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  1. Thank you Dunndeal. You look amazing too.
  2. I've been gone a really long time. Not where I wish I was but definitely not where I use to be so there is a serious blessing in that.
  3. Needing motivation because the pounds are not coming off like I expected but it is my fault. I need to get back in the zone. Just signed up for a 2 week free trial offer for a MMA style facility. Let's see how this goes.

    1. Zen_Steph


      If it is your fault, then take a look at your diet and exercise plan and see what you need to refocus on. Some people lose slower than others...as long as you are losing. And, the closer you get to goal, the slower you use. Stick to your plan and you will continue to lose.

    2. Brooke Danielle

      Brooke Danielle

      I think you've done good! It makes me a lil nervous that our 1 year is getting close. I had to stop exercising so much and take breaks. I'll walk everyday for a few weeks then stop for a few weeks. This seems to break my stalls along with cutting carbs.

  4. 7th month surgerversary; down 79 lbs and tons and tons of inches around my body. Now if I could just get out of these darn 180s.

    1. Brooke Danielle

      Brooke Danielle

      Happy surgiversary! Are you still working out like you were? I stopped for about 2 months and just started back. It definitely makes me feel better. You'll get outta the 180s. You're doing good!

    2. Curveddifferently


      I stopped for a while but I started back a few days ago. I'm much more energetic because I was starting to feel really sluggish.

  5. Happy anniversary Greer. Love the outfit but in love with the magazine clutch!!!
  6. SCALE.... finally moving again!!!! It's about time.

  7. Well today is casual Friday so I just opted for a pair of jean jeggings with a hot pink sweater tied around my midsection and bumm! My accessories are the highlight of the outfit; a Guess purse in like a mauve light pink color with silver hardware and Bandolino kitten heels that totally match and I got the shoes from a rummage sale about 5 years ago for $5. My sunglasses have all the colors I am wearing today and I topped it off with a chocolate brown and pink t-shirt claiming my "pretty brown girl" status today!!! Have a great weekend my loves. I so enjoy seeing all the fashion that hits this page!
  8. Lady Bug, those shoes are everything and more. Loving the outfit as well. You rock!
  9. What Eluna said and lots of strengthing. I did and still do squats and a lot of kettle bell training on my upper arms along with some leg lifts working the inner thighs.
  10. Chocolate brown and cream snake print blouse from Kohl's. My belt is too big so I had to wrap it around in a fancy design to make it work hoping no one will notice it's too big!!! Chocolate palazzo pants from thrift store. Just bought em and already too big. I'm not complaining! Cream heels from somewhere, who knows!!!! Bag from deep inside my closet from I don't know how many years ago. I have so many, I forget what I have!!!!
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