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  1. I cannot imaging how frustrating that is. I would recommend a second opinion as well. From what you have shared it sounds like your current Dr. isn't really listening to your concerns.
  2. I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago with no issues. In December I started doing exercise at Orange Theory to help maintain my weight. Recently I have a "strain" in my stomach: left side, feels like it pulls from my lowest front rib to my hip bone, notice if I twist or turn. It has been annoying me on and off the last few weeks, it almost feels like a runners stitch in my side, but doesn't seem to pass like a stitch. I am icing it and using my Belly Band/Spanx to support my stomach, not participating in exercises such as crunches or TRX that engage that core group. I have an appointment with me primary care Dr. for a checkup this Friday. However, I am wondering if I should go see the surgeon who did my surgery. What would be your thoughts on the topic?
  3. Thank you sir! I will be adding some of these food asap to help minimize these crazy cramps. Hope my husband can put up with these mood swings a little bit longer. I am finding I have to circle back around and apologize to him when I am extra crabby or emotional.
  4. I am just over 3 months post surgery. I am having nightly leg cramps that are brutal, I end up jumping out of bed and swearing up a storm. I am religious about drinking my fluids and taking my vitamins. Should I call the Dr? Just read a thread where someone mentioned blood clots so now I am stressed out over that... I am also having drastic mood swings, working with my primary care and surgeon on that. Just wondered if anyone else experienced either of these issues and how they are dealing with them.
  5. The nutritionist said I need to increase my daily intake of protein by 10grams per month moving forward. So if I am aiming to eat 40+ grams how is that possible if I only eat my three 2oz meals per day? She is very clear, no snaking between meals. I am adding in one or two protein drinks throughout the day.
  6. Actually the 30lbs loss was with my start weight at my preop Dr. visit the week before surgery. I am thrilled with it that! It makes sense that while on the puree diet my body would want to hold onto calories and weight. I am still trying to wrap my brain around all this and how the body responds to the changes in diet and consumption. Thanks all!
  7. I am super frustrated that the scale hasn't moved since the 10th, my two week appt with the Dr. I am watching my food measurements and drinking as instructed. I know I shouldn't be worried and weighing myself everyday, but I am frustrated. I haven started exercising and just returned to work, so I am wiped out every night. I know it isn't realistic to see weight loss everyday, but I am stressed. Trying to keep my chin up, just wanted to get it off my chest!
  8. Hey guys I am a full two weeks out and feeling quite well. Thursday night I fell down the stairs and crash landed on our wood floors. Aside from a sore toe, tush and ego I am fine. I haven't had any complications! eating and BMs are normal, but I am wondering if I should let the Dr. know about it. Any thoughts? My husband thinks I am being dramatic, but I am second guessing that.