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  1. Naproxen bad!! bad!! bad.

    Well I thoroughly messed up for some reason I thought Naproxen was ok to take so I have been using it daily for a while now. I have stopped, but I think I have an ulcer I see my doctor one week from Monday. Cuz I'm offshore until Friday. Has anyone had an ulcer? What are my options.
  2. Does bread get any better?

    I actually did good against bad stuff prior to surgery. I followed Atkins nutrional thoughts. In my opinion its not just breads and pastas that are bad for your body. I hadn't drank sodas in almost year before surgery I rarely drank beer maybe got lit up every 2 or 3 months. Didn't eat much of anything with direct sugars like candy. My problem was eating to much and wrong times also by not exercising didn't help and I was still gaining. So an occasional piece of toast would be nice to taste, but I'm done with it. It just loses taste after the tenth chew. If I chew anything half ace it feels like it gets stuck. I really do miss having a burrito. Tortillas are worse then bread for me.
  3. Does bread get any better?

    Mmm croutons sound good
  4. Does bread get any better?

    I ate stuffing yesterday. It was great. I moistened it with turkey gravy and couldn't of turned out better. With all the seasoning for the flavor of dressing I really did not notice the doughy taste after chewing for a long time. I pretty much stay away from all other bread though cant stand it, but I sure love the smell.
  5. Your gal think your to SCRAWNY?

    Hola folks, My wife thinks I'm looking scrawny. We have been together for almost 20 years. WOW, that's a long time. Anyway I've lost like 60 pounds including my two week pre op liquid diet. I still have 55 or so to get to my goal. You guys think I should bulk up with muscle to compensate for body mass while I'm in this fast loss time. I have always been a muscular looking fellow. Even when I started getting fat I carried it well, but I could tell and so could my body. I think i could get back into lifting but I'm not sure this soon out. What are your thoughts. I personally think I have not lost muscle but she seems to think so. I want to think it has been 15 years of not working out. And it was just replaced with fat. I am sure I will lose some muscle mass from this new eating lifestyle but, I'm not sure if it was all there anyway. Shedding all this weight makes it seem like it. Guess its time to hit the weights.
  6. Hello From North Texas

    Welcome to TT from Texas
  7. Time for meds. it's been about 8 hours. knees is swollen and tight.

  8. Knee is pretty swollen. it hurts prwtty good.

  9. My knee hurts, i think it is more swollen then the other knee after surgery. time for meds to take the edge off. its beeb

  10. If you ever see......

    I don't crush pills, but I was thinking peanut butter might cover the taste. Try it it might work.
  11. stricture

    So it will worsen over time even with softer foods? I just want to be sure I have it before I cry wolf. I may need to chew more or just eat even slower. Eating fast and not chewing like I should has been my problem most my life. Its not a easy habit to break but I am doing a lot better.
  12. stricture

    Can anyone tell me a little bit about the feeling you get with strictures. I believe I might have a mild case of it. I really do not want to go under the knife again. How does the office balloon thing work. I will be checking with my doc on my next appointment.
  13. Does bread get any better?

    It is true we should avoid breads since it has no real nutrional value, but when I said pizza, sliders, hamburgers etc. I was just giving an example. Anyway I guess it is a good thing bread taste terrible. I did sprinkle some corn bread into my 15 bean home made turkey chili yesterday. It tasted pretty good. Thank you for all the advice people you guys are truly a great, family to be apart of.