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  1. Well I guess I need to resize them and Im having a hell of a time LOL Having a friend help so will see what i can do
  2. A couple of group shots. Will post more pics later. Ok maybe I dont know how to post them? Let me know if you can click on them and see them DSCN0506.JPG DSCN0507.JPG
  3. I am so beat up from my self assist debark that I can hardly move! Going to try and post some pics today. I need to scan the pics that njjenny and I purchased. Gosh what a fun time! Seriously we need to do this again! Loved it!
  4. This trip was a blast! LOVED every second of it. It was so incredible to meet all of these people that I felt like I knew but had never met! Everything was just fantastic. Hoping to do it again next year with Alaska!! Will post pics when I get them downloaded. I'm exhausted! Had too much fun and then the two flights home were a killer
  5. Are you in Houston tomorrow? Or not till cruise on Sunday in Galveston?
  6. I cant believe its finally here!!!! See you all tomorrow! Or Sunday depending.
  7. I cant wait either! Its going to be soooo much fun!
  8. I think Kim had planned to start a thread or add to this one asking just that. Not sure if she did or not. Sure will be fun! Cant wait! Not even 3 more days!!
  9. This was Sunday 9/6/15 and the night before surgery 10/23/13. Almost two years out and and 115 down.
  10. Yes they are giving a decent price on water since they changed the rules. Not bad at all. I know Jen already ordered us waters so we are covered there. Everything has been signed, sealed, delivered, printed, organized, categorized, and neatly put in a folder for use VERY soon LOL. Not my first Rodeo. Actually good reminder though because if your taking the Carnival transportation from the airport to the ship you will need those luggage tags. They will put them on your bags as they take them. You wont see them again for several hours. Even if you purchased the faster to the fun.
  11. Yes, that happened to us on our first cruise with our ATM. We ran out of cash and couldn't get anymore. We were able to go online and do it with our credit card.