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  1. UPDATE 2 Months & 2 Weeks: CLOTHES FIT? I just can't believe but I am already down 60 lbs!!! I am now under 35 BMI so that makes me officially ineligible to have the WLS!!! LOL I am finally trying on clothes that were too small for so long. They are FITTING!! It is weird because mentally I think clothes I have on are fine or tight but they are actually really loose! So I am adjusting mentally what is loose and how clothes are supposed to fit. Weird transition for sure. A pair of jeans I have been wearing will fall off even all zipped up and buttoned and I thought they fit fine. I found an old pair that are smaller and I had to tell myself this is what clothes that fit feel like. I will try to post more often to keep in touch!!! Peace out and WORD to yo mutha!
  2. UPDATE 2 Months & 2 Days: Before and After Pics 2 Months Ok finally going to post some pics.....ugh. These are before and after from day of surgery to 2 Month Surgiversary. Here we go.....
  3. knt4ever

    Before & After 2 Months 02-26-14

    Before & After 2 Months 02-26-14
  4. knt4ever

    2 Month Pics 02-26-14

    2 Month Pics 02-26-14
  5. knt4ever

    Before Pics 12-26-13

    Before Pics 12-26-13
  6. First off....THANK YOU!!!!! Secondly......CONGRATS on how awesome you are doing!!!! You are 10 months out and going strong!! You encourage me!!! Letter C......I have never got to the 100% level until last year with all the issues I was having with weight. I have to admit it is nice knowing if I went to Dr it would all be covered!!! They raised our deductible and out-of-pocket by 75% this year so I am happy I am so much healthier!!!
  7. Thank you so much!!! I was hoping I wasn't boring. I am guy who likes to laugh!!!
  8. My weight is perfect, it just so happens I am 3 feet too short!!

  9. UPDATE 2 Months: Happy 2 Month Surgiversary - My Body & Me Today is two months since I went to surgery at 5am in the morning. This is officially the lowest I have weighed since coming home from Afghanistan in 2010. Not counting those 7 months, this is lowest in.........well I can't remember. I am very aware that this amount of loss will not stay at this rate but I want to keep this journal going so I can look back. I have learned so much about me and my body these past months. I can look at food and know what it will do to my body and what my body will do with it. My body is responding and I don't want to let it down. It likes the meals with protein. It likes to know that meals will happen at certain times of the day and doesn't worry if I will forget about it. It likes the work outs. It likes to actually rest when sleeping instead of fighting to get enough oxygen. My body likes ME!!!!!! So I have said before I am a stat guy so here are the pounds and inches that I have lost in two months: WEIGHT: 53 lbs. WAIST: 9 in CHEST: 4 in LEG: 3.5 in NECK: 2 in ARM: 2.5 in New quote for the month: "My weight is perfect, it just so happens I am 3 feet too short!!"
  10. UPDATE 8 Weeks: THE BILL ARRIVED Sooooooo, I received my medical bill for the surgery, lab tests, and everything else. WOW. Luckily we have very good insurance!! I have Mutual Heath Services in Ohio. I strategically had the surgery before the calendar year ended because I knew most my deductible and co-pays had been paid already. I was seeing my PCP almost every month for some sort of medical issue from the morbid obesity. Last year I went to the doctor more than the last 10 years combined. That was one of the factors that led me to the WLS, I was physically falling apart FAST. Back to the BILL, here is how it broke down of who paid how much: TOTAL CHARGE: $51,847.27 PPO DISCOUNT: $30,015.01 BENEFITS PAID: $21,519.83 AMOUNT I OWE: $312.43!!!!!!! I don't feel I could put a price on how much this WLS has helped improve my health but if I had to pay $51,000 it would be worth it!! I am down over 50lbs and 9 inches off belly. I don't have any more liver issues or sleep apnea. Blood pressure is perfect. Heart rate is normal. I just wanted to share the bill because I was wondering Pre-Op about this.
  11. My friend said he thought i was delusional. I nearly fell of my unicorn.

  12. Incredible! Congratulations. Looking forward to see the next 4 Months!
  13. I would not even know how doing 3000 sit-ups feel like. Maybe 30 would better analogy for me.
  14. UPDATE 7 Weeks: NEGATIVE GHOSTRIDER!!!! So last Sunday my beautiful Wiff came home from work at 3:30 in the morning and put a roast in the slow cooker. The smell crept up all the way upstairs to my bedroom and actually woke me!! Every hour I woke to that lovely aroma. Then we woke and got ready for church and the whole time I kept walking by that slow cooker and it was intoxicating. Next we left for church and the whole time the smell of that roast was still in my nostrils! I am a talker so I usually hang around after church and mingle but not that day!!! I had my coat on before the prayer was over. We arrived at home and immediately commenced Operation EAT. The first few bites were fantastic and happened. My pouch responded with a "NEGATIVE GHOSTRIDER!" I felt pressure in middle under ribs and I knew this wasn't going to happen. SO SAD!! I did try 2 more bites just to confirm and yep, it was a no go. I told my Wiff and apologized and she looked at me and asked, "Are you crying?" LOL !! I told her no but my face must have been so pitiful that she thought I was crying. I didn't have a full swing dumping episode but it was painful enough to let me know I am NOT ready for beef yet.
  15. When my PCP suggested I get WLS one of the first things he brought up was our relationship. He not only sees the patient side of life after WLS but he sees it on a personal side because 3 of his family members have had it already. So he knows what it can do to a marriage. So I immediately brought the concerns to my Wiff so we don't get blind sighted. I asked her to go to some appointments and even my meeting with my WLS doctor. She had been very supportive and loving but I am reluctant to tell her each time I drop a pound because I don't want her to feel bad that she hasn't lost any. I do tell her but nonchalantly or if she asks me first. She praised me on how healthy I look and is very happy but I can tell she doesn't want to her EVERYTHING (ex. My constipation issues.) The secret is using this forum as your support group. It is inevitable that you will want to tell someone how great things are doing and that's what we are here for....tell us!! I am 7 weeks out and I don't think there has been a day I haven't been on here. So in summary, be sensitive to her emotional needs but use us to tell your daily concerns, joys, and questions. We will be here for you!