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  1. I have the same issue. I weigh a little less than you and some twelves fits but jr. size 12's do not. In junior's or more expensive brands I wear a 14. Personally I do not get wrapped up in the number. I look for what fits comfortably, what flatters my figure and what I can afford. I've been a 12/14 for almost a year. I've learned to be happy with where I am at.
  2. I haven't been in this site in some time but I am glad to report all is well. NSV for the last few months is I feel like a normal person. I don't feel like some sideshow big person, nor freaky WLS person. Just normal person who eats small portions, exercises and takes care of their body. I'm treated well by others, strangers especially. I get discounts and favors where people did not acknowledge me before. Life is great. I wear cute clothes and although I technically have not made it to my goal yet, I feel happy and healthy.
  3. While I definitely agree... I can with my whole heart 100% say that I was a happy person big or small. Now people respect and respond completely different. When I was bigger I made much a bigger effort, people just like healthier looking people... And obese people don't come across as healthy. For example this am the door to my building was being worked on. The gal in front of me asked to pass by and she is as big as I was 300ish or so. She is incredibly friendly and was chatting with the construction man. The man sent her to the other door so I began to walk to the other side of the building when the man whistled and said to me "Hey you can come in this door.. Hurry!" So while I agree that it's our general interactions with others that determine our perspectives, I can whole heartedly tell you that I will do everything in my power to remain thin because the years I lived super morbidly obese was miserable!
  4. My Nsv of the week is that I'm able to wear medium clothes. December 2013 my mother-in-love bought our entire family shirts with our last name. In 2013, she bought me 3x and it was so tight I couldn't wear it. Sunday my mil gave me a new shirt sized medium. I put it on and it fit beautifully. Life is great and I seriously almost fell out crying. I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that I am medium. I still go to xl or 2x.
  5. I know...I miss your posts too. I have been praying for you sweet dear. I hope everything is going better.
  6. For me...the mornings are a struggle to get in food. SO, I do protein shakes or I wait until noon when my tummy wakes up. Personally, I like the shakes. It ensures that I get in my 60 per day and that I get in my liquids.
  7. It's all your hard work! You're STUNNING!
  8. You look just amazing! I cannot believe how amazing your body looks. I am in awe!
  9. STANDING OVATION. I do not follow my surgeons or nutrition's guide because it wasn't working for me and making me sick/unhealthy. Sugar free garbage and processed crap that they would rather me eat than a banana or orange. No, Thank You! My first and foremost goal is HEALTH. That occurs when you eat natural foods, in their natural state. Focusing less on low carb, low fat, low whatever!
  10. I completely agree....Unfortunately...many...many people have said something to this effect. It's sad because although I look like a different person, I am the same old me, but with less padding.
  11. Yes, I have gotten TONS(see what I did there?) of back handed compliments. I am over it really. My boss even made a feminine shilouette figure gesture with his hands and said, "Well now that you've taken care of that (meaning losing weight and shaping my figure), you can really wear nicer clothes and no wonder you got that promotion." It's's how people think. Most people think that obese people do not deserve respect, love etc...just pity. I am not pitiful, I am powerful. Never have been pitiful, never will be. I like your thinking....say Thank You, acknowledge the compliment and move on.
  12. You look gorgeous and healthy. I am so happy to see all the healthy and amazing changes that you are creating. I am in awe of your strength. You amaze me~!
  13. I heart khols and buy a lot there too. I was wearing mine on my middle too...then it fell off my middle. CRAZY! Get it sized, you don't want to lose it!
  14. Mine was also free through my service plan, however right now I am wearing a fake ring because I won't get mine back for another 2 weeks!! Dang it is taking waaaay too long! I went from a 10-7! Crazy awesome!
  15. Designated driver is an individual who does not drink during the course of the night. I've seen careers and life's destroyed over two drinks. Buzzed driving is drunk driving. I take a hard stance on this and this is not necessarily directed just at you. In my career, I have seen what alcohol and driving can do more times than you could ever know. Out of love, I want people to understand that their choices, although it may seem menial, could take their life or the life of others.