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  1. DH and I had a gorgeous baby boy three weeks ago, and boy we were surprised over his size! I had big babies before surgery.I never tested positive for gestational diabetes (which is shocking), but I had whoppers. Son #1 was taken by c-section early at 38 weeks due to presumed size, and he was 11 lbs, 4 oz. Son #2 was taken by c-section at 37 weeks so that he wouldn't break records like his brother did and was 9 lb 8 oz. I weighed around 400 lbs with each of these deliveries. With this one, I figured he'd be a tad smaller, maybe eight or nine lbs, as big babies run in my family (along with GD). No diabetes this time again, of course, and ultrasounds predicted Son #3 would be 8.5-9 lbs. Boy, were we wrong. Born at 39 weeks by c-section, LO was a miniature 7 lbs, 6 oz - puny compared to his sumo wrestler brothers. He was so little compared to what we were used to that DH was a little apprehensive of holding him! Although it's a very average birth weight, it seems so tiny to us. I can only attribute it to the fact that I'm much smaller, and Son #3 didn't get a constant infusion of Dr. Pepper, carbs, and sugar, even though my diet wasn't stellar during pregnancy. Did you have major birth weight differences before and after surgery?
  2. It's been a while since I've posted! We had a gorgeous baby boy 1/18 (I was a little over two years post-op). We adore him and both of us are healthy and happy. Now for the question...advice, please! I gained about fifty pounds with my pregnancy (yes, bad decisions while pregnant!). Anyway, about half that came off in the first two weeks (fluids and baby, obviously) and I still have about 25 to lose. I'd like to get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes before I go back to work in five weeks - I don't want to have to buy pants that are a size bigger than what I used to wear,and I currently have nothing that fits other than yoga pants and some stretch jeans! What did you do to lose weight after the baby came if you are breastfeeding? Obviously I won't lose it all in five weeks, but I'd like to be able to get close. I've read that you need anywhere from 200-1000 (!! ack!!) extra calories per day when breastfeeding, which sounds excessive. I want to maintain a balanced diet yet still be able to lose the weight without affecting my supply. I had a c-section, so good exercise isn't in the cards for a few more months. As I said, I dropped 25 the first two weeks and now the third week my weight hasn't budged. Any idea what would be okay calorie wise to jumpstart my weight loss? I was eating about 1100-1200 calories of maintenance per day before getting pregnant, low carb, which I understand shouldn't be an issue with BF. I changed insurance and can no longer consult with my surgeon or his nutritionist, and my OB told me I should eat 2000-2500 calories per day (um, no). Any insight?
  3. Thanks Greer - I'm starting to get a complex! I think it's because I'm comparing my 41 year old self to the little 20 year olds at the obstetrician's office - they look like I used to, just with a soccer ball stuck under their shirt. Oh well...it will all be over soon, and with three boys to run me ragged I'll be bony again in no time.
  4. I'm 26 weeks now, and although that's technically 6.5 months pregnant, three people over the weekend told me I didn't look pregnant AT ALL. I think they are smoking crack, or the American perception of what a normal body looks like has changed drastically. The first pic is me in July at 3 months - a lot thicker than usual, but no obvious bump. The second was taken yesterday. I too have a pannus and my bump is pretty high, but for the love of...I can't see my feet when I look down. People can't think that's normal, When I look at me I see a pregnant woman. Apparently when others look at me they see someone who has gained twenty pounds..all in their belly. I'm starting to think I'm either surrounded by really special people (some people definitely comment on the fact that I look pregnant). As a disclaimer, I'm talking about people I've known for years, not strangers who obviously wouldn't comment on whether someone was pregnant or not for fear of looking stupid. It really all comes down to a fear that after such a huge weight loss people are going to assume that I'm simply getting fat again, and that bugs me.
  5. Anyone experience this? I developed moderate to severe hypoglycemia about a year after surgery with episodes up to three times a week. Things have actually improved in a way - in 20 weeks of pregnancy I've only had three episodes, but each have been severe. Today was the worst of all, with my husband having to come get me from work because I was so disoriented and close to passing out. It was triggered by dumb me taking breakfast with me to the office (meaning to eat it on my commute) but becoming so distracted by phone calls and things popping up I completely forgot to eat. New rule - Mary isn't allowed to leave the house in the morning without eating. I've read that hypoglycemia during pregnancy can lead to intrauterine growth restriction, which we already are at risk for as post-WLS,as well as pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. My BP is low to normal and I'm already with a high-risk specialist, so not many worries there other than our LO seems to be on smallish side (38th percentile for weight). Any experience? It's very frustrating, considering I'm gaining too much weight (23 lbs) but yet I have to eat a combo of carbs and protein six times a day or I'll pass out. I'm following my nut's guidelines to the T, but it just makes me insane. I gained 5 lbs in 24 hours - yes, I know it can only be fluid retention, but no one else seems to understand that.
  6. After a 230 lb weight loss I have a LOT of loose midsection skin. Now at 18 weeks pregnant I really don't appear pregnant...just like I'm getting thick around the middle and must appear to others like simple weight gain. Anyone else have experience with this? When I pull the skin up there is a very healthy bump. It works in a way since I haven't shared at work that I'm pregnant. I'm sure it will be more obvious within a month. I delivered both my older kids at 400 lbs and didn't even look pregnant until around eight months. So if you have excess skin, when did you start showing?
  7. Actually I've lost nearly all the weight I gained...so much for freaking out over it. I've been craving Mexican, curry, and salty food like MAD, which is what I craved with both my sons. This translates into tacos and shrimp noodles loaded with curry. I'm not worrying so much about carbs now. What has been plaguing me is constipation, which was a problem in a previous pregnancy. It got so bad Thursday I had to leave work early, and once it was resolved my abdominal muscles were sore all the next day. I've been popping prunes like crazy...hopefully that will help. Eleven weeks as of yesterday. We told our boys last week - the nine year old is excited and the five year old is...not.
  8. Just wanted to come back and let you know that you are right. Of the seven lbs I gained I've already lost three. I think my body was just adjusting to the shock of eating carbs again after nearly two years.
  9. I'm posting information my nutritionist sent me in hopes it can be helpful to others. This is based on my height/weight (180s and 5'6) so your needs may vary based on your size. Protein - 65-80 grams per day. I was surprised to find that you CAN get too much protein and it's harmful to the fetus. I have to cut way back as I currently get 100-130 grams per day because I mainly eat seafood. Carbs - 100-120 grams per day. Calories - 1500-1800 per day. No less than 1500. (I nearly fell out of my chair). Normal BMI should gain 15-25 lbs, overweight 11-18 over the course of the pregnancy. Now this is where I get frustrated. I'm considered overweight - the extra 20 lbs of excess skin I'm carrying doesn't factor into the equation, apparently - so I should gain 18 lbs maximum and I've already gained seven (I'm ten weeks). I average 1000-1100 calories per day and have been dutifully trying to up my carbs since my NUT insists babies need the glucose, hence the weight gain. Here's the kicker: I need to up my calories by A THIRD, incorporate MORE carbs into my diet, yet not gain any weight. Seriously??? I've had to stop weightlifting and am supposed to exercise lightly because I'm high risk, so exercise is a joke compared to what I used to do. I've played with MFP half the day trying to get a combination which keeps my carbs around 100 and my protein no more than 80, but I can't get a combo that has calories over 1100 without having sky high carbs and eating seven or eight times a day. I requested that my NUT send me a sample meal plan cause I just can't wrap my head around this. It's not the nutrients I worry about - I ate garbage and mainlined soda with my first two boys and they are healthy as horses. This one will be much better nourished, even with the calorie restriction. I just don't want to blow up.
  10. My nut just sent me instructions that WLS patients should NOT undergo glucose testing.
  11. Awesome! We'll be buddies. Yes, I carried two to term at 400 lbs and it wasn't something I'd care to repeat, that's for sure!!!
  12. Thanks everyone! This is definitely a far different journey this time around. I was diabetic with high blood pressure my last two babies and was completely miserable. This pregnancy has been enjoyable so far with little to no morning sickness. I'm excited to experience a healthy pregnancy this time around. My boys both had macrosomia (one was 11.25 lbs at 38 weeks and the other 9.5 lbs at 37 weeks) due to my weight and both had to be delivered early. Hopefully this one will be normal weight! Thanks for all the kind words...we're excited, but due to age and experience we know exactly what we've gotten ourselves into!!
  13. Actually, I'm 41, and thanks. I have two pregnancies that carried to term, so that's why I mentioned the pooch. This will be our third child.
  14. So it's official - I'm eight weeks along,out of my personal danger zone of m/c (I've had eight plus an ectopic) and we've seen a heartbeat on two different ultrasounds. Although we're not telling anyone, family included, until after twelve weeks I've definitely got questions for those who have been pregnant after GB. My nutritionist is currently on vacation so I can't bother her for awhile. Protein - how much is too much? I've read several articles stating that pregnant women should get about 75 g - I average about 130. This includes a shake and seafood for lunch/dinner. I stick to seafood (shrimp/tilapia) because it goes down the easiest. Some articles say that too much protein can damage the fetus. Calories/carbs - I was averaging 1200-1400 calories/day and 50 carbs pre-pregnancy. My nutritionist suggested 1700 calories and at least 100 carbs per day, preferably more since the baby's primary fuel is glucose. Is this on target with what you've been recommended? Weight gain - I should gain around 15-25 lbs. I get that. Problem is, I've already gained SIX and I know it's from those freaking carbs!!! I just feel like it's too early to have gained so much weight. My pants already no longer fit (I know it's not uncommon to pooch out earlier after multiple pregnancies) but having to go up a size and looking at maternity clothes already is screwing with my head. My OB has taken me off all weightlifting since I'm high risk (wah!) and I'm too freaking tired to get up and do cardio. This is messing with my head big time - I'm sure anyone who's been pregnant post-GB has had nightmares like me where you're standing in Lane Bryant and crying because you've gained all your weight back (that nightmare sucked big time!). Any advice? I'm tracking on MFP again (stopped when I was in maintenance cause I was eating the same thing every day and tracking was just silly), so I've got a good handle on what I'm eating.
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