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  1. G'day from sunny Queensland excuse my spelling there is no spell check here I am 4.5 months out from R N Y weight down from 104 kg to 78.5 kg The reason for my bypass was due to 5 failed fundos which I wrote to you about previously. while doing the bypass my surgeon found my asoph had a very severe bend almost a knot the bypass was successfull but 4 days out surgeon had to go inside again due to unbearable pain he said he cleaned me out inside ? also after 6 weeks a stretch was performed by endoscopy which made things a bit better prior to that I could not eat or drink I am still unable to eat most solids I am living on soup I do however drink (sip) aprox 2 litres of milk a day My surgeon said it is my age (62) which will take more time for me to fully recover. I suppose my Question is, is this normal Thank you Dr Callery
  2. G'day Nushi Love You have the best Surgeon in George Hopkins he has operated on me 5 times in the last 10 years next one very soon. I hope yours has been done and gone well I live on Bribie Island regards Bikewash
  3. Thanks for your input Cheesehead. I have friends over for lunch tomorrow and was curious. I thought I would be "CLEANED OUT" but Surgeon said no need to just don't eat after 6pm because op is at 8am I thought I would not eat after lunch any way to be on the safe side.
  4. G'day all my surgery is sat 18 I have been told to fast from 6pm the night before (tomorrow night) any suggestions on what I should or should not eat for dinner I have not been put on any special pre surgery food. Thanks.
  5. Strange how everyone is different I have very low testosterone and low vit b and suffer from chronic fatigue I take a sublingual 1000mg every day and acasionally a Reandron injection should have Reandron every 10 weeks but I don't like the injection it is huge and Reandron is a thick oily substance it leaves a huge lump and it hurts like hell for a couple of days and has horrible side effects The sublingual is a bit grainy but beats the hell out of needles. I wonder how ill be after bypass only 16 days to go!!.
  6. I was getting an injection every week 1000 mg now I take 1 sublingual every day made a huge difference but I wouldn't take 1 months injection at a time 1 it won't last a month and 2 you would need a monster syringe to hold it all at one time For me it's a no brainer a sublingual a day. Good Luck. Bruce
  7. I am new to all this bypass stuff Kalini but I am told after bypass most people do need B12 supliments The one I take melts under my tongue in 2 -3 minutes but its an Australian brand so name wont help you. Regards Bruce
  8. I am intrigued with this subject I have been taking sublingual 1000 mg one a day for 2 years and I am scheduled for bypass in January I wonder if I will need more? I started with an injection every week before sublingual any Ideas?
  9. what a jerk get off this space newbie
  10. I have suffered with pain associated with a hiatus hernia for 30 years I have had 3 funloplications in the last 8 years and am still having chest pain. I have just had an endoscopy and the wrap is intact. My surgeon said the only thing to do now is a gastric bypass I don't mind as I am 100 kg and could stand loosing 20-30 kg The reason for surgery is I have had many heart attacks and not known because of normal chest pain and my heart specialist would like me to be chest pain free. I have just had an angiogram to make sure my heart can stand the operation and all is ok. My daughter asked me how can a bypass fix my asophagus problems. Good question. Can you answer please.
  11. G'day from sunny Queensland I have been recommended to have gastric bypass as I have had 3 failed FUNLOPLICATIONS and cant have more. I am over weight by aprox 20 kg so I am happy to have bypass as overweight due to medication etc any body have same I would appreciate advice etc. Regards Bikewash