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  1. 20lbs from TARGET but WTH, slowly but surely WINS the race, Nevertheless I am LOOVING the 'NEW' me! As we say in ENGLAND - MWAAAAAAAAUH!

  2. Hi Workinprocess, thanks for your comment, its very true I guess we do look wierd at first, especially as most of us been fat for a lifetime. Although, I am never upset at the skinny comments, in fact I welcome them, I was just trying to list the comments that peeved me at times but not upset me it was all in jest. It peeves me only cos I still see MYSELF as FAT at times and I wonder how can a 179lb woman be considered skinny, LOOOL! But its all good, I would rather be this side of the spectrum than the side we all know ;-)
  3. Ridiculous isn't it? I've had the "you look gaunt, sick, If you lose anymore you won't look nice" Grrrrrrrrrr! You can't win eh!
  4. LOOOOL! Sooo true GAviv, OH I DO LOVE it but as I am not at my goal weight yet I shudder at what the reaction will be...mind you I guess i'll just have to walk around with a spade n shovel ready to pick up their mouths off the floor
  5. It's mad isn't it Lisi? had that too at that size...I shudder at the reaction when I reach target...maybe cos I am tall I appear 'skinnier' still see a fatty in the mirror thou :-(
  6. LOOOOL! Oh yesss, 'you're wasting away and what the hell happened to you?' oh i get that all the time now, I don't mind but I still got 12.7kg more to lose...what will the reaction be then? *flatlines* ______________________________________________
  7. ooooOOOOoooo I LOVE your response SpunkyC!
  8. Looool! oh YES Spunkycat, just what I mean, Grrrrrr! . Well done on your amazing weightloss! \o/
  9. What comments do we(WLS's) NOT want to hear from 'natural' slimmies? i.e Stop losing weight we won't be able to see you soon(usually said when one still has around 6 stones more to lose) lol..Please feel free to list the comments that really peave you off on hearing from others who have not had surgery.
  10. Hi Katie, congrats with your fantastic weightloss. In regards to your question, to be honest, I believe your partner already has an idea that you do not have the 'perfect' body, just like most of us bypassers, me included. Therefore, he is with you because he is interested and cares about you. I guarantee he will be too worried about his own hang ups(yes i hear men have em too). You could start off wearing sexy lingerie that cover the areas that you are worried about, there are lots of garments that cover those areas like skirted teddies/bodysuits etc. Just to give you confidence to show a little at a time of your beautiful flesh, YES YOU are BEAUTIFUL naked; scars or no scars. I have had those same fears in the past before surgery, I was scared to let a partner see my big belly, flabby arms and thighs and I too used to cover up, but you know what, I started to cover those areas by wearing beautiful lingerie that got my partner excited and I would style my hair nicely so that it would give me confidence to reveal a little at a time...oh and if all else fails, a glass of vino will do the world of you luck hun...go on you can do it! \ O /
  11. Loving my Nutribullet! Smooth! smooth! SMOOTH!

  12. Feeling as AWESOME as my PROFILE pic...AHEM...ok, OK...It's NOT me in the pic, but I feel as SEXY as....;-)

  13. What an AWESOME, WORTHWHILE, albeit FRUSTRATING(at times) Journey this has been and continues to be. I have started to wear MAKEUP again, WooOOooo!

    1. Mirtl


      I did that too!!