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  1. Ahh thanks so much everybody I truly appreciate it! Sometimes I feel crazy as though I couldn't have lost all that weight...especially with how big I still am/feel! I cannot "weight" for the day when my BMI is normal
  2. Thank you so much everybody for all of your kind words of support!
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    292.5 to 213 lbs.
  4. Pics are a wee bit graphic as i'm wearing a bra and skirted bathing suit bottom and it's so hard for me to see my body so big!. I'm more of a lurker but I figured I'd share where I'm at now. My highest weight was 292.5 lbs, I was 45 lbs down when I had my RNY on February 5th 2014 and am now down a total of 80.5 lbs. I took these pics when I was down 5 lbs and then 79 lbs. Currently 212 lbs my goal with my surgeon is to get to 180 but I'd like to get to 150. Cheers!
  5. I guess since it's passed midnight I'm technically on day 11 post-op. Yesterday I just felt so much better than I had since my nausea took a turn for the worse on my third day post op. Hubby took me to the mall so I could by some running sneakers and smaller work out clothes because I only really had skate sneakers which are really uncomfortable to exercise in and all of my sweatpants were falling off of me. I lost a good amount of weight pre-op and I'm not even sure what my current weight is because my battery in my scale died and I haven't been able to go get a replacement. Either way, I was able to buy my exercise clothes at Target in size XL and I was just stunned. I don't think I could wear XL jeans or anything fitted yet but it was still a really great moment. I'm basically around a size 16 and shrinking. I also discovered that I was able to buy shoes a half size smaller without them pinching my toes--which I haven't been able to do since before the birth of my son. All in all it was a very exciting and motivating shopping trip. Either way, the fact that I had the energy to even go shopping in the first place was indicative of how much better I felt yesterday. My pain has gone way down and I'm taking half the dose of my pain medicine with double the time increment in between...meaning I've gone from 2 pills every 3-5 hours to 1 pill every 6-10 hours. I've also made some home made broths that are a little bit heartier though still light. I should say heartier in comparison to boullion which was on my list of approved liquids (only 15 calories per 2 cups) but I've read A LOT of places that a light chicken broth from strained soup is fine. I honestly feel as though my lack of sustenance was exacerbating the feeling of extreme nausea that I'd been experiencing especially when you take into consideration that when I had to go to the hospital day 4 or 5 post op (it's all kind of blurring together) they had to give me glucose in my IV due to low sugar. Moving on, I am also getting my protein down really well too. Though not at the recommended 60+g I have been getting in at least 40g a day (much better than 10-20 or just gagging at the mere sight of a protein shake). My dietician also suggested waiting 2 weeks before starting my vitamins/supplements because they can be harsh but then I realized that calcium is basically like tums...and tums are used to calm stomachs wouldn't my calcium help my stomach? Well I started taking my calcium citrate and (in combination with the broths) I am far less nauseous and not taking my nausea meds nearly as much. I still have my queasy moments and sometimes find it hard to drink without getting burpy or a heartburn feeling but it's so much better than the agony I was in from day 3-day 9. I am a big baby when it comes to nausea and I knew that was common when committing to this lifestyle change but I didn't realize how difficult it would be to live life when so incredibly nauseous all the time. Yesterday I was able to cook for my son and make him smoothies opposed to having my father and husband help (their solutions are usually to give my little boy canned or frozen foods where I prepare his foods fresh). I was also able to get on the floor with him and play for the first time in over two weeks and he just seemed so happy to have mommy seemingly back and in action though I can tell he is craving to be picked up (he is 2.5 years old and 30.5 lbs!). It feels so good to see everything taking a turn for the better and now I'm just dreaming about when I can have some squash soup with a little low fat sour cream or some mashed potatoes...only a few days away from soft foods! Yay! Thanks for all the support everybody
  6. Congrats! I was so excited when i was finally able to fit into aerie cheap and cozy
  7. Anything creamy or milky makes me instantly nauseous. As in, I think about it and I fight gagging. The isopure is an amazing solution.
  8. My issue with the carnation and other my gnc is that I'm having an aversion to anything thick or creamy at all. This means I'm also having an aversion to vanilla, strawberry, chocolate. It is an extremely strong aversion that all seemed to start when i tried a banana smoothie. I'm not really 100% sure what happened because I was totally finally on my pre-op diet and the first 2 days post-op. It's not that I don't want to drink the protein or that I am not trying.... I tried to put the unflavored unjury in my tea earlier and I legitimately started gagging. I literally couldn't take a sip of my protein drinks without gagging and breathing deeply trying to coerce myself into not puking. This is in no way a joke and I don't take my nutrition to be a joke. I don't want to get run down or lose more hair than necessary. On that note, you are an absolute life saver bugdoc because I got the isopure zero carb drink from gnc and it is amazing. I don't have any aversion at all (knock on wood, right?!) and I am pretty easily drinking it. The fact that there are 40 gs of protein and 0 carbs and sugars in a bottle is also amazing. I ordered popsicle molds too so that I can freeze some as eating popsicles seem a lot easier. I was actually in the hospital all last night for the acute pain on my left side that wasn't being helped with pain meds. I was in the hospital for 14 hours and they said I was hydrated but still put me on an IV. My glucose was low so they gave me glucose injections and also morphine and more anti-nausea meds. I could still feel the pain despite the morphine (which I hate because it makes my head feel icky). They gave me a CAT scan and said everything looked normal but told me to just be careful of any lifting or bending I may be doing inadvertently (which is possible I suppose with a 2 year old at home). It has taken two full days but the pain finally seems to be subsiding a bit. Thanks everybody for the advice and help as I know you all have my best interest at heart and have been at this far longer than I. I just keep thinking...only one more week left and maybe things will get better with pureed and soft foods. Though I heard that can be a point of a lot of nausea for some too. We shall see. Regardless, I appreciate everything you guys have to offer
  9. they gave me the carnation breakfast essentials in the hospital but it's disconcerting to me that one packet only had 5g of protein. It didn't taste bad but I think I am having an aversion to creamy or milky textures. I have EAS and GNC shakes and they've been pretty good. I think my downfall was the GNC banana shake and that it may have jump started this whole aversion. And I know that I am definitely over worrying about my staples but I am particularly nervous when at home with a 2.5 year old. I have people around to help but sometimes he gets really rambunctious and it makes me nervous but I don't want him to feel rejected. Anyway, I woke up this morning with nausea so bad I felt fit to throw up and I also had a really bad pain on my left abdominal area about 3 inches below the rib and parallel to my belly button....basically near one of my incisions. I gave in and called my surgeon's office who put a prescription in to my pharmacy for an anti nausea med. I'd been giving pepcid but i guess that is only an ant-acid. They also suggested I got 24 hours without protein shakes to see if it helps me over this hump. Meanwhile I do plan on going to get some drinks that are more sport drink textured because I really do think that will help. I asked the doctor about the incision and side pain and explained that it hurts less when I put pressure on it and the pain seems pretty muscular or surface opposed to internal. No redness or anything around the incision. She didn't seem concerned. She just told me to call back if the nausea meds don't work and I start throwing up but as long as I'm getting liquids down (I'm get 60+ oz a day) then I should be fine. I took the nausea meds and they did help and I no longer feel fit to heave. I am going to try to rest a little bit and then go for a walk because I think I have some gases battling with my insides making this all much worse. I walked a ton in the hospital but not as much since I've been home because of the snow outside and my doctor advised me not to frequent the stairs in my house (we have 3 flights) as that was causing mr discomfort. I have been active though and I cook small meals for my son (my hubs handles bigger meals) and do some light picking up but I really think I would benefit from more gas-moving activity I was reading through old forums and I guess this left side pain is pretty common but boy is it annoying. Did anybody else have experience with it?
  10. I had issues with the unjury chicken soup too I will try putting it in my tea. I don't know if it is an ulcer or a stricture because I have zero problems getting down tea, broth or water. I was just feeling really good and then I looked at this post and the thought of a protein shake made me nauseous again so I think it must be in my head. I'm afraid to try and drink because I'm afraid that I will puke and that will cause staple line disruption. I was still about to get in about 20g of protein today though still not the desire 60-70g. The non creamy shake really sounds like a good idea to me right now so I am going to have to get on that stat! I am so sick of getting nauseous whenever I think about my protein
  11. I just want to clarify that I'm concerned because I didn't have these issues day 2 post op but now I do.
  12. I think the magic bullet did change the consistency a bit but I'm not sure it changed it that wasn't texture as much as taste. I can definitely see having it with mashed potatoes Happy Camper so thanks for the idea
  13. The first few days after my surgery I felt absolutely fine. Day 2 after surgery and I was handling shakes and liquids really well. Today is day 5 and I do really really well with tea, broth, and water but even looking at a shake makes me nauseous. I'm afraid this is just taste aversion but I don't know how I'm supposed to even work on meeting my daily goals if the sight of a shake makes me nauseous Any advice would be appreciated. As an FYI I tried blending them with ice and different flavors and it helped a little bit. The nausea started kicking up at the end of day 3. Also if I don't take my pepcid at the right time the nausea seems to linger more so I've been trying to stay on top of that. Thanks in advance for all the help for this pouch rookie <3
  14. I think this morning I got a taste of what it's like to feel yucky but once I took my pepcid and pain killer (I hadn't taken either in ten hours) I feel a ton better. I think this experience definitely made me appreciate how good I feel Grapey and that I will take your advice and just enjoy feeling pretty good (without overdoing it). I still have one packet of the unjury chicken soup left but I have a few other options as well. I will probably just stick to regular broth though. I think that there's a sort of processed cheese taste to the soup that I'm not enjoying but I still can't exactly put my finger on it. The way I look at this though is that I've already made it through 2 weeks of shakes so the next 11 days shouldn't be so bad. I was just hoping to have a nice savory flavor but it looks like it's banana, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate from here on out.
  15. I blended on packet with a cup of heated water in my magic bullet but I almost think it would have tasted better had I added more water. I haven't had lipton noodle soup before. It just tasted a little off to me and I can't figure out why I was turned off by it :/ Especially when I'd been so looking forward to.
  16. I ordered the Unjury sampler packets because I really like chicken broth and I thought it would be nice to get a protein shake down and have chicken broth at the same time...But I'm not really a fan of the taste. did anybody else try it? Did you prepare it a certain way so that you'd like it better? Also, I am having post op jitters wherein I'm afraid everything I do may cause leak! I haven't had any nausea or vomiting or discomfort at all today with my drinking and it almost makes me nervous that I feel so "normal". I also haven't been pushing how big my sips are because I don't want to know what that discomfort feels like. It seems like I heard so many horror stories about feeling awful post-op and I just don't feel that today. Thanks in advance everybody <3
  17. Thanks for the pillow suggestions everybody! I am now 2 days post-op and just got home a couple of hours ago. Surgery went smooth and they said my liver looked great and there were no complications at all. I walked the night of my surgery (surgery finished at 12:30 PM and then I walked at around 6:30 PM) and then I walked 8 times yesterday. Drinking water and taking sips was really hard (I got crazy hiccups!) as well as being hooked up to the IV machines but today I felt like a totally different person. They took off my IV and I have been sipping my shakes and water like a boss. They gave me pepcid and oxycodine which helps with any abdominal pain. Just all over very happy right now with how my surgery went and how happy the whole team of doctors, nurses, and my surgeon are with me (I went home a day earlier than most of their patients do). Thanks so much for the support guys and for being such a good resource because it definitely helped! I am at home armed with a pillow and my son is being very gentle around me if not ignoring me altogether to get into his toys or mischief with Daddy (lol). I know I still have a few more weeks of recovery to go and I am just crossing my fingers with hopes that it continues to go so smoothly!
  18. I think it's because how bloated I feel but I could be just psyching myself out. I drank a ton of water today to distract myself from any head hunger so that probably has a lot to do with it. I just want everything to go okay and I don't know why I am so nervous after 3.5 months of preparation!
  19. I had bowel movements today and yesterday just not very big ones whereas the other parts of these past two weeks I've had diarrhea :/