to be no big deal, I cursed myself for doing it, it definately was no picnic that's for sure. Now, I am glad I went through it.
  8. Sorry you are going through such a tough time. Maybe its the milk? HEHE. Just kidding. Seriously though try what the doc gave you. I have IBS and that bloating, full to the brim thing happens to me everytime I eat but its not just under my left rib, its all over.
  9. Maybe you should ask your doc because I was never told no caffeine, I had tea and coffee on my food tray right when I was able to eat and drink. We were told no no on soda, but I drink coffee and green tea now and its fine.
  10. I am from back East and remember Carvel and Friendly's fondly. I did not know they had one in California. I have had a little bit of ice cream with no problem since surgery and it hasn't made me a terrible person.
  11. I eat it now and I am 8 months out. Everything sits fine with me except hot dogs.....yukky!!!
  12. Congrats to you...Chad looks familiar to me, what is his last name?
  13. I eat matzoh and I don't dump at all. You can mix it with egg and some water and throw it in a pan with some pepper and scramble it and its good!!
  14. Ok first of all, take a deep breath, I had the surgery due my diabetes also but I was on 5 shots a day of about 250u a day!! Now I am on 2 pills a day right now but hey I would much rather deal with it this way then go back what it was!! Don't panic yourself before you need to. Maybe they will just have to put you back on 1 pill a day or with meals but I seriously do not think you will ever be back to 12 pills a day since your take a deep breath and relax until you find out for sure what is happening with your body